Patient Endorsements


Felt very comfortable with the therapist. Pauls explanation of treatment was very helpful. Very encouraging that all will improve. Became very comfortable and part of the family. Paul took the extra step to address and assist with additional concerns as they arose. I would definitely return for additional treatment if needed-not planning on it!

Anonymous 01/01/2019

I’m not an athletic person nor do I enjoy the gym. I’m more outdoor work, gardener type. But I needed to be able to go up and down stairs better and walk without pain in lower back. You and your wonderful staff always come through. I loved all your personalities. Pain is gone. I would recommend OPTS to anyone.

Anonymous 01/01/2019

I had a great experience with you. My new knee and my legs in general feel so much stronger. My balance is improving as is my general stamina. It was clear from the beginning of my rehab that you knew what you were doing. That confidence in you ability let me put my trust in you. I really liked the atmosphere you create in your facility. There’s comfort and friendliness that lets people relax and work at a time when they’re feeling vulnerable. Most important to me was the great sense you and Ruthie have of when I needed sympathy or encouragement you knew when to give it. Thank you for all your hard work.

Bob Fiscella 01/01/2019

Paul, thank you for your help in rehabbing my left knee. I want you to know that my experience was the best physical therapy I have had to date. You acted very professional and provided a very through and expert treatment.

Daniel Grover 01/01/2019

This is the only place to receive physical therapy!! Sessions hard but doable. I don’t like hard work EVER but I still had fun-as much fun as working hard can bring. I’ve had PT other places but they would let me slide. NOT PAUL! I always did as I was told and it paid off every time. Thank you Paul I truly did appreciate it!

Mary Lou Halstad 01/01/2019

My surgeon wanted me to drive to kalamazoo for PT but it is an hour drive. He recommended OPTS and said, “you can go to Lakeland if you want, but I have seen very good results from this man.” Even though it is a half an hour drive, I came to OPTS and have had an excellent experience. I am fully recovered, personable and professional owner and employees.

Dyann Chenault 01/21/2019

My physical therapy was a great benefit to my healing. Goals were met. My pain was diminished as my sessions went on. Staff was courteous. OPTS is the only place I have received my therapy with the replacement of both knees. I did enjoy the sessions each week. I would definitely recommend this facility to others. I do all the time and have a deep respect for Paul Frederick and his staff.

Marlene Hickman 01/25/2019

I had been in agonizing pain for at least 8 months. Multiple doctors visits, a whole lot of money at the chiropractor, millions of tears and no relief. I had been at my wits end trying to comprehend why no one could tell me what was wrong with me, until I took a visit to Paul. I am lucky to know Paul and beautiful family personally, so I knew walking into the clinic I would be getting the knowledge, guidance, and care that I needed and deserved to heal my body. Physical therapy is no walk in the park, let me tell ya; however, what I can also tell you is that is works. The momentary pain and discomfort is well worth the healing later on. Every program is specifically designed to help you and your journey to health and wellness. I am so grateful to have had Paul and all of his staff help and accommodate me throughout my journey. I truly believe anyone that walks in there is in the best of hands. From the bottom of my heart thank you!

Morgan Quinn 02/11/2019

Paul and Ruthie are experts in physical therapy. They are professional and easy to work with. Physical therapy is hard but they made it fun while working with me to achieve my goals. I am now pretty much pain free. They gave me the tools to work with to incorporate into my routine so the things that caused my pain don’t reoccur. I highly recommend OPTS for anyone that is in need of physical therapy.

Jeff Spangler 02/13/2019

This was my second experience with physical therapy at OPTS. I was not surprised at how quickly I improved with the exercises at therapy and the ones I was given to do at home. Paul, Ruthie, Alta, and Anna are the best. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. The great results speak for themselves. Thanks again!

Cindy Casey 02/24/2019

This was my first experience with physical therapy and I was nervous when I came in for the evaluation and first visit. However, the nervousness quickly went away as all of the staff, Paul, Ruthie, Anna and Alta were all very nice and made therapy fun! My pain was diminished and we discovered other areas that needed some work in the process. Scheduling was easy and flexible and everyone certainly willing to work with you. Paul and Ruthie are top notch in my opinion for knowledge of pain and getting the body moving. The homework and exercises they recommend really help you get back to where you want to be. While sessions are professional and goal oriented they are fun and not something I minded at all- even despite the pain. I highly recommend them for your physical therapy needs!

Travis Wislon 03/07/2019

I appreciate the encouragement to push harder in my efforts to improve. Its too easy to go through the motions it left to ones own motivation.

Kyle Griffith 03/25/2019

You were all great! You believed in me when I thought I would never get better. The consistency of coming on a regular basis definitely made a difference. I would not go anywhere else!

Martha Lohrstorfer 04/06/2019

Paul was quick to correctly diagnose my lower back problem on the first consult visit. The pain in my leg and back was gone after one visit leaving numbness and weakness in my left foot. Over the next 3-4 weeks of therapy the numbness got steadily better thanks to the rehab that Paul and Ruthie provided. The exercises were spot on for my injury and the outcome was wonderful. All staff were courteous and friendly.

Doug Bale 04/15/2019

I had surgery on both knees years ago. I got sick with a very bad case of the flu in 2018. I wasn’t doing much during 2018 and got weak and inactive. I went to the doctor had an exam and found out my knees were okay, just not active and the muscle needed to be worked on. I decided to get therapy. With your clinic I have had great results. Your therapist was professional and it became a place I wanted to go. My results were great in a short time. I would recommend this clinic to all.

May Davoren 04/15/2019

If you have to go to physical therapy this is the only place I would highly recommend. I had received physical therapy prior to coming here at a different establishment in South Haven. I was given personal attention here and didn’t feel I was part of a production line. Months had passed since my surgery so it was a lot more work on their part. Paul and Ruthie are amazing. You can tell they care about their patients and want them to improve. Although my numbers did improve the pain didn’t due to the other circumstances from the surgery. The only positive thing that came out of my surgery is coming here and meeting an amazing team of professionals. Thanks to the whole team.

Julie Costantini 04/16/2019

First of all thank you for working with me. I came further in the last seven months then I have in the last three years! Everyone there is wonderful and I had a great experience. Will be back if needed!

Linda Grabner 04/24/2019

Paul has done fantastic work on multiple physical elements of mine through the years. He is outstanding! Would highly recommend to anyone and everyone.

John Valenziano 05/03/2019

I was pleased with my physical therapy session. Staff was very nice and accommodating. They were knowledgeable and eager to help. I would definitely go back and recommend them.

Fran Smith 05/05/2019

A big benefit for me in OPTS is that I became aware that I have to remember how to carry myself and to use my muscles properly instead of relying on a walker. The idea that my therapist was well aware of my health issues and needs meant a lot to me. Although he was very considerate of my aches and pains and sometimes my inability of performing to a max, he still had the patience and knowledge on how to correct me and kept me striving to go on and accomplish as much as I could. My goal was to strengthen my legs, alleviate pain and refrain from so much reliance on the walker, is pretty much met. I enjoyed my therapist a lot. He is very knowledgeable in his work, friendly, and a good listener.

Christine Ntanos 05/08/2019

At age 79, I came to OPTS with the goal learning about and alleviating pain in the back of my right hip. Paul analyzed what I explained as the problem and combined with his observations, designed a series of strengthening and flexibility exercises. Paul’s regime of exercises went right to the source of my pain and diminished or totally eliminated it. Great tools for now and the future. His level of knowledge combined with his practice of tough care gave me confidence to keep up my daily exercise routines through thick and thin. I’ve been to other therapists, but for this problem Paul’s method worked like magic. I learned so much! Staff members at OPTS are welcoming, courteous, efficient and fun. Sessions were a real pleasure, relaxed, focused, effective and reassuring.

Dorris Akers 05/27/2019

Very knowledgeable staff and therapist. I would and will recommend their services to people I know.

Daniel Grover 05/30/2019

Thank you for all of your support and encouragement the last few years. I know I would not be able to enjoy life and play with horses without your help. I can stand straight and bend my knee now. I can walk without assistance. I can walk up and down stairs. I can go back to work teaching. I am not in 24hr pain anymore. I cant thank you enough for all of your exercises and encouragement. I am able to do things because I want to vs. sitting and watching other have fun. I am the one having fun!

Deanna McNett 06/04/2019

The middle back behind my shoulder blades are not in pain anymore. I can carry the clothes basket with a bigger load. I can sit more than a couple hours. I can lay on my back longer. I like the one on one basis and if you don’t understand something Paul explains it to you and takes the time with you. You are not rush to do PT. At the wellness center I felt like just a number but to Paul you are not a number you are priority.

Sally Hacker 06/18/2019

After several weeks of unsuccessful therapy I was referred to your office by Dr. Nikkel. In the very first session I knew I was now on the right track. Everyone was knowledgeable, helpful and kind. My pain level has lessened and range of motion has continued to increase. As I continue my at home therapy (as instructed) I’m sure I will be 100% soon. I will be recommending you to anyone in need of your service. Thank you

Malcolm Bertorelli 07/10/2019

The therapy provided at OPTS helped me tremendously. I accomplished my goals quicker than expected. The staff was always very courteous. They worked with me on setting all my appointments and always greeted me in a kindly manner. The therapist works you hard. His goal is to be sure you have achieved the best you can be. It seems hard in the moment, but that is exactly what you want! I would recommend this establishment to anyone! As a matter of fact, I am going back as soon as I have my next knee replaced.

Eugene Bedka 07/17/2019

Paul is knowledgeable. I felt like he saw me as an athlete not just a person trying to stay mobile recovering from an injury. He was motivating and seemed to think outside of the box.

Anonymous 07/30/2019

The Lord puts people in our paths when we need them the most. You are one of them. The benefit I received is something not easy to explain. Your sense of care and professionalism is beyond compare. Goals were met. As you encouraged and pushed me further than I could ever imagined. Your level of knowledge and commitment to getting your patients back on their feet is amazing to watch as well as to experience. Pain was diminished. Now its up to me to continue what you taught me. Staff was very helpful and encouraging.

Sue Frazier 08/01/2019


After fracturing my ankle and wearing a boot for a number of weeks, I knew that it would need some helpful PT to get back on my feet properly. Since it had previously and successfully rehabilitated with Paul a few years earlier from neck surgery, I knew that there would be no one better to receive PT from than Paul and his therapy clinic. I am grateful to Paul and his great staff for all their assistance and help with my ankle problem.

Terry Berman 12/31/2018

My experience was excellent. I came in with a hurting body and left pain free. It is the only place I will come for PT in the future. I came because others recommended your practice so highly. Making my appointments were done with ease. Atmosphere is perfect and I loved your music selection. I worked hard thanks to you. Calming presence from Ruthie and Paul. My balance is better as is my posture.

Mary Jane Hamilton 12/17/2018

I appreciate that I was able to come to PT without an x-ray of my hip and received excellent care. An issues that I had with my referring physician was that he had been very dismissive of me when I refused an x-ray due to my pregnancy. Paul and Ruthie thank you so much for helping me to get stronger and have less pain in my hip. I look forward to returning in 2019!

Julie Holley 12/03/2018

I was very pleased with OPTS. I had experienced significant hip pain due to arthritis and I.T.B inflammation. When I finished the course of PT I was pain free and equipped with exercises to stay that way.

Pamela Chappell 11/25/2018

Very comprehensive evaluation by Paul Frederick. Therapy sessions by Ruthie outstanding. Pain was relived and strength regained in quads. Great experience!

Lawrence Rudmann 10/31/2018

My experience at OPTS was wonderful and I have recommended it to several people. The staff was always friendly and welcoming for mainly the outcome of my PT was beneficial and helpful with reduced pain. Now the main thing is to keep it up on my own. However, I would not hesitate to come back for a tune up! It was a great experience.

Diane Radewald 11/04/2018

Always is amazing. The was gone after one visit. Improvement in one week from 8-9 pain level to 0. Took away the fear of injury. Would never go anywhere else. I always recommend Paul. Great job! Thank you!

Kim Koth 10/19/2018

Therapy helped my neck a lot. Without it I would still be in pain. Staff was very courteous. Everybody was great to me and very patient.

Helen Schlaack 09/17/2018

Staff is professional and qualified for many of a patients needs. During my therapy sessions, many patients were treated for various issues. Each patients was treated with courtesy and respect. It is not an easy route to gain back what you have lost, but the end results are worth the maximum effort. As started above the staff is professional and they also have a lot of humor to make therapy less stressful. If you are a sports fan take the time to chat! P.S be kind to Paul he loves Detroit Tigers!

Edward Reed 08/18/2018

I found the staff to be knowledgeable, capable, and caring. Although the exercise could be challenging but it gave positive results. Although the previous therapy I received was adequate, the therapy here was superior. I would not hesitate to recommend OPTS.

Caryl Lane 08/10/2018

My goals were reached. I was pushed to do my best and their encouragement was appreciated. I have less pain and greater mobility and strength. The best therapist in town.

John Hamilton 07/24/2018

What you will receive at OPTS is many years of experience and it really shows. The very thorough initial evaluation to identify the type of therapy needed. The one on one and constant monitoring of progress being made. The watchful eyes to make sure that you are doing the exercise correctly is so important. I would have to rate my experience a 10 out of a 10, my highest mark. Thanks Paul, Ruthie, and Alta.

Daniel King 07/15/2018

My therapy sessions were very helpful. After each visit I was able to do more and had more range of motion. Paul and Ruthie are very professional and knowledgeable. Thank you for helping me to recover from surgery.

Anonymous 06/23/2018

No problems with staff. Only good things to say. You guys rock. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous 06/22/2018

It was another great PT treatment series. My pain, numbness and tingling have been greatly reduced and I feel that my neck is moving more freely. Paul, you are my first choice for PT and I will recommend you to any friends requiring PT. Thank you for your expert and efficient treatment. Your staff was top notch too!

Anonymous 06/22/2018

My 19 PT visits were very good. With having my right knee replaced, I remember my first visit being very challenging. I was given a lot of encouragement by my PT and his assistant. I remember making a lot of noises as I turned the pedal on the bike at my first visit. "You can do it" were my words of encouragement and it better each session. It was nice to see my progress each week. Having two sessions per week "no pain no gain" was my motto. A wonderful staff, Paul, Ruthie, Alta, and Anna. Always courteous, extensive knowledge and fun. My pain diminished as I got better but I still have some pain at the end.

Anonymous 06/20/2018

Paul Frederick and his staff are very knowledgeable and very concerned about setting up a program that will work for their patients. They monitor your progress and have an interest in you achieving your goals.

C. Hess 06/12/2018

Paul is great! He knew better than my COF course that my aches/pains/limitations were based on lack of strength. I don't think another PT person would be as smart as Paul. He taught me to keep pushing to gain strength. I am grateful to have Paul's intelligence available. My limp is gone, I can walk normal. All hip and back pain gone.

Anonymous 06/20/2018

I was highly satisfied by the services I received. I felt there was high level of skill and how professional everyone was. I am very likely to recommend this facility and will not hesitate to come back if needed more PT in the future.

Miguel Fortuna Jr. 05/02/2018

Although I did not reach my goals due to my need to take my care plan to the next level, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at OPTS. Everyone was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and understanding to my specific situation. They were extremely accommodating in scheduling my appointments due to my nursing baby and firefighter paramedic husband schedules. I really liked the atmosphere of OPTS. Rather then feeling like Paul and Ruthie were drill sergeants I felt like they were coaches and the other patients were my teammates. They do watch and help but they let you go on your own to do your best. I found that to be very encouraging. I would highly recommend OPTS to anyone!

Erika Montgomery 04/12/2018

Staff was great! I liked the personal care that was giving. PT was very helpful got me ready for surgery. Goals will be met after.

Carol Rouse 04/10/2018

Mr. Frederick was very professional and respectable. Walking in the building with extreme pain and sleepless nights. By the time I was done with physical therapy I was pain free and sleeping like a baby. Thank you! P.S your assistant was as wonderful and Mr. Frederick

Florercia Jackson 03/14/2018

Very good!!! I’ll be back!!

Anonymous 02/27/2018

I really appreciated the help I got. Also you showed me many exercises I could do at home. Very beneficial therapy my back still gives me some problems but I hope to keep up with my homework and keep it from getting worse.

Linda Spears 02/20/2018

When I started PT, I was in constant back and hip pan. Now the pain is almost gone and I can walk easily.

Jo Assink 02/16/2018

Very heartwarming and welcoming place and people!

Richard Souders 01/08/2018

This years PT experience was the third time I have sought PT with OPTS. My experience was a highly positive one. Having worked with Paul and the staff I continue to choose OPTS because they are knowledgeable, highly trained and pleasant to work with. The facility is always clean. In the past three years I have been treated for planterfacitus, a hip out of alignment and most recently a rotator cuff injury. With each experience I have received the correct protocol and have healed. I am happy to recommend OPTS.

Donna Allgaier-Lamberti 01/31/2018

Paul, Ruthie and Alta are exceptional people and very good at their jobs. I was always greeted with a friendly, sincere smile, appointments were made easily and the atmosphere was relaxed. As for my therapy the instructions were clear and demonstrated if necessary. When my first post therapy eval didn’t show much improvement. Paul and Ruthie changed things up and I rapidly saw improvement after that. I was very impressed with the expertise and level of knowledge of Paul and Ruthie and with the exam at the beginning of therapy. I felt they were truly committed to improving my condition. The sessions weren’t easy but there was much encouragement and the sessions were enjoyable. I was very pleased with the outcome.

Cindy Casey 01/29/2018

I have my life back!

Ruth Orr 12/26/2017

I always say physical therapy is the best kept secret. My pain was alleviated, the staff was friendly and courteous. I thought Paul did an excellent job of diagnosing the problem.

Sunny Hill 12/26/2017

Sessions were very productive- all 15 of them. Paul and Ruthie were helpful in setting up many stretches and exercises that I tried to do 2xs daily between sessions. Evaluations were helpful in identifying my progress. Significant improvement was made on dealing with my injury. Alta was always friendly and responsive to any of my questions. I would highly recommend the OPTS to anyone in need of physical therapy.

John Mellein 12/13/2017

It was a real blessing to receive relief so quickly, so thoroughly, so pleasant and so close to home. Appointments were scheduled according to my schedule. The staff was very helpful and patient. They pushed with goals in mind but always with a smile and encouragement.

Arlene Bodtke 12/11/2017

I believe OPTS is a cut above most rehabilitation. You receive one on one coaching and the experience of experts.

Bridget Tolpa 12/02/2017

I really like this facility. Everyone makes you feel at home. I have depression I can’t do crowds. This place wasn’t that big like the other ones I have been to. This helped me to concentrate on my exercises to get better. Everyone greets you when you walk in by your name and very polite. The therapist was very knowledgeable on what exercises to pin point the muscle to be worked on. After surgery I had no movement back with no pain. I have been to other places for therapy. This one I want to be sent to for further therapy. They are really flexible with scheduling they will work to suite you. I will tell others that need therapy to go there. I like everyone there and you don’t get switch around to other therapist. It’s the same one every time so they know where you are all at in exercises.

Debbie Hastings 11/25/2017

I have had chronic pain for 15 years. I have been to several specialists and physical therapists. None of them were able to ease my pain. After therapy with your office I am almost pain free and finally able to get off the pain medications. Paul and his staff are very courteous and caring. I would and have recommended your services to others.

Dorothy Wagner 11/14/2017

I have to say I was impressed with everyone at OPTS. Very professional, friendly, patient. The only problem I had with my sessions my mind wasn’t focusing on what I was doing. Keeping count and time was a real problem. Had a good week and a half now back to the same stuff. The exercise you showed me helps.

Ray Bonkowski 11/08/2017

I was most impressed with Pauls assessment of my problems following a fall injuring my ribs. Pauls explanation was helpful in my understanding of my situation and enabled me to pursue a course of therapy. Following therapy I am able to function at near levels and I have a routine that will help me to initiate treatment but I am happy with my decision to seek help.

Mary Ellen McKercher 11/04/2017

Enjoyed my therapy and felt it was very effective. I could have used more instruction on some of the exercises, as I sometimes couldn’t remember them. Staff was friendly and professional. The building was very clean and organized. Had heard great things about Paul and found it all to be true. Would certainly return if need be.

Donna Nequist 09/01/2017

Pain is diminished. Thanks so much!

Richard Stieve 09/01/2017

What a great experience. My first in my life session in physical therapy went from severe pain when I walked in to walking out two weeks later being back to normal and painless. I had foolishly thrown my granddaughter above my head as she giggled in delight. Later that night I woke up to excruciating pain. I took pain killer drugs at first. But that was going nowhere. A friend recommended Paul Frederick. With a few adjustments and several weeks of precision therapy exercises I was back to normal. The staff was great in pushing me hard while taking the edge off with a fun attitude.

Ron Walz 10/10/2017

Goals were met and happy about overall outcome. Staff was great and nice to have either Ruthie or Paul throughout PT. High standards and knowledge of staff. Came to Paul because of previous experience. I didn’t want to go elsewhere. Sessions were effective and changed as needed. Pauls personality and character along with his good humor are the type of people we prefer to spend our time with. Our friends who have come to Paul have great experiences and outcomes. We will continue to recommend OPTS.

Steve Wright 08/28/2017

Ass a two time patient of Pauls, I cannot speak highly enough about the care and treatment I’ve received in both instances. Mr. Frederick not only fixes the problem you came in with but looks at why you were hurt and how to prevent a similar injury in the future. My sports career would most likely be over if it weren’t for Paul.

Danny Dopp 08/19/2017

I had fun. Everyone was very up beat as this was my first experience with any physical therapy. They kept me at ease with all the exercises and pushed at the right time to increase bands and weight. Thank you for all you did to help me recover. I will recommend you to all my friends.

John Hitsman 08/12/2017

I feel stronger and more physically prepared for my inevitable knee replacement!

Andy Osis 06/15/2017

The staff were good at explaining what they wanted of you. My therapy went well I thought. My shoulder feels good and although I have a long way to go Paul and Ruthie have given me a big head start on what I hope will be a great shoulder replacement. I thank the whole staff for a good experience and will recommend you to anyone.

Sam Titman 05/26/2017

My PT experience was beneficial in many ways. It gave me benchmark on my physical condition and created goals for my future. The office is a low key, relaxing atmosphere that allows you to focus on your goals. The therapists use a variety of exercises to promote helping. This was an enjoyable experience.

Scott Mark 04/28/2017

Physical Therapy on my knee to recovery use of mobility after surgery was wonderful. I’ve met all goals the doctor established. The pain was diminished. Staff was courteous and kind. Their level of knowledge was top rate. This clinic was in the top three for helping me get to where I want to be. I did enjoy the sessions and working with the therapist.

John Spaula 04/21/2017

Paul was very professional willing to listen to physical pain. Paul came up with good solutions to strengthen my shoulder. He was always cheerful and uplifting. One of the best PT I have experienced! Good support staff as well!

George Schemeuaier 04/20/2017

Paul and his entire staff are committed to make sure they meet all your therapy needs. Everyone is very friendly and makes you feel comfortable through your entire therapy sessions. Their goals are to make sure you’ll be back 100% by the time you finish your sessions. I want to say thank you for helping meet my goals and highly recommend anyone who needs PT. Let Paul and his staff help you reach your goals!

Richard Frazier 04/16/2017

I strongly and wholly recommend OPTS services. This is my second time with your facility and greatly benefited from services provided. Thanks for all that you do!

David Dilts 03/30/2017

I was able to increase the use of my left arm after other pt was not able to help. I was able to get rid of chronic back pain. In the past pt required surgery and I was able to avoid it with PT. I was given easy quick exercises that I could do at home to relieve the pain that shots could not relieve.

De McNett 03/17/2017

I have nothing but positive things to say about OPTS. Paul has worked with me on four separate occasions- shoulder, ruptured bicep, another shoulder, and neck all with 100% success. What else can I say! Thanks Paul!!

Steve Nadeau 03/17/2017

Can’t imagine any other OPT being as thorough and caring and having that “can do” spirit as Paul’s practice!

Paula Marcoux 03/16/2017

Even with limitations of having less than ideal health and energy for my PT experience, the benefits were surprisingly positive. Range and ease of motion in right shoulder improved greatly and left shoulder improved in strength, making daily lifting and pushing chores much easier and pain free. My ability to sleep comfortably without shoulder pain improved so quickly that I nearly forgot there had ever been a problem. The staff was courteous and patient and at times Paul’s sense of humor really helped me not take things to seriously when I was struggling. I had had PT at the wellness center six years ago and while it was helpful my OPTS experience was far more comprehensive with much greater level of experience on part of therapists.

Jane Ruiter 03/11/2017

This is the second time using your services for my back issues. Each time my issues were taken seriously and I was treated respectfully. Paul and his staff were friendly and professional. I would highly recommend them to family and friends. Thank you again!

Catherine Smith 03/11/2017

After the manipulation I made excellent progress. I met all of my goals and pain was not a problem. All the staff was very courteous. Ruthie has been a tremendous addition to the staff. She has excellent relations with patients.

Karl Andrews 03/10/2017

I appreciated the friendliness and efficiency of Paul, Ruthie and Alta. The pre and post PT assessments gave me concrete evidence of my progress.

Julia Ludwig 03/09/2017

When I first came in I had been in constant pain in my lower back and hip. Paul was very helpful in recognizing my issue and took care of my pain. Today I am leaving feeling good with better days to come. He and his staff truly care.

Kathleen Leonard 02/01/2017

PT benefited me and I didn’t have to have surgery. My shoulder pain diminished to where I returned to my normal activity. Paul pushed me to improve my shoulder in therapy. I’ve had therapy in other places, but having a one on one therapist I feel helped me. I feel Paul’s knowledge and schooling and communication with Dr.’s is important.

Keith Olson 02/12/2017

My experience at OTPS was extremely positive. When I came in for my evaluation and first session I was convinced that the only option for me was going to be surgery, I would have never believed that the therapy was going to help. I was at a point where I could hardly walk without intense pain in my knee. I was unable to go up or down stairs normally, I had to keep my leg straight and dare not bend the knee. Now I am able to walk and do stairs. Paul is obviously very skilled in his field. He knew exactly what to do. The atmosphere at OPTS is very friendly, courteous, and very motivational. The addition of Ruthie to the staff is a big plus. OPTS totally exceeded my expectations. I have all but returned to normal with occasional mild discomfort (work in progress) I would recommend OPTS to others as well as return myself if needed.

Tony Marsala 02/09/2017

After my first day doing exercises I noticed a difference in how I felt. Great individual attention from Paul. I would definitely come back to him for any PT needs.

Gabe Berman 02/09/2017

Everyone was great. Progressed rapidly because of the excellent treatments and smiling faces!! Keep up the good work!

Jason Mika 02/09/2017

I came to OPTS with the thought that this is my last chance for eliminating a pain in my back that I have had for three years. I had been to physicians, then to chiropractors, then an acupuncturist, deep massage, and a neurologist. I never was told exactly what was causing my pain until I met Paul. He was very positive from the start. I followed his rigorous plan very diligently and noticed relief. This gave me a changed outlook on my future without back pain. I have been discharged from PT, but I now have enthusiasm to keep continuing stretches and exercises on my own. Thanks to Paul I feel so much better.

Rob Foster 02/09/2017

Paul has a thorough understanding of how the human body should move, how each part interacts with the rest of the body, and how to fix any deficiencies. He knows how to manually realign the skeletal system and how knows specific exercises that target and strengthen the body parts that need strengthening in order to keep proper alignment and function. Paul has fixed me twice and if I ever get hurt again I know he can fix me three times. I hope I don’t get hurt again but if I do its comforting to know a place like OPTS. Thanks Paul!!

Alberto Juarer 02/03/2017

When therapy got tough there was always Alta. What a wonderfully gentle, sweet lady for the front desk! The music helped me keep going when I could hardly count reps. It was very motivating. Reminders and corrections were friendly and respectfully delivered. I always felt free but knew Paul observed and offered corrections. His knowledge and application is outstanding. The décor was wickedly inspiring, the room comfortable, the windows great, and the routine reassuring. Since I finished therapy and acknowledged some well placed lifestyle coaching I have had no pain. After two years of intense pain progressing to almost daily pain, I have relief. The additional problem that affected my balance was also fixed. Therapy was tough but I am in better fitness shape then I’ve been for years. I learned a lot about self care.

Belle Polmanteer 01/15/2017

The staff was very courteous and made my therapy enjoyable. The therapists were very knowledgeable and very willing to pass that knowledge on to me so I can continue to live a healthy lifestyle.

Alan Koning 06/20/2017

My experience with OPTS was second to none. Verydedicated, knowledgeable, friendly, and when I finished I had very good control on my shoulder. I really feel like I left a family behind. Thank you Paul and Alta for a job well done. You will not be forgotten!

Alton Johnson 12/30/2016

I have never worked with a trainer or therapist. It tok me a couple of visits to understand how to do the exercises at home. I made significant progress and will continue on my own.

Pat Mullins 12/12/2016

Paul and staff are very professional and great people. They always make you smile even though the routine is uncomfortable.

Ronald McEnaney 12/11/2016

I have had experience with a number of physical therapy programs, this is by far the best I have worked with.

Maurice Pecoster 12/09/2016

Working with Paul has been life changing. I have seen 4 different physical therapist over the past two years and none of them were able to offer the knowledge Paul has. He was able to properly diagnose my symptoms and put me through a program to heal me after two years of constant pain. The staff is great and I have not been to a clinic as professional as Pauls ever before. I fully believe Paul is an absolute highest level of professional physical therapist you can find.

Robert Berman 12/02/2016

I was surprised when Paul told me *0% recovery was find. I am pain free! I am able to do all my routine activities plus all of my fun ones! I love Paul’s sense of humor which first showed up in all the signs throughout his space and then showed once he got to know my personality. Office help is warm, receptive, and does work above and beyond job description. South Haven is a small town. It was apparent that everyone knew everyone one else. Yet outsiders were felt welcome!

Dyann Chenault 11/30/2016

I met with Paul initially to discuss physical therpy I needed after surgery for an extreme injury to y right shoulder. We established goals and discussed the details of PT including anticipation of pain. The staff was superb in establishing a schedule to my convenience.

I was a bit apprehensive in starting PT because of previous bad experiences elsewhere that caused me serious injury and delay in recovery. In short order Paul established slow and safe routines that developed into strength building that challenged me to work harder for my recovery. Paul worked extensively one-on-one with me and the results exceeded my goals and expectations.

Most importantly during my sessions was the atmosphere created by Paul and his staff, with the patients…always with the quick wit and banter.

Frank Ray 11/23/2016

When I had my third hip scope I was skeptical on how well I would feel after therapy. Having chronic hip pain is no joke. Paul, Mitch, and Alta are the very best. I am walking stronger than ever and I feel great! Everyone is like family. Encouraging you on and helping anyway possible. Paul knows so much and keeps it fun too.

April Horgh 11/22/2016

With the outlook of not being able to put on my own belt on my pants, it was time to seek help. This was my second time to OPTS. I couldn’t be happier at my outcome and the fact I have very little pain. If you do the things they tell you to do you will see results. The staff couldn’t be nicer and accommodating around my schedule. Three points 1) seek over surgery, 2) do what is expected, and 3) prepare to feel better in weeks.

Kevin Daniel 11/12/2016

My experience at OPTS was very good. I found Paul Frederick and his staff professional, friendly, and very good at what they do. They have improved my situation greatly. I would highly recommend their services to anyone. Thank you for the personalized services and best of luck to OPTS. We need you in our community.

Charles Fritsche 11/11/2016

If you are looking to rehabilitate your body or injured parts this the place to schedule time. From the front desk to the therapist this is a quality professional operation committed to improving your health. No fluff, just get down to business with the healing. With pleasant thorough instruction it makes the time here bearable! Highly recommended!

Thomas Fouts 10/31/2016

I was referred to OPTS after experiencing pain and muscle spasms in my lower back, SI joint and right leg. After working with Paul for 9 sessions the pain was almost completely relieved and I have not experienced anymore incidents of spasms or pinched nerves. The sessions were pleasant and painless. Paul helped me establish a continuing exercise program.

Margnerite Ardito 10/30/2016

I specifically chose Paul as my therapist because I have used him in the past and was very pleased. Paul is very knowledgeable in his field. If you are unable to do an exercise he will come up with another way for you to do it. I came in barely able to move my arm up and down and when I left I was able to move it up and down, sideways and behind me. The receptionist is great at her job. She books you about six to eight weeks out and tries to keep the time and days the same. I was always greeted friendly upon arrival and upon leaving. I would highly recommend OPTS to anyone.

Terry Sonnenberg 10/27/2016

While many times medical treatment of all sorts may be tiring, boring or just plain unpleasant, going to OPTS can and often was fun, friendly and completely professional. Paul quickly picked up on my state of mind and we joked some days, we spoke only when necessary on my bad days and the respect he showed me was very enabling. Professionally he and his staff are experts. I was always encouraged and praised for my progress. And I did progress! All in all a most productive and satisfying experience. Thank You Paul and Alta!

Elizabeth Miller 10/22/2016

I wanted to improve my ability to move and enjoy life and I did. I wake up feeling better and continue to feel better all day. Staff was great. I really appreciate my time and the straight forward help!

Chris Grob 10/20/2016

This was my third occurrence to OPTS. My primary physician first recommended OPTS and it has always been helpful in overcoming my physical problem. The staff is courteous and professional and encouraging.

Anonymous 10/05/2016

Paul, Alta and Mitch were great! I told Paul I had to be able to shoot by the end of September as I had a class I had already paid for. With Paul’s direction and my determination I was shooting lightly after two months. Competitive shooting after three months. I am not 100% doctor says it takes up to six months to a year. But I am able to do most thins I could do before surgery. Would definitely recommend Paul!

Kristy Young 09/30/2016

First of all you are made welcome by the receptionist Alta. She makes you calm and welcome. Paul makes each individual at ease and accepts, even though you know he is going to make you feel uneasy and sore. You feel it is worth the effort and in the end you are glad you made the effort because you’ve improved yourself through the effort and pain. You watch how Paul works with others as well as with yourself. Making each person assured of himself/herself.

Chuck Hutson 09/18/2016

Superb help from serious professionals. My goals were met; pain diminished; and quality instruction for ongoing exercise and stretching programs.

Anonymous 09/10/2016

This was a good experience. Exercises were good. Everyone was courteous. I think I benefited from this experience.

Anonymous 09/09/2016

I have no complaints with OPTS. The results were amazing to me. I have and will continue to recommend OPTS to others.

Alida Haisck 08/30/2016

Very professional, helpful, friendly, great individual care and treatment. I would give a five star rating and recommend to any and all!

Michael Parker 08/17/2016

Second time for me: once for my back and once for my shoulder. Both times Paul and staff did a great job. Thanks for everything. Paul is very understanding and knowledgeable.

Todd Leist 08/06/2016

I believe my daughter experience with OPTS was excellent. Staff was great and the therapist was very knowledgeable. Alexis enjoyed her sessions there and the reason I know that is because she didn’t complain very much. She also says that her pain has diminished. If I could get her to quit wearing sandals things would be great. Overall our experience was great.

Steve Bournay 08/05/2016

Pain was mostly diminished. All staff was very helpful. There were a variety of exercises to help with the given condition.

Baye Lee Braschler 07/28/2016

Over the years I have dragged myself to Paul and over the years he has returned me to vitality. Whenever I have mobility problems I want Paul’s expertise, knowledge, and methodology. He has a winning combination of “carrot and stick” with a liberal dose of humor and compassion.

Elaine Stephens 07/28/2016

Good experience and I wish it would have worked. I will recommend OPTS to others.

Steve Wright 07/27/2016

I have had physical therapy on different parts of my body at several different orthopedic physical therapy facilities in different cities over the last ten years. All of these had merit but this has been the best in the following ways: my posture has improved; I am able to external and flex my arms more. Paul knows a great deal about strengthening of muscles and tendons. The center has a wide range of PT equipment and I was fortunate to use much of it. I recommend this PT center to others who need it.

Kay Grask 07/27/2016

My experience at OPTS was a thoroughly positive one on all levels. Having gone through a similar surgery and physical therapy, I am able to compare services with no hesitation. After extensive therapy I have regained all my range of motion and am experiencing no pain. The overall difference and main aspect that I liked at OPTS was only having to work with one therapist. Paul tailored my PT program to me and to my injury alone. During rehabilitation therapy Paul had high expectations, was encouraging, had a sense of humor and was compassionate. He is knowledgeable on many levels; exercise, diet and pain management. The entire staff reflects high standards, was courteous, helpful and friendly. I don’t hesitate to tell people to look into OPTS.

Jan Jones 07/13/2016

I am 74 year old male, who after a MRI, was recommended to have surgery for a Rotary Cuff injury. The orthopedic surgeon wrote orders for physical therapy. At the initial meeting with Paul Frederick, I told him my goal was to have him prepare me for surgery. I had pain in my shoulder and limited range of motion. After four weeks of therapy a report to my surgeon indicated that I had full range of motion with little or no associated shoulder pain. As of this writing, it has been over a month since my visit to OPTS, and my shoulder is still free of pain and I still have full range of motion. Since my hobby is woodworking, this condition is very welcomed. I highly recommend OPTS. Paul Frederick and his staff are very knowledgeable competent and caring.

Dick Shaink 07/06/2016

Paul is very good at improving frozen shoulder syndrome. I have worked with other physical therapists with not much results. Frozen shoulder is a condition where the shoulder will not allow the arm to move beyond a very limited range. Working with Paul, I was able to substantially increase the mobility of my shoulder enabling me to go back to a normal routine.

Dana Nickerson 06/10/2016

I would highly recommend OPTS. Paul is extremely knowledgeable and skilled as a physical therapist. I doubt you could find better.

Dawn Hinz 06/09/2016

I loved going there!!!!

Rigoberto Perez 07/16/2016

I am very satisfied with my therapy here. OPTS has helped me a lot and I will be using many of the exercises and stretches at home. I hope that I continue to build muscles and get stronger.

Linda Spears 06/07/2016

The staff at OPTS was great! They were easy to work with on scheduling. All the workouts and stretches were very helpful. I would go back to OPTS in the future as well as recommend them to others.

Ashley Alfieri 06/11/2016

My experience with the staff and physical therapist Paul Frederick at OPTS was excellent. Paul always answered any concerns or questions, and his expertise in physical therapy was instrumental in my regaining strength and improving physical fitness after surgery. It was hard work but definitely well worth the effort and I would highly recommend OPTS to anyone needing physical therapy.

Lois Doerr 05/30/2016

My experience at OPTS was great! My goals were met and I looked forward to every session!

Diana Dick 05/30/2016

Everybody was fabulous! OPTS is the best for anyone needing physical therapy!

Wally Dow 05/13/2016

I have been to other facilities for PT and my experience here has been by far the best. I would and have already highly recommended OPTS and if I have issues I would return to OPTS.

Macey Lash 04/29/2016

This was the best decision I made after going through right knee replacement. My goals were reviewed before surgery and after surgery. I was put on task to complete my therapy and workout with direction and care. This was a very good one on one therapy session and improvements were seen almost immediately. Paul kept me on task even when the days felt bad with his compassion but yet directions and goals of accomplishments with every visit. Pauls level of knowledge is above my expectations as I watched how he helped numerous people with different needs besides my own. His staff is courteous, pleasant, and helpful with schedules which were received and changed in a timely manner. With other therapy sessions twenty years ago I feel you and your staff set the bar high. I would tell everyone go to Paul at OPTS

David Henry 04/17/2016

My goal was met with physical therapy. All the staff was really courteous. Every staff member had knowledge of what they were doing. I enjoyed my sessions because the staff was serious on their goal to help their clients and they also made it enjoyable by joking around.

Kenneth Forrest 04/11/2016

I can only comment on my own experience there. Most all of my goals were met. Right from the start I met a wonderful lady who had everything all set up, dates, times and all paper work done, weeks before I even started the therapy. There was no paper hassle during therapy. It was good for me to be scheduled with people that were going through the same therapy. I never met anyone with all the knowledge for so many different types of therapy. He handled all things well, answered all of my questions. I can only say maybe a little more focus on looking forward to the day when the pain is gone strength is back that is the part that may have helped ease the pain. Yes I enjoyed the therapy and meeting all the kind people. I will tell anyone that.

Terry 04/06/2016

I had a very good experience. The pain in my back was mostly gone. I came away with knowledge of exercises that I could do at home to keep from having the pain again. Everyone was very friendly staff and other patients. The staff knew what they were doing and made it enjoyable. I would defiantly tell people to suggest to their doctors that if the need PT to send them to OPTS.

Jacquin Pentecost 04/01/2016

OPTS has a friendly and inviting atmosphere. My physical therapy experience was massively beneficial to the betterment of my condition. My goals and hopes to gain from therapy were exceeded and I am more than satisfied with the way my sessions went. If always put a smile on my face when I saw Paul’s shiny bald head. I was not forced to participate in any activities that I personally deemed too strenuous and there was visible improvement in my everyday life after just a few sessions. I wouldn’t have wanted my first encounter with physical therapy to be any different.

Sonny Garber 03/21/2016

Didn’t know what to expect when I started. All of my therapy was done at the rehab center. Once I got going I was surprised at how well the different exercises helped to build back the strength in my knee. Pain has gone down immensely while my ability to walk has increased. I would highly recommend OPTS as the place to go for therapy.

Mike Mielke 03/18/2016

I was very satisfied with the treatment I received. Pau l was serious about my regiments. Very satisfied with every aspect of my treatment! I am doing very well now!

Scott Garvison 03/14/2016

I had an excellent and useful experience. The staff was pleasant. I started the treatment feeling terrible, however ended my experience almost free of pain. I’ve learned the exercises and can continue them on my own. Thanks for everything!

Carlos Steinhauser 03/10/2016

I learned to have a better understanding how my body works and learned things I can do at home to prevent injuries in the future.

James Scheider 03/03/2016

I did not expect therapy treatment would work for my condition but was pleasantly surprised when pain was extinguished!! I saw and felt immediate results and am still virtually pain free!! Paul really is a miracle worker and knows his business with extreme professionalism as well as his very courteous staff. Thank you so much for your help!!

Jon Isom 02/18/2016

My experience at physical therapy was very pleasant. The therapy I received was very helpful. The goals set by Paul were met. He was very considerate of my condition. My pain and amount of motion was relieved and helped greatly. The physical therapy was a great benefit to me. I have only been to one therapist, this was the second time for me to have therapy/ the staff was very warm and friendly. I did enjoy my sessions.

Dorothy Holifield 02/16/2016

Starting with the front desk, Alta was extremely courteous, friendly, and efficient. Paul was very knowledgeable. While my problem won’t go away without surgical intervention, he has taught me how to cope and live without the excruciating pain I had been experiencing. All the staff (Alta, Mitch, and Paul) made physical therapy most enjoyable. I have shared with my physician what a wonderful experience it was and how incredible Paul is. While I hope to not need the service again, I wouldn’t hesitate recommending OPTS to anyone needing physical therapy.

Johanna Killian 02/15/2016

I really enjoyed coming here. There was always a fun, friendly, and exciting atmosphere. Everyone there was very friendly and caring. I would definitely recommend this facility.

Sydney Todd 02/03/2016

I feel I made great progress in the three months of PT. Paul was very knowledgeable in knowing exactly what was needed in my particular case. He has a great personality and sense of humor which almost made it fun. I looked forward to the visits. Paul is very fortunate to have Alta on the front desk. She was very friendly and always greeted us with a smile when we entered. She was very helpful with any questions including insurance questions. She wears a lot of hats. I highly recommend Paul to anyone who needs PT. I noticed the age differences of young and old. I would not hesitate to come back if I need PT but I hope I can just keep up the exercises at home.

Dawn Consolino 02/03/2016

Thank you for getting an appointment as quick as you did. The P.T solved the problem a lot quicker than I expected. I felt a lot better just after three visits.

Leon Assink 02/01/2016

Paul and his staff were professional and knowledgeable. Any time I had a specific need, Paul was there to work his magic. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for physical therapy.

Sarah Barnes 01/27/2016

I think that therapy was a great benefit to help me. I did improve and know I can use some more. My pain diminished somewhat. The staff was very courteous. I think Paul was a very good therapist, he knows what he is doing. Here it was one on one, with the other place I went to you did not always have the same therapist. Yes I did enjoy my sessions. I was very pleased with OPTS and would recommend Paul to anyone needing therapy. It is just like family there, you feel right at home and you get good therapy and enjoy your time spent there.

Jeanette Johnson 01/21/2016

It felt like one great big family. At first being in a new place was uneasy but I got used to it quickly and I am sad that my graduation day came so soon. I enjoyed talking to Paul about what I learned in school that day and getting extra homework about talking horses. I really improved at OPTS.

Skylar Garber 01/21/2016

Had a good experience with the therapy and the pain has diminished. This was the second time coming here, it was my left hip the first time and the right hip this time. The therapy does help and I try to exercise and keep active because I know that helps. Previously I went to another facility and was not satisfied because I didn’t get the results I got here. Staff was courteous and friendly.

Betty Faultersock 01/11/2016

Everything was AWESOME!!

Jennifer Hescott 01/10/2016

The therapist and staff were very courteous and the therapist seemed knowledgeable and helpful.

Don Dezelsky 1/08/2016

I was always treated in a professional and kind manner. When I was discharged my pain was basically gone. I have been to PT two other times. The therapy I did and the knowledgeable and courteous staff was far superior to anything I've had in the past. The clinic is very clean and organized. Even though I was going for pain relief I looked forward to my appointments. I always felt welcome. If I or my husband needs PT in the future this is the clinic we will use.

Sue Mark 01/05/2016

At age 71, I thought I was done with body fitness. One day I found it's getting harder to walk, I had to do something either sit down or get help. I found OPTS to be a friendly atmosphere and wasted no time getting to the bottom of m problem. I recommend anyone with a mobility problem to try them out. Good people to work with.

Ralph Brugh 12/28/2015

This was a good experience with positive results. Some of the benefits that I received were: I can now sleep on my stomach without pain. I have not been able to do this for several years, I can walk much longer distance than before, as long as the walk is brisk, and significant improvement in my restless leg syndrome.

David Allers 12/26/2015

It's pretty obvious that Paul and all other employees are serious about doing a good job. The facility and equipment are always in a clean, neat and well organized state. All the patients are treated with respect and care. I attended this facility in the past and will again if needed. I have and will recommend OPTS in the future. Thanks for the help.

Roger Ransom 12/23/2015

My experience was amazing from walking into the door with a friendly greeting to leaving knowing that Paul helped me better my life! For the short time I was nice knowing that most of the exercises I can do at time. Thank you so much!

Abby Bullock 12/03/2015

After fracture in my shoulder healed, I was surprised that once simple tasks like putting on a dress shirt or reaching into an overhead cupboard were not possible. However, thanks to Paul's physical therapy programs I regained my full range of motion an can once again do those taken that I had taken for granted. I appreciated that Paul not only knew what exercises I needed to do in order to recover, but he could easily explain how these experience brought me closer to our therapy goals. I will recommended Paul to everyone I meet in the area who would like to regain abilities that were lost or diminished by injury.

Stephen Daley 11/30/2015

I have been to OPT before and I returned for a new problem. I fractured my hip in a car accident. When I was evaluated by Paul, I could not walk and I had minimal flexibility and strength. When I was released I had returned to my normal life. I could run and do whatever I desired. The biggest reason I have returned to OPT is that I always want to recover as fast as possible. Paul can gauge a patient's progress and whether they can handle more or not. Also if I wanted to improve in different areas, all I had to do was ask. If my flexibility wasn't where I wanted, Paul would give me more stretches. If my strength wasn't returned I would receive new exercises to strengthen that area. If you are committed to your recovery, put in your time at home then you will see results. OPT will go out of their way to please you and improve your recovery. I highly recommend OPT.

Adam Bastow 11/18/2015

My experience at OPTS was superb. Paul understood my problem immediately and gave me exercises to work on at home after the initial eval. When I started my therapy, my pain level was high, but when I finished it was zero. He understood that to keep this from being recurring problem. I needed to strengthen my core muscles and gave me exercises to do just that. I still have a ways to go to achieve all this, but I now have the tools needed to succeed. I have received therapy at other clinics for other problems, but never received the personal attention that I received at OPTS. Thank you!

Andis Osis 10/09/2015

I entered therapy with a great deal of pain in both hips and no flexible moves in some directions. Paul was and is very knowledgeable, friendly, and motivated to help. The quality of care was great and the staff was great. I would tell anyone of need of therapy to go to OPTS. I am more flexible and pain free. Thank you!

Mike Parker 10/01/2015

Paul is a very dedicated and sensitive therapist. He has a vast knowledge of the human anatomy. The patient's physical well-being is his utmost concern. He listens attentively to the patient's questions and is very explanatory in reply. In the event I was to require physical therapy again, I would return to Paul whole heartily.

Gail Ladwein 9/14/2015

Seems so simple now but at the time it never occurred to me how easy my shoulder pain could be elevated. When I need help I won't go to any other place. Paul is very good at what he does.

Rich Newberry 9/03/2015

I feel I got very good therapy. I benefited very much from the therapy and continue to improve with home exercises. I would never consider going elsewhere!

Linda Olson 9/09/2015

Paul gave me specific exercises that helped build up the areas weakened by the injury and subsequent surgery. Paul encourages and explains things well. He also has a great sense of the body that makes the workouts easier and more enjoyable.

Thomas Farr 9/08/2015

My experience with this physical therapy team was outstanding. My therapist gave me the tools and confidence I needed to get better. I enjoyed each session and looked forward to going each week wishing they were every day instead of twice a week. I gained so much, not only in reducing my pain but in the encouragement and thoughtfulness my therapist and staff provided. Thank you to all of you. I would certainly recommend you to others, this is an amazing experience.

Linda 8/12/2015

After trying to express some of my feelings in regards to the questionnaire, I decided to just say thanks. Alta, you are wonderful. Paul, I thank you for your “job like” patients with my forgetful nature. It only took me 4 weeks to get all the treatment done. I'll be back if you have me because more can be done.

Rosalind 8/10/2015

I am very impressed with the types of treatment I saw for all types of problems different people there had. Paul certainly helped me. He understood how we were feeling and actually made it fun to get through the tough ones. I highly recommend him and Alta!!!

Betsy Greenman 8/5/2015

I must say I was pleasantly surprised with my therapy at your facility over the last few months to assist in recovery from a rotary cuff surgery! I had tried a local Big Box therapy facility in the past and was very displeased with the outcome as we discussed. I believe the progressive increase of weight and reps on equipment over the length of time did the trick, but the personal attention really made the difference. It was easy to see the commitment of the staff in their profession with pride that went well past 9-5 hours of operation. I can report that I have full mobility of my shoulder, the pain is gone, and I'm strengthening the muscle successfully with the knowledge I gained from Mr. Frederick's expert experience in the field. I would like to thank everyone involved at OPTS and much luck in the future.

James Ingraham 7/31/2015

Rich was satisfied, his pain was alleviated somewhat. He will return when able. He can now walk without a walker which makes him very satisfied. Thank you so much.

Rich Stieve 7/25/2015

Physical therapy was the best approach for my situation. I have learned techniques to alleviate pain and strengthen my foot. The staff is professional and courteous. I enjoyed the therapist and feel he understands what needs to be done.

Debbie Mellein 7/22/2015

Paul's assistance during a difficult post surgery was invaluable in getting me back to normal mobility. Thanks Paul!

Mike Appleyard 7/21/2015

My therapy was successful. Paul is very knowledgeable, encouraging, patient, and kind. He also doesn't let you slack off. Alta was personable, caring and accommodating. I would highly recommend OPTS to family and friends.

Kate Pasquith 7/21/2015

Competent, Caring, and Courteous!!!!

Fred Reams 7/19/2015

Movement of my arm is more than I thought it would be. I would say I am pain free as well. I enjoyed everyone there staff and patients!

Char Till 7/9/2015

Coming into physical therapy I didn't know how it was going to go. However, going out I realized that I've come pretty far from where I started and I was able to run better than I have in a long time.

Joe Nelson 7/9/2015

My experience with OPTS was some benefit to me. I got back my muscle tone in my legs and can walk longer and standing in one place is not a problem anymore. The staff is well trained and helps a lot when I made mistakes. Keep up the good work!

Karl Barden 7/8/2015

I was very please with my sons therapy. He liked going to therapy. He said it helped him and also the OPTS is top notch!

Jon Marcout 7/08/2015

Walking in on day one, I was sure this would be a long ongoing process. I was still on my crutches and was not happy with where I stood during my evaluation. As expected, Paul and Alta were great with keeping me positive, working hard, and also fitting my sessions into my crazy schedule. Graduating today, I am 100% pain free and well on my way for a healthy senior year, and last season of baseball at Siena Heights University. Paul's knowledge of the athlete helped immensely because he knew exactly what I needed to get back to. Every day I walked in knowing I was going to be one step closer when I walked out. A huge thank you for your time and efforts to get me back on the field again. Let's play ball!!!

Travis Stricklin 7/7/2015

When I came to physical therapy I was a little apprehensive. My personal experience with several chiropractors was that the relief was there, but when accomplished it was short. My experience with physical therapy showed gradual short step relief. Today I recognize very few pain issues. Each session demonstrated moderate relief and normal comfort level increased weekly. They may have been small steps, but when the session was over the pain gradually decreased. Thank you Paul and Andy for your knowledge and expertise. You have helped me improve my physical well being. Your office and staff are the friendliest people I have meet in a long time. Keep up the good work.

Richard Ruppel 7/06/2015

Very happy with my experience at OPTS. I felt very comfortable with Paul and Alta and I enjoyed my time there. Very satisfied with my treatment. Thank you!

Nolan Ridner 6/29/2015

First experience with physical therapy in my life. Felt like it was just some kind of hoax and it didn't work anyway. I was pleasantly surprised to see that was not the case at OPTS. I felt I was under the constant direction and supervision of Paul, whose only focus was to improve on my back injury. All I can say is Thank you to Paul and Alta. Very professional group.

Maureen Moravec 6/28/2015

Paul did a great job! I come in with a good deal of pain in my shoulder. He identified the problem and he set me on a course for recovery. By the end of my therapy I was very satisfied with the results. He made the sessions as enjoyable as possible. No gain without a little pain. Thank you Dr. Love!

John Valenziano 6/26/2015

My overall experience with my treatment at OPTS was a very good experience. When I first started therapy I was in a lot of pain in my lower back and left hip and leg. After a few treatments the pain is next to none. Paul is one of the best. He explained each exercise and showed exactly how to do them. The exercises helped each time I did them. He is very pleasant and makes everyone feel comfortable. I would recommend Paul to anyone that asks. Alta is really good at getting appointments quickly. She is very courteous, greeting everyone with a smile. I really don't know of too much but I can say both Paul and Alta are great at their jobs.

Mary MacGregor 6/25/2015

I won't go anywhere else! I am comfortable with the staff. They are friendly, courteous and professional in every way. When I reported to OPTS for therapy I was weak physically and not 100% mentally. I was very concerned but confident Paul would get me on track. He told me what and why I was doing certain exercises. He encouraged me when I needed it, pushed me at the right times to give me confidence when I was down. I am well on the road to recovery and I am happy with my choice at OPTS. I'd recommend them to anybody for any therapy.

Tom Mileke 6/23/2015

Paul is very professional and knows his stuff. Alta is very friendly. I enjoyed coming each day and looked forward to the workouts. The exercises to do at home helped a lot. I have had therapy before but time here at OPTS was much more enjoyable and helpful. I would recommend OPTS to anyone needing PT. Thanks Alta and Paul.

Lee Holbert 6/23/2015

At OPTS it was really fun. I liked the people there that went and also Paul and Alta. My physical therapy was so much work, but it was all worth it for my knee. Now it's better, I can move it, bend it better, and also run better. My goals were met. My pain was coming and going. The staff was fun and happy every single day. This was my first time in any physical therapy this helped a lot. I will miss every time going in and seeing everybody. I recommend people to go there.

Jocelyn Ponce 6/18/2015

My pain was relieved and movement returned to normal in a very short period of time. The staff was extremely accommodating at all times. I would return to OPTS in a heartbeat if needed.
Phyllis Cignack 6/13/2015

I came in with constant back pain since last fall. My pain is gone unless I do something to cause the pain, but now I know what to do when the pain comes along. I do my stretches every morning. What a difference it makes. Thanks again for all your help. Take care and God bless.

Olga Stieve 06/03/2015

I was very satisfied with my physical therapy and my experience. It has diminished the pain almost entirely in my left leg from my back and spine issue. I will definitely recommend OPTS to friends and colleagues and recommend to my referring doctor.

Charles Reinholtz 06/01/2015

In the 4 months that I have been coming to OPTS in South Haven, I have learned a lot. At first I was a little scared and didn't know what I was going to be taught. So as time progressed I learned how to do the side planks and mountain climbers. The staff was very helpful along the way. I would say that my overall experience at OPTS was very good.


Dear Paul, I just want to say a huge thank you for helping me and getting me feeling much, much better. When I first came I was honestly nervous because I had never met you or anyone there. Within the second day you made me feel like I have known you my whole life. Anyways, your therapy was amazing. You are like a God. I couldn't wait for physical therapy the day's I had it. Again thank you Paul for everything you have done. See you soon (maybe).

Haley M. 05/27/2015

I enjoyed my sessions immensely. They helped me reach my goals. I plan to return after summer to continue my progress.

Joann Carlson 05/22/2015

I came to OPTS in 209 after surgery on my right knee. Paul and his staff were great and I left pain free, fully functional and back to normal. Last year in 2014, I was having ankle range of motion issues and pain in my left heel. I went to see a local physical therapist that was closer to me and though they tried I wasn't impressed. Nothing was changed and I still have the issue. Earlier this year I had shoulder surgery and my surgeon asked where I wanted to do my PT, it was a no brainer, I knew I needed to go back to OPTS and Paul. OPTS did it again, same great service same great results. It was more than worth the 30 minute drive to go to OPTS instead of staying local. Paul really knows his stuff and there's a good atmosphere in the office. If you do what he tells you and don't cheat the only result is you will get better. I am really grateful to Paul and his staff.

Justin Jarvie 05/12/2015

It was very obvious how experienced my therapist was. I was very satisfied with my progress and almost all pain was alleviated! The staff is personable and understanding and the experience all together was extremely beneficial! Thanks OPTS!

Savannah Case 04/29/2015

My pain was diminished. The real adventure was coming away with a plan that was workable over the long haul.

Gene Lamberti 04/24/2015

I have had excellent treatments before. My recent time back I admired the progress I have made and always tried to perform to my best ability.

Gerda Beccue 04/23/2015

I spent about one year looking for answers to my painful knees. I changed my shoes everyday to help ease my discomfort. Nothing seemed to work. I have had therapy at the hospital before but never had results like this. The end results from the OPTS facility is far better. I even enjoyed the pain because I got gain.

Marsha Underwood 04/21/2015

I would like to express my thoughts and experience with OPTS. My visits at OPTS were very professional and personal. The therapist was very professional and worked on a one on one basis with the clients. The staff was very courteous, very prompt on appointment times. No waiting, that's a plus. The office staff was very friendly and funny. I will recommend this practice to anyone I know who needs therapy. Thank you for working with me, you have really helped. Thanks again!

Maria Pach 04/17/2015

Working with Paul and staff was a very positive experience. Paul is very knowledgeable and patient. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone and everyone. Thank you!

Chism 03/30/2015

I would first like to start off with the staff was very polite and knowledgeable. All of my goals were met beyond my belief. I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to come to OPTS and look forward to staying in touch with the friendly staff.

Jessica Larkins 03/25/2015

I hobbled in on crutches. Went home and XC skied for an hour and half after my last session. Need I say more?! Dr. Love does good work!.....or should I say directs the patient to do good work. I achieved my goal.

Rhonda Kohls-Dailey 03/12/2015

My goals were met and all pain was gone. The staff was very courteous and helpful. I had no prior knowledge of Paul Frederick and have never been to physical therapy before. I was not sure on how things would go or what to expect. After my first evaluation and alignment I was quite surprised and impressed with Paul. Paul really does know what he is doing and how to make people better. The exercises were not so much fun at times but very effective in the treatment. I have told others if you need physical therapy then go to Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialist for professional results.

Kerry Coggins 2/20/2015

Well to say it blunt, I would see Paul again if I need physical therapy, lets hope not. Alta was very kind and helpful whenever I spoke with her. I still have pain but I guess it was because of what kind of surgery I had. Therapy helped me a lot and I am glad Paul was strict on how the exercises were done correctly. Thanks guys I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Mark Stillwell 02/17/2015

Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialist a happy place to be on the road to recovery.

Rose Allen 1/20/2015

When I came to OPTS I had a hard time doing activities of daily living. I also had other issues that they were able to help me with. The staff is wonderful. They were able to work with me on payments. Should I ever need PT again they will be the one I choose.

Neely 12/31/2014

Pt was helpful for my hips and back. It was a great experience.

Leon Asslink 12/23/2014

My goal was met and I was given tools to take home to keep the pain under control. It was easy to gain trust which lessened the anxiety. Encouraged to do exercises and stretches the right way without shaming.

John Hamilton 12/23/2014

As soon as you enter the door you are greeted and there's a smile awaiting you from Alta. There is a lot of caring as you work through the days and weeks of therapy. It's tough but you are there to heal and Paul is there to guide you. He wants what is best for you and knows what he is doing. There is a big difference between therapy elsewhere and at Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialist.

Dianne Miller 12/31/2014

Pt was helpful for my hips and back. It was a great experience.

Leon Asslink 12/23/2014

My goal was met and I was given tools to take home to keep the pain under control. It was easy to gain trust which lessened the anxiety. Encouraged to do exercises and stretches the right way without shaming.

John Hamilton 12/23/2014

My experience was outstanding; having a single PT for all my appointments meant consistent therapy, goals and observations. I have had physical therapy before and mostly disappointed with those experiences. Alta was kind, generous, and helpful. Paul's knowledge and experience was enhanced by not only a wonderful sense of humor, but also his caring and concern for my progress and well being. Having no experience in total knee replacement therapy prior to my time spent with Paul, I just hoped he was better than what I had experienced before. Paul's clearly outlined program with performance goals on my part was met. My knee is much improved in its functionality. A job well done.

Ronald Mackluckie 12/13/2014

I am astonished at how much was accomplished in just six weeks. When I see the before and after photographs I am very motivated. Motivated to keep up with my at home exercises and motivated to send friends to this practice. This staff works! I am very grateful, Paul is practicing in South haven and that I could do my P.T here. I am pleased and satisfied with my progress.

Donna Allgaier-Lamberti 11/24/2014

I enjoyed working with Paul and the relationship we developed concerning the therapy I needed to strengthen the core around my lower back. The time spent was in structural and well spent. I plan to take what Paul showed me and grow with it.

Edward Schmitt 11/22/2014

I walked in with hot pain in my arm and back from a bulging disk. I left, after 30 days, with no pain at all!

Mitch Kenyon 11/05/2014

My experience at Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialist was very positive with remarkable results. Mobility, pain and stamina all proceeded in the appropriate direction. The facility is clean, well-maintained, and has an inviting atmosphere. The staff is friendly and always encouraging. I strongly recommend this facility for any necessary physical therapy.

Jerry Jelsema 10/15/2014

We didn't realize that physical therapy could be fun! We both enjoyed our experience and our shoulder issues are significantly improved, much greater range of motion and pain alleviation. Paul is encouraging and has just the right combination of seriousness and joking. Alta is a delight and instantly puts people at ease.

Al and Michelle Andrews 10/13/2014

You helped me get the use of my right arm back. You also all showed that you care about us all. I would recommend this facility to family and friends. May God bless you all.

Shirley Sikes 10/09/2014

My hip pain is almost all gone. I received on how to continue at home. I am very happy with my results.

Jo Assink 10/9/2014

Paul was a great physical therapist. He pushed me what I could do and if I couldn't do something we kept trying until I could. That is why I came back and I tell everyone about his services. Alta and Anna were awesome. Thank you!

Linda Elliot 10/03/2014

The experience I had at OPTS was good. I enjoyed the sessions and encouraged by the therapist. The environment at OPTS is positive, focused and healthy.

Debbie Mellein 9/26/2014

This was my second time I used Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists. The reason I returned was I am very satisfied with my first problem. I was treated very professionally by everyone. With everyone's help and encouragement I was able too over come my problem.

Allen Frank 9/25/2014

First of all, you are greeted by Alta. She always has a smile and is so pleasant. She lets you know when the therapist will see you and stays right on top of your appointments. She does a terrific job. Then there is Paul. He's tough, but he knows what he is doing! If you follow his instructions, he will definitely help you to meet the goals you have set for yourself. I recently had total knee replacement. At the suggestion of my doctor, I went to see Paul before my surgery. His explicit directions to me were do not sleep all knight on that knee- sit on the bike and do what you can. I did exactly that. Every few hours I was up and walking or rocking the bike pedals. By my first day at therapy I was able to move those pedals all around. At my sixth week check-up, my orthopedic surgeon said he was totally amazed by the movement I have in my knee. My friends, who have also had knee replacements, cannot believe how quickly I could ride a bike, go up and down stairs, and walk. I tell them I had an excellent doctor and excellent therapist! I am thankful for what they both have done for me.

Sandra Bedka 9/25/2014

Compared to others I've experienced your session were the best. My goals were met, my pain alleviated. I must continue my exercises in order to keep the pain in check. The staff was great and my sessions were hard, but enjoyable.

Barbara Ross 9/22/2014

I thought the therapy was spot on. We were able to meet my goals quickly within the scheduled time. My pain was diminished as my muscles grew stronger through the therapy. My therapist was knowledgeable and his plan of action was excellent. Paul and the staff were friendly and courteous and made the overall experience pleasant. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.

On entering the clinic I felt a feeling of a good, friendly place. I received for the first time a full examination before any therapy. I really felt the therapist would help me. I did feel so much better after I had to leave this clinic, but would come back if I needed more help. You felt the therapist knew what he was doing and really cared.

Rita McGowan 9/20/2014

My experience at OPTS was more then expected. I had a great experience, the problem I originally started with were taken care of completely. The exercises, stretches and strength training were custom for my condition. Paul's experience was super, his level of understanding of helpful work out plans were perfectly fitted for me. The work out sessions was kept light and humorous. Finally it felt good to feel good again.

Bob Zedeck 9/9/2014

I have had this pain in my back and leg for a long period of time. My doctor recommended physical therapy. I was very reluctant to try it, but did not have much choice. After only two visits to physical therapy, I already felt some difference. I was told what kind of exercises I needed to do at home, and I have reduced pain in my back and leg. My appointments were always kept on time and the staff could not have been more helpful and courteous. I hope not to have more physical therapy, but if I feel the need for it I will definitely go back to see Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialist.

Matt Super 9/7/2014

Paul is very knowledgeable. My experience at OPTS was very beneficial. My pain was significantly reduced and my overall strength improved. Each patient receives personal attention and therapy is specifically tailored to their needs. I would recommend OPTS without hesitation.

Penelope Cole 8/19/14

I am a 68 year old woman who came to Paul with 3 bulging discs in my neck and a lot of discomfort. I wanted to see if physical therapy would help my situation and aid in avoiding surgery. I also didn't want to be taking pain medication that made me fall asleep in awkward settings, like in restaurants, interacting with grandchildren, etc. Paul's clinic was recommended to me by my sister who has neck issues also. He was very knowledgeable and professional, prescribing for me a number of exercises to restore motion and relieve pain in my neck. Although TEDIOUS and BORING to do (and you have to do them DAY IN AND DAY OUT, some exercises HUNDREDS of times), they have helped me get through my days with very little discomfort. When doing the HATED exercises at night before I go to bed, I do have soreness afterwards. But it's worth it to have the increased mobility with very little discomfort the next day. Having been to a physical therapy clinic in Florida for the same issue, I can honestly say my treatment here was much more beneficial. In a three week period in Florida I saw 4 different therapists- not an ideal situation. It is extremely worthwhile to see the same therapist every time that is if he's a good one, as I think Paul is. Now, I would be remiss if I didn't mention is receptionist Alta, and how wonderful she was to interact with. She cheerfully scheduled appointments, rearranged them when necessary, and personally greeted you when you walked in the door. She is a GEM, as I'm sure Paul is aware of. What a nice lady! In conclusion, I would highly recommend OPTS. It was a good experience. (One word of caution though, the men undergoing PT there were continuously heard to MOAN, GROAN, and GRUNT. Not so with the women-they handled it well.)

Mary Momany 8/20/2014

First and for most, I liked the fact that he treated his patients like equals, such as we all called him by his first name and didn't have to say Dr. so and so. That just showed what type of guy he was right off the bat. I also appreciate the fact that he was very knowledgeable on my injury and knew of ways to help and improve my strength. Paul was very professional and always remembered something about our previous session together that we talked about and made an effort to ask me about it. I would send anyone to Paul for physical therapy. Thank you again for all your help!

Kelly Smith 8/14/2014

This physical therapy helped. The staff was always courteous and helpful. I feel that if I continued with home therapy as directed by the therapist, I can maintain a reasonable comfort level. Paul met my goals so that most of the pain is kept at bay and movement has returned.

Anonymous 8/20/2014

Staff is friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. The facility itself is well maintained and inspiring. Therapy sessions are well-organized. Paul is extremely versed in the mechanics of the human body.

Anonymous 8/12/2014

When I came for my first session, I could immediately feel the stretches working on me. Paul knew exactly what to do to take away the pain I was having. I looked forward to each visit for physical therapy, as both Paul and Alta made me feel comfortable with their pleasant personalities and genuine concern for my well-being.

Lynda Sharpe 8/7/2014

OPTS was a very beneficial experience for me. They were very prompt at getting me in and very friendly and helpful when I was in a lot of pain. Paul treated me and my symptoms professionally, sympathetically but with an ambitious plan to help me alleviate the pain with exercise and strengthening as opposed to drugs. Thanks to Paul and his knowledge and guidance, I have regained total use back in my right arm and hand without surgery.

Arlene Bodtke 01/04/2014

My Don is not able to physically fill out this paper. Writing his own name on his check is getting to be very difficult for him. I just want to Thank you for your attention to his physical needs and that I / we both appreciate what you have done for him. In the future, if one of his physicians' wants him to go a physical therapist, we will return ---------- You're the best!!!

Joan Corey-Hoyt 01/13/2014

This is my second experience using OPTS. On both occasions, I received a thorough and detail evaluation which resulted in an accurate diagnosis and a therapy plan that was successful alleviating my pain. The atmosphere at OPTS is extremely pleasant with welcoming smiles by staff and therapist. The equipment is diverse and in excellent condition. The personal attention given by Paul is obvious and greatly appreciated. He has a good sense of humor, yet ensures you complete all therapy assignments, and done correctly. Most importantly, Paul is knowledgeable, accurate in his assessment, and provides success in removing unwanted pain. Paul is great at explaining the patient's injury and the path to healing. I am grateful for such a wonderful facility and service provided to our community. Thanks for the job well done!!

Dave Sonnenberg 01/18/2014

My first experience with physical therapy was a disaster. I didn't want anything more to do with a physical therapy clinic. My granddaughter told me about me about Paul Frederick and she said he was really good. I took her advice, as she was going on and on about how he had really helped her. I am now so glad I did! In a short time, I was back to doing my normal activities! I noticed Mr. Frederick seems to have a caring, personal touch with his patients in a very relaxing environment. I really enjoyed talking with Alta, the receptionist, she has an outstanding personality. Thank you!!!

Elaine Moore 01/29/2014

I had a very positive and motivating therapy experience and I achieved all of my goals. Paul, the physical therapist was very helpful in determining the course of action and helped me to progress to the best of my ability. I would not hesitate to recommend Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists and have already endorsed your practice. >

David Dilts 02/10/2014

This is the second time I have been to OPTS, and as always the front desk is efficient and courteous. Paul Fredericks listens and takes the time to understand the pain you're having. Paul also understands if the therapy is not working that that other medical options need to be considered. He's very committed and dedicated to his patients.

Marion Sweet 02/27/2014

It was all good & courteous.

Clarence Lewis Piercey 03/06/2014

My experience at OPTS for therapy was very beneficial and really fun. At first, when I came in we didn't know what was exactly wrong with my hip, but Paul and I worked together to figure it out. Even though I may have complained a lot, Paul put up with me and we accomplished my goals. Once we figured out what was wrong, we were pleasantly surprised with how quick the healing was. Now I'm back at it again! Duel sporting and pain free!! I'm completely satisfied and couldn't be more thankful!!!

Kelli Stricklin 03/17/2014

I will be returning to OPTS for my post-operative PT sessions following a right total knee replacement. My pre-op sessions hopefully, will be beneficial. The staff, Paul & Alta, was friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and readily accessible. My time spent there was put to good use. I would recommend OPTS to friends and family.

Rosemary Benn 03/17/2014

Paul has been most helpful in my rehabilitation from total knee replacement. I would highly recommend OPTS for those requiring physical therapy. Both Alta and Paul were always helpful and friendly.

Lew Piercey

My therapy was very good and I am back to normal. The staff was very good and pleasant. I would recommend them to any of my friends. Thank you so very much.

David Overhiser 3/21/2014

This was my first time going to therapy, I enjoyed every session and I liked the staff. I would recommend this clinic to anyone because the therapist knew what he was doing and had me doing the right exercises for my own problems. The staff was always courteous to the patients and to their own staff. After all my sessions I feel a lot better and would strongly recommend people to come to OPTS.

Michael Stephens 3/24/2014

First of all I want to thank Paul for getting me back doing things I couldn't do before due to bad pains. With his professional help, I now feel 100% better. I had been in pain for quite some time. They made me feel at ease. Paul and Alta made me feel very good and made my therapy a lot easier by the way they treated me. Most of all I never once had to wait for my appointment. Paul saw me right away and never once did I have to wait. If I ever needed therapy again I would choose OPTS again. Thank you Paul and Alta.

Berry Zoco 4/7/2014

I couldn't me more pleased! After reading my X-rays and taking measurements of my abilities, Paul chose a series of exercises to correct my problem. What impressed me the most was, there was no let's try this and hope. We finished with the same set of programs that we started with. That shows me the man knows his stuff. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend anyone to Paul. Thanks Paul.

Tom Mielke 5/1/2014

I was very happy with my experience. I am now pain free for the first time in months! I liked that I was encouraged to do a little more each time I came. Paul was very knowledgeable with my condition and treatment. I not only liked the way I was treated, but also the way Paul interacted with all of the patients that were there. I would definitely recommend this facility to anyone!

Jennifer Reitz 5/6/2014

Since I had physical therapy in the fall, prior, to my hip replacement, I was well aware of the benefits. Having just finished my second round of therapy, I am more than pleased and feel great! Everyone was kind and courteous!

A Jenks 2014

Paul helped me with my back and legs and he was gentle and considerate of my problems. The staff was also very helpful. Nothing was ever rushed or pushy. They were very cheerful in the door and when you left. I would go back again if I had to.

Dorm Gray 5/19/2014

I was very pleased with the care and degree of expertise exhibited at OPTS. My recovery from my total knee replacement was uneventful and progressed rapidly to recovery. Both Paul and Alta were very professional, polite, and thoughtful making my visits not only beneficial but fun. My questions and concerns were taken seriously and addressed. I would defiantly recommend and return myself to OPTS if necessary.

Rosemary Benn 5/30/2014

I was very satisfied with my treatment. Paul and Alta were very courteous and friendly. My knee hasn't been giving me anymore issues. I would defiantly come back if I needed treatment in the future.

Mike Spears 6/4/2014

Very friendly staff and environment. You can tell everyone is comfortable coming to OPTS.

Renee Heinichen 6/16/2014

Everything was very professional.

Charles Hutson 6/26/2014

As always, Paul was right on with what he had me work on. Less pain was the goal and that was achieved. I recommend PT Specialist to all my friends. If you want the best- go to Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialist.

Win Dickson 7/10/2014

Paul and his staff were great! After my initial evaluation, the course of treatment worked on the affected areas. Exercises were strenuous, but not to the point of over taking my physically. Overall this was a great experience and truly helped my recovery.

Rod Somerlott 7/18/2014

Empathetic, Courteous, Professional. I would recommend anyone to Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialist.

Chris Muller 7/22/2014

This was my first physical therapy. I was unable to walk into the office, but after a few sessions, I could walk straight and without pain. The staff was very helpful. The sessions were difficult to do at first, because I was in so much pain. After a few sessions the pain left and I could do the exercises easier. I enjoyed my visit to physical therapy everyone was nice and kind. If I ever need physical therapy again I would go back to Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialist.

Dorothy Holifield 7/23/2014

Paul has been a friend for over 30 years. Luckily, I only have seen him for physical therapy injury twice (unrelated). He's the best without question!

Andy Klavins 7/30/2014

My daughter, age 10, was referred by her family doctor. I was hoping to find a place near my home in Bloomingdale other than going to Kalamazoo. My daughter was very nervous but by the time we were finished with our first appointment I couldn't get her to stop talking. Paul is very friendly and a helpful professional. He always listened to my daughter's stories, which made her feel comfortable. Alta was a very friendly and helpful receptionist. Thank you both for making this a good experience for her.

Michelle Tourangeau 12/31/2013

I have two severe conditions, which limit my ability to work full time or at full capacity. Through OPTS, I was able to regain my strength, heal my injured hip and build stamina, in order to achieve my goals. It wasn't easy and although I had a few setbacks, Paul's guidance, encouragement and enthusiasm kept me to persevere when the pain was too much momentarily, yet I gained. Praise God.

Rebecca Bennett 12/17/2013

I was very satisfied with my treatments. It helped me to get around - I went from my walker to a cane and now I can walk alone a short distance. I'm very happy and ready to take off for Florida and some sunshine!! Thank you!

Constance Johnson 12/17/2013

I had a great experience once again at OPTS! I've had to use your clinic many times and would not go anywhere else. Paul, you are very talented at your career and have great office back-up! Thank you! I am still doing my exercises at home.

Jo D. Carlson 12/09/2013

From the first phone call to make an appointment, to my last visit, I was treated as family and always welcomed cheerfully!!

Jamesine Hitchcock 12/06/2013

Paul pushed me to improve, but not overly forceful. Movement restored- Pain diminished greatly- Very friendly staff - Good listener - Great Knowledge - Awesome workout atmosphere - Kept It light but focused.

David Hilliard 12/05/2013

Physical therapy was extremely beneficial to me as it gave me my range of motion back. My pain was relieved and my goals were met. The staff was very courteous, friendly, knowledgeable and most of all very kind to me during every session. My therapist, Paul, was extremely professional. He explained everything to me up front as to why he was doing each and every procedure. If I ever have another injury, I will definitely go back to OPTS. I will & have recommended OPTS to family and friends. Paul Frederick makes being in some pain FUN & ENJOYABLE!!

Jimmy L. Johnson 12/03/2013

My experience at OPTS exceeded my expectations. After two car accidents, I found myself feeling at times, I would never be able to do the things I used to. I was not only helped greatly physically but also with my confidence and hope to be healthy again! My strength and mobility have improved significantly and I left with tools to better assist me in continuing to stay healthy & strong. The staff was always very friendly, compassionate & understanding. I really can't say enough good things about OPTS and will always recommend them to others seeking physical therapy assistance.

Kayla McClure 11/25/2013

Paul & Alta were always professional, helpful and friendly. I always enjoyed the environment they provided. I would recommend Paul to anyone.

Barbara Munn 11/22/2013

Paul helped me greatly with my mobility and flexibility after not having much strength or movement after injuring my back in the Army 2 years previously. He pushed me hard, but not to the point of being overbearing, more to help me recover as much as possible. He showed me how to do certain things at home to relieve my migraines and stabbing pains in my back. Paul is very nice and after just one visit you seem to feel you know Paul & Alta for years. Both of them helped me greatly in dealing with appointments on a very hectic schedule that changed daily. They have a great facility and I will definitely use ORTHOPEDIC PHYSICAL THERAPY SPECIALISTS again if needed. They are good people who actually help the individual, not just there to make money, and care.

Jason Samuelson 11/12/2013

My second time visiting this facility and once again I was completely satisfied. I was feeling much better after just two sessions!!! I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who needs physical therapy. Paul and staff, Thanks once again for everything!!

Jason A. Mika 11/08/2013

Everyone there was very helpful and Paul tried his best to help me with my problems. My left hip just seemed to get worse as I exercised. I am now going to try water therapy and hope that will help me. Thank you, Paul and staff.

Dorothy Karrus 11/08/2013

My experience was GREAT at OPTS. Paul helped alleviate my pain I had and build back up my muscle. He always smiled and could make you smile, and always asked how you were. The staff was just as courteous and very personable unlike other places I have been. My appointments always started on time. I would tell everyone I know to come here as my goals were met and beyond.

Kim Miller 10/29/2013

My experience at OPTS was positive and helpful. Paul and his staff offer an inviting and cheerful atmosphere; I looked forward to my therapy. The home exercise techniques I learned from OPTS continues to be beneficial.

Rhonda Drinkwater 10/23/2013

On my first day I was feeling down. Pain was bad from low back to my left foot. I was met with kindness, evaluated and told I could be helped. I tried other places where they didn't listen to me and treated me more like a number instead of a person. At OPTS I found encouragement, kindness, uplifting my spirit. I am now doing things that I could not do before. I am walking, standing and doing housework with less pain. You did a great job!! Thanks.

Mary Ann Mason 10/17/2013

By going to physical therapy it overall improved my knee back to full capacity. I always understood what was needed of me. Everyone there was nice.

Courtney Goff 09/27/2013

My initial evaluation was most thorough and professionally performed. My follow-up PT sessions were challenging, but beneficial toward returning flexibility. Treatment was scheduled conveniently. Alta was wonderfully courteous, empathetic and accommodating. Thank you for your assistance!

Jill Bastianse 09/23/2013

This was the first time with physical therapy for me. I had shoulder pain and limited movement with my neck. The pain is now gone and movement with my neck has improved. The staff was great to deal with and appointments were always on time. I hate to wait, and this was a plus for me.

Jerry Clark 09/23/2013

Thanks to Paul, I am back to work two and a half months ahead of the doctors' schedule!

Zachary Kasinger 09/22/2013

OPTS is the only clinic where I've actually looked forward to my next appointment! Pain relief is a great motivation, but the confidence I have in Paul's knowledge, experience and wisdom is right alongside. He set a program most recently to take me from pain and immediately as a result of my shoulder/bicep injury to graduation pain free with full range of motion: however, there's no way to measure the positive impact of his personality and style of humor to encourage and speed the process. He claims that the patient does the work, which is true, but I insist that it takes a great teacher to reach the desired goals in such varied surgical rehabs & injuries with a plethora of personalities, ages and body conditions! The atmosphere in the clinic was light and encouraging (except for a few unnamed signs), set by Paul, and reflected by his patients.

Susie Freestone Marlette 09/16/2013

This was my first experience with therapy and I had horror stories about it (NOT At OPTS!), especially for shoulder injuries. After my first session, I felt very much at ease. Alta was very friendly and helpful. Paul explained each exercise and how it was going to help. He answered every question and I felt comfortable that he was knowledgeable with all aspects of what he expected me to do. Although, I am not back to 100%, I feel everything was done at OPTS to get me on the right path and I now have to follow up at home.

Gloria Fazio 09/02/2013

I had never been to therapy before and I was skeptical. Paul has made a believer out of me!! My pain was so bad that I couldn't do my job like I used to. I went from extreme pain, to little pain and to no pain. I can do my job like I could before and happy doing it. I sleep better and that helps a lot, also. I am happy with the results that Paul help me to achieve. They let me know that it was me who had to work hard to accomplish the end result. I was afraid I might need surgery or cortisone shots, but I am glad that I won't need either!! I liked the atmosphere, very positive and that down to earth feeling. It wasn't that big corporation and rushes you on through cattle feeling. Alta is very caring in her job, and I felt like she wanted the best results for me.

Dana Chlebana 08/31/2013

I can't say much more than Thank You. It was great and keep up the good work!

Thomas Goodrich 08/12/2013

Physical therapy benefited me greatly as it made it easier for me to go out and run. Pain was diminished and all my goals were met. I loved my sessions and the staff and all the other patients were nice. Thank you, Paul!

Hannah Armstrong 08/11/2013

I attended OPTS in the spring after an injury to my neck/back. I have to say that it was as nice of an experience as it could have been. Pain was alleviated after the first visit, and as I did the homework and continued my sessions with Paul, I was back to almost 100% in 2 short months. Every visit was fun and the people I met were all very helpful and friendly. I would definitely recommend OPTS for anyone who has back or neck pain (or anyone who has aches or pains) as it worked wonders for me!! Keep up the good work.

Jason Mika 08/09/2013

I am seventy-three years old, a twenty year veteran of the U.S. Navy and a retired Computer Network Engineer of the Motorola Corporation. Physical therapy at Orthopedic Therapy Specialists (OPTS) was a very instrumental in the improvement of my quality of life.

In the past fifty years, I suffered a number of physical injuries from both military service and my civilian employment; I did not receive physical therapy as a follow up to these injuries. Consequently, my quality of life had deteriorated. A couple of consequences of my injuries were the ability to sleep in the horizontal position without developing a headache; I usually slept in the sitting position, and the lack of freedom in the movement of my head and arms without pain.

Upon the arrival at the clinic I was greeted by Alta, the receptionist. She made me feel welcomed. The physical therapy clinic was well organized and clean. When I walked into the clinic the first time I did not think there was a resolution for my condition. However, during the consultation and interview process I developed confidence that Paul Frederick, the physical therapist, could help me resolve my difficulties.

The therapy instructions from Paul were very professional and delivered with understanding personal worth and dignity, creating a comfortable and friendly environment. I was at all times at ease and confident that what I was doing would bring improvement to my physical well-being.

Upon completion of my therapy I was astonished at the things I could accomplish. I can now rotate my head when driving; a feat I have not accomplished in twenty-five years. I also can sleep in the horizontal position without developing a headache. Additionally, I have confident movement of my arms and head without pain in the neck and chest.

Physical therapy at OPTS was a rewarding experience and instrumental in the improvement of my new life without pain.

Joseph E. Miles 08/05/2013

My return experience was just exceptional as the first time. Friendly, thoughtful, knowledgeable, informative and the precise help for a quick recovery. I enjoyed Paul's humor and patience, and Alta's Kind heart.

Karen Duffin 08/05/2013

When I came to my evaluation I felt very nervous. I had a perfect routine on my first day and I was fine. Paul, you helped me to do an awesome job and I thank you very much.

Collin, age 10 08/05/2013

Following shoulder surgery, I began working with Paul to regain full use & range of my shoulder. Other than minor expected pain, it was a good experience and all my goals were met. Paul is extremely knowledgeable and professional in everything he does. While at his facility I noticed how well he relates to all his patients. He notices all the small things that patients do, as if they perform incorrectly, and goes to great care to ensure the exercises are performed in the proper manner. Especially enjoyed how he dealt with my sense of humor! Should I ever need the services of a physical therapist again, Paul will certainly be my first choice, as well the person I would recommend to others. Paul's office staff was found to be very easy to work with on scheduling and rescheduling. Thanks Alta!! You guys are the best.

George Cheeseman 08/01/2013

My physical therapy experience at this facility was remarkably different and better than my treatment by other therapists. My initial evaluation was more detailed and things only got better from there! Appointments were scheduled quickly and with flexibility that fit my schedule. Therapy sessions were conducted with care to not aggravate my injury, which was never the case when I received treatment at other facilities. Detailed record keeping allowed a steady progression and, at the end of my treatment I was pain-free and able to resume most of my normal activities with excellent range of motion and, in addition, was stronger than I was before I was injured. THANK YOU, PAUL FREDERICK!! Other facility had a full schedule. Lucky ME!!

William Cochran 08/01/2013

After being told for 10 years that the arthritis in my back would only keep getting worse, I came to Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists to see Paul. In two weeks I gained back 60% of my flexibility and 80% pain was gone. By the time I finished therapy I felt 10 years younger and I could do many activities that I missed for years. Unfortunately, not knowing what to do with my new flexibility, I could hit the golf balls 40 yards further but no clue where it was going. Then I had therapy on my shoulders which did not come as fast but Paul encouraged me to continue. By completion, I had no more pain and all the flexibility returned to my right shoulder.

Luka Schemenauer 01/11/2013

I was impressed with the skill to diagnose the problem and subsequent alignment procedures. The exercises and stretches targeted to the muscle groups. My back went from very stiff as a 2 by 4 to being flexible as it should be. THANK YOU!!!

Alberto Juarez 07/31/2013

Paul and Alta were both courteous and discreet. My gait has improved, and I feel more confident in my walking ability. Paul was very observant during my workout, always encouraging to push a little harder. My efforts paid off along with the exercises, which I will continue to do at home.

Mary Ann Matthews 07/30/2013

When I went to your office to begin with I had severe back pain. I couldn't bend over to pick things up and I couldn't lie down without being in pain. With your help and expertise, I have a little pain. You and your staff have been great to work with and I would highly recommend to anyone. Thank you all for your help!

Susan Evans 07/05/2013

I felt that the treatment I received was tailored, not just to my problem but also to my specific abilities. Paul answered my questions so that I was able to understand what was going on with my shoulder and developed some self-help skills to deal with it in the future. I really enjoyed my sessions and will miss coming in.

Sue Donovan 06/25/2013

Paul is patient, knowledgeable, and highly skilled. He has helped me with several problems, and I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone with a physical weakness, pain or injury.

Catherine Maize 06/21/2013

An unfortunate accident caused a pinch nerve in my shoulder. I asked to be referred to OPTS on a recommendation of a friend. WOW! Paul quickly evaluated the problem and started a series of exercises and treatments to correct it. Yes, there was work to be done, but I felt relief almost immediately. Paul guided me through a quick recovery so that I could enjoy my next trip ...that was coming up fast. Alta, on the front desk, was so personable and helpful. It was a great experience!!

Sandra Thweatt 06/16/2013

My experience could not have been better. Paul had excellent therapeutic & diagnostic skills, and the whole staff had excellent customer skills. My treatment regimen was rigorous but doable, and my results were satisfactory. I'd recommend this staff and facility in a heartbeat!

Joseph Foster 05/29/2013

It is great to WRITE AGAIN! I never knew exactly what physical therapy had to do with a log splitter injury. NOW I KNOW! I had a deep fear of never gaining full use of my finger. Through Paul's guidance (and horrible contrast baths) we were able to bring most of it back to normal. A great BIG THANKS to Paul and Alta.

Jodi Brinks 05/24/2013

I would like to Thank Paul and his very courteous staff (AltaJ) for getting to the root of my problem. I had no doubt that he could fix the problem as he helped me once before. I have and will recommend him to anyone. He is a true professional at what he does and very concerned about getting you better as soon as possible. He really cares. I actually enjoyed going because of his great sense of humor and his wonderful personality. Paul and Alta are a great team. I felt great every time I left there.

Anthony Mosley 04/30/2013

A few months ago, I entered Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists where Paul was able to show me what my spine was doing to cause my neck & back stiffness and pain. Over the months to follow, Paul had me stretch and work muscles in my neck, shoulders, and upper back. His adjustments made me feel taller and unlocked in areas of my back. I was practically back to pre-accident shape. I've continued my stretching but truly feel that the strength training coupled with adjustments helped me greatly! Thanks, Paul & Alta!!

Holley Codner 04/18/2013

I enjoyed coming to Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists. Everyone was very friendly and made me feel like family. Alta, the receptionist was very friendly and worked with me to schedule appointments around my busy schedule. I loved picking on poor Paul. It was hard work doing the exercises, but I had fun doing it, and wouldn't chance going anywhere else. Thank you!

Linda Elliott 03/14/2013

Therapy helped me to turn my neck both ways and up and down. I still have some neck aches but no more migraines as before! The staff was very courteous and I enjoyed Paul, the therapist along with his staff very much. He helped a lot! If I ever need to go for therapy again, I would like to go back to Paul at OPTS.

Janet Merrill 03/04/2013

This was the second need for PT for me and it was as good as could be expected. The rehab actually was quicker than the first time. Both instances were for a total hip replacement and the outcome amazed me. The procedures used by Paul were up to date and current to the needs of the surgeon. I am totally satisfied with the outcome and can't say enough well about the help rendered by Paul at OPTS to a workable outcome for me. I will recommend his services to all who inquire about the need for PT and where to go.

Robert Trowbridge Sr. 02/21/2013

I have had physical therapy a number of times in my life, and they were all positive experiences. However, OPTS is definitely the best overall! Paul is the consummate professional with his knowledge of physical therapy. OPTS has an excellent staff who are timely, have a sense of urgency and more importantly always have the patient in mind. My personal experience from a hip replacement is that I went from a wheelchair (leaving the hospital) to fully functioning in 3-1/2 months and I give OPTS credit for this recovery. Expect to work hard but also to get results!

Bridget Tolpa 02/06/2013

My shoulder had bothered me for years. It got to the point where it was affecting my day to day activities. It was difficult to sleep and was very uncomfortable during most daytime activities. My doctor sent me for a PT evaluation and treatment. A few sessions it was evident to Paul that I needed a surgeon's evaluation. He was correct - it was a large rotator cuff tear. After surgery, I returned to OPTS for post op rehab. Paul worked out a treatment plan with goals that were frequently reassessed. My progress was elevated at each session. He gave me a home exercise program that was progressively increased to the point that when my therapy was done I was able to continue strengthening my shoulder at home. My shoulder is now better than it has been in years. My orthopedic surgeon was pleased with my recovery and most importantly, my pain is gone. I do and will recommend Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists. One couldn't have asked for a nicer, more welcoming receptionist. Alta is a gem.

Linda Miazga 02/04/2013

I was so nervous about going to physical therapy as I did not have a good experience from SHPT. So therefore when I came to your office, I was unsure. As time was on my side I felt more - more relaxed & looked forward to my visit. The entire experience was overall awesome, from the staff to the program. I walked in with so much pain that I was in tears some days going from 3 & 5's up to 9 & 10's but now it's a big relief. I feel good as I continue the exercises at home and I will stop in just to see everyone again. I will miss everyone. It's a family feeling when you walk in. thank you for everything.

Lois Perkins 01/17/2013

We are fortunate to have Paul Frederick working in our community. He is highly skilled in diagnosing and treating the presenting therapy issue for each patient. He creates an individual program for each person consistent with his/her goal, and works individually with each person to achieve that goal. His facility is well equipped, and provides a pleasant environment for the therapy. Paul always maintains a positive attitude and uses appropriate humor in encouraging patients to complete their assigned therapy tasks.

While my therapy did not completely alleviate the presenting issue, my range of motion was increased. I have confidence that through the exercises given me when I left therapy, I will eventually achieve my goal.

I previously have received physical therapy in a large city, and the therapy I received at OPTS far surpasses my previous experiences, both in the breadth of knowledge Paul has, and the facility he has provided for the therapy. I recommend OPTS without reservation.

Jean Hirss, PH.D. 01/14/2013

After sustaining a Type III separated shoulder in an auto accident, I could hardly move my left arm. Since I am a tall ship sailor, I was determined to regain my strength and carefully applied myself to the physical therapy exercises that Paul assigned to me. It is clear to me that Paul knew exactly what was necessary to build up the proper muscles to stabilize my left shoulder. After about twelve weeks of PT, I graduated from his clinic and continued strength training at the LMC Wellness Center in Benton Harbor.

Remarkably, seventeen weeks after the accident I was able to do two pull ups!!!I am grateful for Pauls' expertise and guidance I regained my strength without risky surgery.

Mary Stephens 01/01/2013

My pain was diminished after I had physical therapy as the exercises helped a lot. Staff was helpful and friendly. I had chiropractic treatment and other therapy, but this helped the most. I have arthritis but it is not as intense as it was.

B. Faultersack 12/13/2012

Paul is a very good therapist. He understood what the problem was. He took care of it and he got me back to where I needed to be. If I need more physical therapy, I will go back to OPTS. I tell everyone to go and see him as he's good at what he does. Thank you for your help.

Anthony Horvath 12/10/12

My experience was great! My back pain is completely gone and I am back to normal. The staff was great. Always joking around and smiling. They always had a nice warm welcome every time I walked in. Thank you!

Sarah Adams 12/09/12

I don't know how I would have recovered from my shoulder injury without Paul & his staff. I was able to get appointments that worked with my busy life, and I had no out of pocket fees. He accepted what BCBS paid. Paul got me in shape before surgery and after surgery he came in on a Saturday morning on his own time to keep me limber through the weekend. I had been through therapy for my back a few times at a different local facility and had a lot of trouble getting appointments that were convenient for me. I always seemed to get a therapist that was fresh out of school. I'm not trying to say that Paul is old (LOL), but he has been established for a while.

Robert Lockwood 12/01/2012

My experience was wonderful. The staff was so kind and professional. Always made you feel welcome. The knowledge Paul showed was reassuring. I felt I was in very good hands and my quick recovery was truly because of Paul. If I have to have future physical therapy I will definitely use Pauls' guidance.

Betty Dopp 11/27/2012

Thank you so much for pushing me and not tolerating my whining!! You all have helped me in resuming normal daily activities I so took for granted.

Sharrise Brucki 11/15/2012

Excellent Program!
Quality Staff!
Great Environment!
Thanks to ALL!

Peggy Blalock 11/14/2012

After experiencing a herniated disk in my lower back, I suffered pain like I had never before. I was referred to physical therapy by my doctor and I chose OPTS to help me get back to being pain free again. Paul interviewed me, took notes and worked with me to set goals. Many of the exercises were simple and very effective. My appointments met my schedule. Paul would help me on each session and make sure the exercises were done properly. There were always plenty of tools or equipment. In just a few weeks at OPTS and following the instructions/exercises from Paul I was feeling great and on my way to recovery.

Steven Otto 10/29/2012

I feel very fortunate to have been referred to Orthopedic Physical Therapist Specialist! I enjoyed the intimate and personal care that I received from Paul and Alta. I felt very comfortable from the moment I walked in the door and confident from the start that I'd receive the exact care that I needed. With encouragement from the staff, I was compelled to go beyond what was required of me, which helped me to achieve my goals and each visit I felt closer to getting back to normal. I was completely confident in the expertise of the staff at every level even though I have never been in need of PT before. I am grateful that within a relatively short period of time my pain has significantly diminished and I am able to get back to doing daily activities, which I once took for granted. I am prepared to continue to improve and use what I have learned to keep myself healthy for my future.

Kim Francisco 10/28/2012

I looked forward to coming to OPTS for physical therapy. Everyone was nice and helpful. I find I can get out of my chair easier and I feel stronger. I'll miss the heating pad and your smiling faces.

Viola Hill 10/24/2012

I absolutely loved coming to therapy. Prior to my visit, I was unable to sit, move and stand comfortably. I am able to do all. I would recommend this facility/therapist Paul to anyone suffering with similar problems. Choice Blessings to you all.

Kenya May 10/26/2012

My visits to OPTS were great! Paul and his staff are always friendly and very helpful. I always got a chuckle when another patient would ask if they should do 20 or 30 repetitions of a particular exercise and the answer was always the higher number. Paul pushes his patients to help them to get better. I know I'm a lot better off having gone to OPTS!!

Anonymous 10/16/2012

I initially came for physical therapy to learn some weight bearing exercises to curb the effects of osteoporosis. When I went through my assessment I learned that I also had scoliosis. This was a difficult diagnosis to hear and left me quite depressed. The therapist, however, seemed very knowledgeable about exercises that could deter further curving of my spine and strengthening the muscles in my back. Although the exercises were difficult I did feel that they benefitted me in terms of improving my strength, flexibility and posture. I cannot say that I'd enjoyed the sessions as many of the exercises were somewhat painful, but the attitude of the therapist helped a great deal. Although he was firm, he also seemed interested in each of his patients and displayed a great sense of humor. My only other experience with PT was for a broken wrist and although it was helpful, I feel that this clinic was more professional and that I received more individual attention. My overall experience at OPTS was a positive one. The therapist, Paul, and the receptionist, Alta, were always warm and welcoming. The atmosphere was friendly and comfortable. I also appreciated the free pens and candy!

Jan Meltzer 09/26/2012

I felt very confident in Paul's PT skills. He showed me exercises and stretches I can do at home that have reduced my back pain to almost normal. Paul was able to manipulate my spine to its normal condition. I would highly recommend OPTS for physical therapy.

Robert Colgren 09/26/2012

I was very satisfied with my treatment!! It helped my hip very much--even with my complaining! I'm walking much better.

Connie Johnson 09/20/2012

I was grateful for the exercises that helped with my back pain. I didn't have to wait and could spend all the time working on my pain.

David Jako 09/18/2012

I always feel welcome and at home when I come in to PT. everyone really cares about everyone else and their lives (patients to patients and working staff to patients alike). I feel that every person on staff is there to do whatever it takes to help patients get back to normal. When I first came in and saw that there were interns, I was nervous but soon my fears were gone. Paul and the interns alike were there for me at all times and I was impressed at the skill level and knowledge of the interns that were there. I also appreciate that if a patient was uncomfortable, or in unnecessary pain, that Paul took the time to reevaluate the exercises to help improve with the health and well being of the patient while keeping the pain factor in mind. This is my third time working with Paul and I am always impressed with how pleased I am with his services each time. I have many times already, and will continue to recommend him and the whole Orthopedic Physical Therapy team to anyone considering PT.

Breeana Wakild 09/05/2012

Paul and his staff are courteous, kind, extremely knowledgeable and professional. I suffered from epicondylitis (tennis elbow). Paul helped and guided me to recovery in a matter of months. I was sorry to be released. I enjoyed coming to the clinic. It was warm and welcoming. I would highly recommend Paul and his staff.

Donna Grow 09/05/2012

PT provided a huge benefit to me. I was able to do things that I hadn't been able to do in months. I loved the fact that Paul sat down with me and asked about goals & during the sessions would remind of those goals. A lot of times you don't know what your limitations are, I loved that Paul would not let settle for less but always pushed you to get more out of you. The staff was courteous & pleasant to be around other patients and nice to laugh about Pauls' methods of healing. That's what makes this clinic special. Paul as a therapist cared about me as a patient, and it was the caring that made a difference!

Vince Bowman 09/05/2012

My journey began with a fall causing a serious rotator cuff tear and major surgery and many months of rehabilitation. At OPTS, the facilities and equipment were clean, up to date and well taken care of. Through it all, I was treated by caring, compassionate and knowledgeable individuals who made this journey much easier. Paul Frederick is very professional and knowledgeable and kept me going when I thought I would never recover. With the skills of a good surgeon and the skills of Paul Frederick and awesome staff, I am now ready to return to work a little earlier than expected with full use of my shoulder. I will miss coming for workouts and being treated like family and I know if I ever need help again - this will be the first place I call!!

Patricia Leverenz 08/28/2012

Paul - you and your staff were great to work with. When I came in at the start I was in pain all day, every day. Since then most of the pain is gone, and I'm able to do daily chores again without pain. My headaches have gone away!! This by itself is wonderful. I felt that with your office you were thorough with my exercises and treatments. It was enjoyable to come and work through my sessions, love, love the foam roller and ball! Thank you for all your help, I will be sure to recommend your office to my friends.

Sue Evans 08/25/2012

When I came to OPTS, I was in horrible sciatica pain. Dr. Allen had asked me to go to South Haven hospital for therapy, but I told him I wanted to go to Pauls'. The therapy took care of the nerve problem completely. Everyone was so nice to everyone that comes in. Alta, the receptionist, contributes a vital part in this business as her warm smile makes people feel welcome. Paul with his casual, yet professional, manners makes therapy a lot easier for all. I have had therapy at South Haven hospital, which is like a kindergarten class, going up against OPTS a college team. They took care of me and cured my problem. I love therapy there and would recommend to anyone.

Frieda Tincher 08/14/2012

Everything went well with my treatment. When therapy was finished, my back felt much better. At this late date, it still does. My golf game is much better and I've received several compliments on my swing, etc. I promote Paul and the facility whenever the opportunity arises and I will continue to do so,

Tom Mielke 08/11/2012

I came to Orthopedic Physical Therapy to try to alleviate pain - that I had for the last 3 years. Past PT didn't help nor the pain center, the epidurals, pain medications which most of the time didn't help. After calling the Orthopedic Physical Therapy office and talking to Paul an evaluation appointment was set up. A diagnosis was made as to what was causing the pain. After one month of therapy, I am now almost pain free. What a joy! For every appointment I looked forward to being greeted by Alta and Paul as soon as I came in the door. I still can't believe that there is this wonderful place for healing in my neighborhood.

Dianne Miller 08/09/2012

I try to be athletically active. As a result I tend to experience bumps, bruises, and breaks that send me to physical therapy. Over the years, I have seen Paul for therapy following two separate shoulder surgeries, back pain, knee pain, a broken finger or two and other injuries. Having an experienced professional with the ability to fix, through therapy, what I broke has kept me active into my mid fifties. I plan to stay active and hope to keep healthy.but if I do injure myself there is no other physical therapist I would see.

Thomas Petersen 08/03/2012

My hip and leg had bothered me for months, but I delayed treatment until the day I really injured my hip and leg. Paul was able to me immediate relief of the worst of the pain. Over the next several weeks, through PT and exercise, I was almost completely cured. OPTS supplied me with exercises and information that allowed me to avoid a reoccurrence. I've recommended OPTS to several people , especially those who are willing to do the work needed to improve their condition. Paul educates, challenges, and sincerely wants to help his patients.

Scott Newton 08/03/2012

I don't know - or can't imagine what I would've done without this therapy. I am so glad to have found Paul. Everyday I left doing some movement I had not been able to do prior to the session. That translates into everyday improvement - How wonderful!!! The staff was all great. Paul pushed me just enough and supported me. His expertise led to my accomplishments and healing. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Kathy Kussy 07/05/2102

Staff was always upbeat and a pleasure to be around. Therapy was fun and interesting. Always took time to explain the exercises and corrected you if you were performing them incorrectly. I would recommend Paul and staff to anyone.

Don Jenks 06/29/2012


Physical therapy @ OPTS was of great benefit for my problem. My goals were met and pain was 95%-98% alleviated. Your entire staff was very courteous and helpful. They make a very good team working together. The level of knowledge for my therapist was OUTSTANDING. Paul, I would rate you a 100% on a scale 1-100. I enjoyed my sessions @ OPTS as I was learning and receiving relief for my physical problem. I will not hesitate to return to OPTS if I require physical therapy in the future.

Sandy Arnold 06/29/2012

I felt the physical therapy I received was excellent. I felt a definite improvement in movement at the end of time I could participate. If I could have stayed longer I feel I would have gained more range of movement. The staff at OPTS are warm, welcoming, helpful, and supportive. I liked that everyone greets you as you arrive and that you can begin a warm-up activity almost immediately as well as continuing with the specific exercises right after. I felt that I had an individualized program specific for my needs. I felt the staff was very well qualified to determine my needs and I felt confidence. My only suggestion for me was that only sometimes I felt I was not doing my exercises correctly and at times I felt I could have used slightly more attention to insure it was done exactly right. Obviously, the independent approach helps as my progress showed this.

Anonymously 06/29/2012

I just want to say thank you to Alta, Paul and Erica and Andrew both interns from Andrews University. You gave me my life back. I can get outside to play with my kids and do new things as I feel so much better. You guys were so patient with me. The time I spent there, I thank God for all of you. You were awesome and I'm so happy that I picked you as I've seen other physical therapists and they acted like they didn't care. You made me feel like a friend and encouraged me to push myself. I came in there desperate just to be able to walk normally. I've been on many walks, played basketball with my sons and so much more. I'm 27 and I feel like a teenager again. God Bless you for making my whole family happier. Thank you tons.

Jessica Taylor 06/29/2012

I've been to a handful of PTs throughout the years for basically the same things - and- it's been a long road. This is the first PT that I genuinely felt like the PT care and that he wants this pain to end as much as me! That was huge for me. You guys cared and it shows. Efficient, effective, kind, professional and amazing and in an ideal setting we never would've met but I can appreciate a good thing when I see one. Hopefully I won't have to walk this treacherous path much further, but I'm glad to know that I have you guys at my side trying to smooth my way as possible. Thanks a million.

Alicia Whitfield 06/08/2012

For several months I had a nagging side pain from a rib out of place. After three weeks of therapy I can now say I'm pain free. Each week I felt better and better. Your whole staff was easy to talk to and work with. My quality of life has much improved. Thank you!!

Patty Gruber 06/06/2012

I was really happy with results -
Paul was really helpful -
A lot was accomplished-

Nancy Krzemen 05/30/2012

Great Job!!! I am pleased with my progress and enjoyed my progress and enjoyed the work/fun atmosphere at OPTS!!

Dene Hadden 05/21/2012

I walked in with a strained ligament and I thought I was never going to play baseball again. But, thanks to Paul, he helped me reach my goal to where I wanted to play baseball again. It has been a two week course at the facility and I feel better than ever as I can move around more. The staff was the greatest and I would really recommend this specialist to anyone. I can now play baseball with no pain all and its all thanks to Paul J.
Frederick!!! Thank you and God bless you.

Paul Leonard 05/20/2012

My experience at OPTS was phenomenal. Paul and his intern Andrew met all my needs while making the therapy sessions fun as well. I was able to use my hip again and learn the ways to relieve pain at home. My previous physical therapy at another clinic did not help my condition while I saw an immediate difference at OPTS!

Tiana VanWynen 05/17/2012

Paul was a Fantastic Physical Therapist - I have been to different facility and didn't receive the care I got here. Paul is very informed and took the time needed to give extra attention if it was needed at the time. He was very knowledgeable and diligent in trying to fix the problem I was having. I felt he really listened to my complaints about my pain and frustration. I was extremely happy with my treatment and would return and recommend Paul to anyone that needs physical therapy. Alta was great at the desk also!! 🙂

Angela Cavadas 05/04/2012

I went to therapy because of back pain. I was in really bad shape. When I started it was hard for me, but knew I had to do the exercises to get better. The exercises that I had to do at PT and at home helped me out for the best. I felt the pain leaving so I knew I was almost there. The staff was very nice and I felt welcomed. The knowledge I left with was to take care of myself and to continue with the exercises.

Cathy Whitfield 04/24/2012

I had a lot of benefit from my OPTS sessions. I am extremely satisfied and thankful for everything Paul helped me with. I met every one of my goals, including the reduction of pain. The entire staff welcomed me and made me feel comfortable. Paul and Andrew both had lots of knowledge and answered all my questions. I did enjoy my sessions and I'm going to miss everyone. I thank Paul (especially), Andrew and the receptionist, Alta.

Katelyn Griffin 04/10/2012

When I called and spoke to Paul about my daughter, Katlyn, he agreed with my concern and saw her the next day for an evaluation. After that, Paul was committed to helping my daughter. Katlyn's pain was diminished and was walking better. Both Paul and the receptionist, Alta, were great and on top of things. Their office always made you feel welcomed and my daughter loved going to physical therapy. To everyone I talked to, at work and in my personal life, I have told them to go to Paul's office. Thanks so very, very much.

Angela Sanchez 03/18/2012

I was very pleased with the overall experience my daughter, Erin Cooper, had at OPTS for me, as her mother, and her as a patient, we were both made welcome and felt comfortable by the staff. My daughters' needs were met, above and beyond expectation!

Her pain has been alleviated and she feels great! Paul did an excellent job designing a routine just for her, and he has a wonderful knack for relating to all people of all ages. We will definitely consider OPTS if we should ever need physical therapy in the future, and recommend Paul to all of our friends.

Sue Cooper 03/13/2012

My physician prescribed therapy for shoulder pain I had been experiencing. Paul identified muscle weakness and started a regimen to strengthen the arm. Although the joint did strengthen, Paul also determined that my injury would most likely require surgery. He made the appropriate recommendation to my physician, further tests were conducted, and surgery is scheduled. I will be back with OPTS following my surgery to get my arm back to full function. I am pleased that we made the initial attempt at therapy to avoid surgery. I am also pleased that OPTS recognized that surgery would be needed and helped to get this approved.

Thomas Petersen 03/04/2012

I went to see Paul Frederick on the advice of my physician after I went to see her complaining about sore shoulders. Paul diagnosed the problem as a rotator cuff problem and prescribed a series of exercises followed by an ice pack on my shoulders. The exercises were demanding but the pain was gradually diminished. When I was discharged in mid February some pain remained in certain positions, but it was easily bearable. This was my first experience in physical therapy so I can't make comparisons, but Paul and the staff were always polite and efficient.

Maynard Kaufman 2/26/2012

This was the 2nd time I have used this facility for PT. I was always greeted in a very friendly manner & sessions began on time. Some of my goals were met during this treatment session. Paul was very good at working with me and designing a program to improve my strength. Unfortunately because of insurance policies our sessions had to end. He gave me several activities to do at home, which I have continued. I have begun a strength conditioning program at the health club that incorporates activities I did at OPTS. If I ever have to have PT again, I would not hesitate to use this facility. I would and have recommended OPTS to other friends and doctors. Thanks for everything.

Kathie Raklovits 02/28/2012

Receiving physical therapy from OPTS was a positive experience. The environment is geared to help healing occur coupled with Paul's genuine concern. Therapy was inter-active. We talked how an exercise strengthened or hindered the injury. Paul is an attentive expert physical therapist! Truly personal service is provided at each and every visit! Thank you OPTS for taking the pain away!

Terri Dotson 02/09/2012

The staff was great. The environment was actually pretty entertaining at times. I would refer others to you, without a second thought.

Shelly Fouts 01/19/2012

My experience with OPTS was wonderful. My symptoms were quickly diagnosed; a recovery plan established, and once implemented I was pleasantly surprised with the good results. The staff is fully professional in all the dealings with the patients, yet provides an atmosphere of friendliness, humor, and encouragement to press forward to achieve the goals set for a proper recovery. The therapist, Paul is extremely knowledgeable, helpful in meeting your needs for recovery, and has a great sense of humor with excellent people skills. I have returned to this facility for more than one injury and always recommend Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists to both family and friends.

David Sonnenberg 01/17/2012

I'm almost happy when my doctor recommends that I take PT for my bum knee or back aches. Of course, she always gives me a referral to have treatment with Paul Frederick at Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists.

Upon entering his clinic, you are warmly greeted and any fear you might have slips away. Paul thoroughly examines, asks questions and evaluates your condition. A routine to strengthen and alleviate your problem area is developed. Usually you come twice a week for an hour or so. You are carefully guided through every step of the exercises. A chart is kept as to your progress. Paul is always there to instruct, correct, encourage and support your efforts. I believe his warm sense of humor gets the endorphins circulating which plays a major part in the healing. Every few visits, he re-evaluates your progress. Within a few weeks my severe back pain was diminishing.

The friendly atmosphere at OPTS eases the discomfort of the prescribed workout. One become friends with other clients who come at the same time you. We encourage each other. The receptionist is also cheerful and friendly to all.

I have never heard anything but high praises for Paul Frederick and his popular physical therapy clinic. I recommend his excellent and professional services 100%.

A very satisfied and pain free customer (patient). Suzie Blair 01/13/2012

  • I was surprised by the effectiveness of therapy.
  • My goals were exceeded and pain diminished
  • Staff is super sweet.
  • Paul is very knowledgeable and practices patient care.
  • I did enjoy my sessions as everyone, including other patients, was very nice!!

Jason Wilson 01-12-2012

I only have wonderful things to say about OPTS. Both Alta and Paul were always courteous and very friendly. There were times I didn't really feel like going but I was always glad that I did. I do feel my speedy recovery from back surgery was due to my pre surgery physical therapy.

Nancy Choura 01/02/2012

Physical therapy was a huge success for me. I had never attended therapy before and was in a lot of pain for many weeks. I was pretty sure surgery would be next. I was pleasantly surprised when the therapy worked. I am now keeping my fingers crossed and hoping I maintain my free pain condition.

It was really hard at first, but I'm glad I did it. My ankle feels much better now and I'm ready for softball season! My ankle improved a lot more than I expected it to, the results were magical! The staff was very kind courteous, I'm glad I went to OPTS.

Nicole Bollnow 12/30/2011

The PT I had here was awesome!! I left another place to come to this one, because I was not getting any better. I tell all and everyone about this place as it is the PT spot to go to get well. I did. The staff is superb; the greeting you get when you walk in is so warm and sincere. Alta is wonderful and the best. Paul, you need to be cloned for your skills. Thank you!! I am 9.99% better than when I walked in.

Helen Holmes 02/01/2011

Paul and all his staff were very friendly and courteous. Paul was instrumental in relieving my frozen shoulder following surgery. I'm not sure what my life would have been without therapy, but I know that with his excellent therapy I have regained almost complete range of motion to the point where my activities are back to normal. I would and have recommended Paul to anyone in need of physical therapy.

Steven Overway 01/21/2011

I have had PT at other clinics and they don't come close to the care I received at OPTS. Paul works on each patient holistically and has a great sense of humor; before long you are not focusing on the pain/fear, but on getting better and hope for healing. Without reservation, I would highly recommend OPTS/Paul to others who are in need of PT!

Marcella Jones

My experience at OPTS was very helpful. I cut my pain in half. It's a very good place to go for therapy. I have used other therapy places and have not come close to the results that I have got OPTS.

James Haynes

As difficult as some of the exercises were your therapist was always there helping you achieve more and & cheering you on in the process. OPTS is a place where working hard is appreciated & applauded - Literally. For me, there is no other place to trust the repair of my body. Thank You. Paul, Denielle, &Alta!

Win Dickson

I have had PT here before and had such a positive experience that I knew it was what I needed when I injured my shoulder. Everyone there is great and very helpful. They do not belittle you. After your first visit you are sore and swear you are not going back! You do because you are really better. I will go back if I need to.

Judy Filbrandt

I would highly recommend to anyone who is in need of a PT. Each time has been enjoyable and the staff makes the experience that much better. I also like to see that it is a teaching facility for college students.

Kara Harden

I was amazed at how quickly the strength returned to my shoulder as well as the Dr who performed the surgery. I was more than satisfied with the results. I can do more things with my arm than I could in the last two years. When I left there [OPTS] I had no pain in my shoulder at all. I could not have been more pleased with the staff. Paul and his assistant (Denielle) made sure I did my entire workout correctly, to get full results. Special thanks to the secretary (Alta) making sure all my insurance papers were correct. Paul is a great therapist. He shows a real concern in helping his patient get well. He goes above and beyond to help you. He even helped me with other ailments other then my shoulder. I would refer him to anyone. Special thanks to the trainee, Tom, who rubbed a big knot out of my neck. I really enjoyed the therapy sessions I almost hated it was over. Thanks!

Anthony Mosley

They found my problem quickly. Started a plan of attack that started to help right away. Liked their competence, confidence, and assistance in doing things the right way. I am very happy!

Tom Mielke

My experience with OPTS was worth every minute I spent there. Paul, you and your staff are friendly from the first step in the door. I felt my nine weeks at your facility was worth every dollar of mine. You helped me get back on the move again. You and your staff are very professional in every manner. THANK YOU Paul, Denielle, Alta and Tom.

Keep that smile on your faces.

Larry Olson

I came into Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists with horrible debilitating pain. I was met with knowledgeable staff that explained my injury and was educated to what caused my pain and how we were going to go about correcting it. Within a short period I noticed results with my beginning therapy. Each time I came in, I enjoyed a comfortable atmosphere to work through my pain. I actually had a lot of fun. Paul and his staff thoroughly enjoy what they do and it shows with the care they provide. I learned a lot about my injury and how to prevent it in the future. I can't thank Paul and his staff enough for the care I received and for guiding me towards a speedy recovery. I had a blast at the same time! I would never think of going anywhere else. Even though I work in Chicago and it would have been much easier to do therapy close to work, I chose to do my therapy in South Haven at Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists because I knew I would get fast results and have fun doing it.

Scott Kline

The benefit I enjoyed far exceeding my expectation. Besides addressing my neck issue, I've had improvement in other areas of my spine. I feel stronger and more flexible. I have tools now to manage my symptoms. Everyone made me feel at home and I like the 'family' atmosphere. I felt loved and cared for and I perceive genuine interest in my well being! Compared to other PT I've had, Paul's team is 'off-the-charts' more desirable. I'll never see anyone else.If I develop future issues, this is the only place I'll go for treatment.

Laura Klepper

This was my 2nd time at OPTS and with the great service I received the first time I knew they could help me with the problem across my shoulders. I just walked right in knowing Paul Frederick was going to help take care of my pain. He asked all kinds of questions to get the right kind of treatment for my pain. They scheduled me right away 3 times a week. The first week was the hardest, using all those machines and certain exercises pertaining to my shoulder problem. Questions were always asked about how my shoulder was feeling, when I came in, and when I left. They were hands on. Within a month my problem was gone, and still is. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Plus, besides working out, the staff still knew how to laugh and have fun. These people at the clinic are really there to help. I miss them all.

Marion Flynt Sweet

Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists was a good place to go for physical therapy. I felt they had a knowledgeable staff that was helpful and caring. I really enjoyed the upbeat attitude and felt that they tried very hard to help me get better.

Mara Kerber

I was surprised to find out why my one leg was shorter and that with exercise I could change it. Getting my legs the same length was a big bonus for me.

Edwin Jakubs

My goal was to have my problem accurately diagnosed and to learn exercises that would be helpful at strengthening my weak areas. The staff was very effective at coaching me with the more subtle aspects of the exercise routine.

Hugh 'Bart' Nixon

I loved my experience at OPTS. They truly helped me a lot and I definitely did reach my goals. When I first started going to OPTS , I was nervous and I felt weird doing exercises, but now I love it there. Paul and the staff were always full of joy to brighten your day. Thank you guys!!!

Mikayla McGowan

My experience at OPTS was outstanding!!!!! Prior to starting my sessions I was afraid to go outside in my garden, ride my bike or do any activities with my daughter, in fear, that I would reinjure my knee. Paul established a program for me and encouraged me to push me and build my strengths again, and beyond. Thank you for helping me gets my life back. I almost called you when I finally ran again, three miles on the beach!!!! I couldn't have done that without your dedicated help!

Kellie P. Distefano

THANKS - My visits with you and the staff were pleasant. I didn't expect to be so pleasant. Your explanation of what I needed and why I needed it, gave me the faith to work hard with the expectation of good results. I am very pleased with the range of motion you helped me to return to. I can't believe the weeks went so fast. I can't thank you enough.

'RED' Nelson Showers

First off, Iwant to thank all of you at OPTS for your professionalism and help in resolving the issues with my left knee and shoulder. I came into your office thinking I would was going to need a special shoe for my left foot because that leg was shorter than the left by almost an inch. As it turned out, Paul was able to see that my knee needed some work, not necessarily my foot. He questioned whether there was a problem with the leg. Paul's ability to see beyond the obvious problem was fantastic. He worked on my knee loosened the joint so I was able to gain quite a bit more flexibility in it. I've been able to do lots of activities, such as kayaking I could not do before and completely without pain. The exercises he gave me are working as I continue to gain strength in the leg and it's amazing how good it feels. My golf is improving, which I am very happy with. I truly believe it's directly related to the treatments I got thru Paul and Denielle. My experience with everyone related to the office was enjoyable and I actually looked forward to my treatments. The atmosphere there is very welcoming and relaxed. You are not treated as a patient or a number; you are treated with respect and as a friend. Thank you so much for your help and I will always consider you as friends.

Rich Chapman

How fortunate we are to have such a wonderful physical therapy facility in our area. Paul is experienced and his credentials serve to provide excellent up to date treatment and care. My course of treatment with OPTS has proven very beneficial and has given me the skills and knowledge to maintain my physical mobility and health. OPTS is TOPS J!!! Thank you, Paul and staff!!!!!

Marilyn Runkle

I cannot put in to words my gratitude to you and your staff in helping me to be able to walk again. As you knew I had Plantar Fasciitis for several years and had been through months of physical therapy with another group. I had also received steroid shots in my foot with no results. You took ma different avenue and looked at the whole problem and worked not only on one foot but my whole body to get the constant foot leg pain to subside. And you helped me to manage the issue by showing me various stretches that I need to do on a daily basis to continue the road to improvement. I would and have recommended you to anyone who needs physical therapy. Thank you again!!!

Sherry Coady

I love the staff here! They make me feel like family. Always concerned about me & how the therapy is going. I wouldn't go anywhere else!!!

Winalee Dickson

I was very happy with my treatment at OPTS even though my main goal was not able to be achieved. Paul and his staff took good care of me and getting all insurance paperwork completed. The treatment challenged me and at times was painful, but it was all for a good cause!! I have started my daughter in his care already and would strongly encourage everyone needing PT to call OPTS.

Amy Johnson

This is my third experience at OPTS. The first time I was setting 5 dozen ears of sweet corn in the back of the van when my left hip went out of joint. The second time I fell face first. I fell on my knees, elbows and both hands: causing injury to my lower back. The last time was plantar fasciitis in both feet. Every problem I had was taken care of and it didn't come back, which is important to me.

Do I want to come? NO Would I come back if I need to? MOST DEFINITELY

Would I tell a person to come to this facility? I DO


Paul Kiry III

This was a return visit (previously treated here before) for me and as always, found Paul extremely knowledgeable and made it something to look forward to.

I always felt improved in my condition after my sessions. The professionalism in treatment was excellent. They made it fun, not a chore. My condition was improved overall by 90% +. I cannot recommend them enough.

Donald Dee

My physical therapy with Paul was very valuable. I have much more flexibility and the pain has diminished. Paul has incredible knowledge with a sense of humor and easy to communicate with.

Wesley Stephens

I must say that the exercises and treatments, individually, seemed irrelevant to the specific problems I came in with. With the reduction of pain and the general feeling of overall health is surprisingly effective. I expect that the techniques I have learned will both minimize the chance of recurrence as well as tolls to use in the event that a similar incident happens again. The one on one professional help is also a reason I will return if I have another need for physical therapy.

Thomas Erdmann

Physical therapy has provided me with more movement and range of motion in my shoulder. I've also gained more strength and a better overall physical condition.

Through specialized exercises, strength training and encouragement from the physical therapists, I was able to reduce the discomfort in my shoulder. I am now able to engage in everyday activities without pain.

The staff of Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialistsare very warm and friendly. I was always greeted with a cheerful 'Hello' and a 'Good-bye' at the end of the session. Schedule an appointment was never a problem as they were accommodating, and willing to work with you to provide a convenient time.

The physical therapists at OPTS provide a high level of knowledge, determining what therapy was best for me. They really care about their patients and want them to reach their optimal health.

I really enjoyed my sessions at OPTS and am somewhat sad that they are over. I would highly recommend this office to anyone who might have a need for physical therapy.

Thanks so much Paul, Evan and staff at OPTS.

Linda Hadden

My first time experience with physical therapy super ceded my expectations by achievements I've gained towards my desired accomplishments. Not only were pain and stiffness diminished, so were my fears of not being able to do the workouts or obtaining my goals.

Because Paul and staff were so helpful, friendly and very efficient I've come to rely on them to the point that I ask, 'How am I suppose to continue without their assistance?' What became their motto to me has given me inspiration beyond their facility. 'It's 20% us and 80% you!' However, the 20% that's missing is clearly missed from the imparting of instructions, the assistance with carrying out those instructions to their very own cheering section that motivates and stimulates very pleasing results from the workouts.

Now that I've been discharged, it seems as though I'm leaving family and friends rather than just a staff! Thank you for helping me to get this far with my goals.

Sincerely, 80% (Vickie Wright)

There was a difference, Paul and staff made it!!!!!

I am thankful to have chosen your services. I'm pleased about the benefits of your service. My goal was met and the pain alleviated. Excellent service and equipment provided.

Gerda Beccue

Paul really knows his stuff! This is the third time I've went to OPTS for physical therapy for my back and neck because of the stuff that I do for my job. Every time Paul has helped me with my problem, I left feeling better than I expected. If I continue to have back issues, etc., I'll be going back to Paul again and have him put me back on the road to recovery again!!

Gary Eltzroth

I think OPTS IS WONDERFUL!! Paul does a fantastic job and makes the atmosphere enjoyable. He is pleasant to be around and yet knows his job very well. Alta is a positive person with compassion, and efficiency all wrapped in one! Thanks for everything!!

Dianne Sisson

You are the best!

Steven Sweet

When I walked thru the door of OPTS I didn't know what life had in store for me. After my surgery, other complications put me back in the hospital and I was feeling defeated. Paul sat down with me and explained to me in terms, I understood, his plan for my success. He not only treated me physically but mentally, too. When I finished my sessions, I was more flexible and more confident than I had been for a long time. I would recommend Paul and the staff of OPTS to everyone.

Sarah Keeton

Experience was excellent -will recommend to everyone -results excellent -staff excellent

Paul goes above and beyond with being helpful and knowledgeable. Keep up the good work! One other thing - a little more 60's music!!!!!


I am very pleased about the outcome of my therapy. Thank you, Paul.

Gerda Beccue

I am so thankful to have found your facility. I have done 14 decompression treatments, injections, cranial, sacrum adjustments and nothing was helping my pain. It was difficult to walk. I now have very minimal pain and I can walk normally. Paul was very knowledgeable and I felt he knew immediately what my problem was. He gave me training in exercises that I can now do daily to keep my pain from reoccurring. I felt sad when my therapy ended.

Faith Hettle

I had severe discomfort in my left shoulder and was able to get in and start therapy quickly. The program I was on helped relieve the pain quickly and also strengthened my shoulder. The staff made workouts enjoyable and not something that I dreaded coming to do. I hope to not need more therapy, but I would return if I do. The guys I golf with don't want me to return because I've returned to old form!!! Thanks!

Tony Stricklin

It was great!!! It was always fun to be there with the staff and patients. The exercises were hard but they always made it fun. I looked forward to getting better and everything was great! Thanks to everyone who was apart of this experience. You made it a great one.

Trevor Stricklin

I had a very good experience. Many exercises were utililized to benefit my condition and improved my overall flexibility. Therapy improved my condition significantly and I was given several exercises to continue and maintain improvements with home exercise.

Howard Schultz

Paul, you've said it yourself (or something similar) and it seems so many would agree...

That you provide all around care - physical, emotional, spiritual, etc. - is so true. You truly are and it makes the process so fulfilling! I am extremely blessed to have had your professional, yet with a personal guidance through this process. I have come so far, and I know I wouldn't have without all of your help and guidance. Thank you so much!!! I guess for all the time I spent at OPTS, only feeling like I hated you once for how hard you pushed me wasn't bad at all! I have the utmost respect for you, Paul, and I am forever grateful!! Thanks! Alta, you complete the package there. I love your compassionate hospitality! Hugs and thanks to both of you!

Dianne Sisson

I liked the treatment - felt myself gaining strength. I was not having as much pain. All of my time was spent working on my ailment - not waiting for someone to get to me. I looked forward to seeing others working on their problems at my same time slot. Liked being able to increase the workout myself if I felt I was ready.


Mr. Paul - In my line of work along with motorcycle racing, back pain is not an option. My experience at OPTS was helpful and very convenient. I will recommend your facility to anyone, just as my wife, Marie Bloomstine, and Ruth McDowell did. Thanks! Thanks again for providing services in the South Haven area!

Todd Bloomstine

Fantastic Experience!! Paul (therapist) met with me for a thorough evaluation immediately following my request for services. He was knowledgeable, thorough, sensitive to my level of pain, and quickly provided a plan for recovery. Paul's enthusiasm and positive attitude was very contagious and help motivated me to work hard on the exercises prescribed. He was attentive to my activities, not only how I was feeling, but equally important, that I doing all activities correctly, and coached me when I was not. Paul has great people skills, making all patients feel welcome and part of the family of patients and business of getting. Under his care, I achieved full recovery from a major accident, and I would highly recommend OPTS services to others. I am also grateful for the services you provide for community.

Dave Sonnenberg

I found the sessions very helpful and motivating. Paul is extremely knowledgeable and fun to work with. I am pain free for the first time in years and now know what I need to do to maintain. I will miss coming in. My biggest concern is in making myself continue the exercises, but will be joining the Wellness Center to do so. I would recommend your facility to everyone who needs it!!!

Terri Ilg

Last summer I began losing motion in my shoulders. One was diagnosed as adhesive capsulitis ('frozen') and both were extremely painful. My daily tasks and everyday jobs, showering, dressing and driving became almost impossible. Nights were particularly bad since sleeping or even resting comfortably was unattainable and lead to sleepless nights roaming the house to find a chair or couch to maneuver myself into a content position. When my doctor recommended physical therapy, I was anxious about how I could accomplish the goal of getting motion back into my shoulders, especially when most movements created pain. Paul's ability to explain and assess my situation develop an achievable plan, evaluate the progress and encourage my efforts relieved my anxiety I came in with and made a big difference in my accomplishment. I now have little or no pain in either shoulder, my ability to do daily responsibilities has returned along with my ability to sleep comfortably. The uplifting, friendly mood in the air is refreshing, from both Paul and Alta and even between patients who are all working toward their goals. I would wholeheartedly recommend OPTS to anyone in need of physical therapy.

Judi Ransom

When I came to your clinic, I was hurting to the extent that turning my head in any direction was painful. Paul gave me several different exercises and also a number of exercises to do at home. At the completion of this therapy, I was able to turn my head in all directions without pain. I was also able to drive safely which I was not able to do before this therapy.

Keith Ronan

Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists was courteous, efficient, helpful and not critical.

I went back to my doctor for a MRI when my pain got worse. A more serious problem was found and this will be addressed quickly. Paul impressed me the most because he insisted (highly recommended) I see a back specialist and stopped my therapy. He could have easily continued therapy for more income, and no one would have been the wiser. THANK YOU, PAUL!!!

Thomas Mielke

I enjoyed my sessions. The staff at OPTS was very courteous. My injury was too far along to be of help from therapy. Thank you for what you did for me.

Anne Hill

I had been suffering with neck pain for over a year and had put off a trip to the doctor due to the related expense. I am so glad I finally took action! During my evaluation, Paul used a spinal model to show me where I was having trouble and to explain what may have caused it. A therapist I had seen previously had not done that. I appreciated the ability to understand what was going on. Paul clearly has advanced knowledge in PT. it is important for patients to understand that improvement of symptoms will not be immediate (thus the term of 'therapy'). Personally it was approximately 5-6 weeks before I hit the 'hump' and suddenly noticed drastic improvement. Put your faith in the therapist and his expertise. You will get there. I 'graduated' from PT with the pain/discomfort in my neck drastically improved, and with an exercise plan for continued prevention. The staff at OPTS is always friendly and welcoming. During my time there, I got to know several patients. Some came up and introduced themselves personally. There was always interesting and sometimes laughable conservation. Paul's personality and the atmosphere at OPTS creates the setting for an enjoyable experience.

Kristine Rieck

80/20 OPTS gives you the place, the knowledge and the opportunity to improve, but like any individual skill development / training your growth is very much dependent on what you do on your own. Do you do the daily stretches and strength tips? Do you watch your diet? Do you find alternative exercise options? Personally, I waddled my way into OPTS on a wing and a prayer. I had heard from several folks about their positive experiences with OPTS, from help with shoulders, back and knees. Everyone offered sincere rave reviews regarding the level of pain free movement. Each one said that you will work but it was worth it.

After surgery on my left knee in 2008, which had helped to relieve some of my pain, I found myself with similar issues on the right knee. Honestly, I was working hard not to fall into a depression. I had found myself with little movement and more pain than peace after years of athletic ability. The daunting notion at age 43 that I would be relegated to life leaning on everyone, crawling out of bed to the bathroom and most agonizing was the prospect of being limited to only watching my 12 & 13 year old boys from afar while the pursued their athletic pursuits. My days of demonstrating, coaching up or helping out were done. No longer could I play catch with them or shoot baskets.

OPTS, Paul & Alta, gave me back my life. Beginning with the most thorough and comprehensive evaluation to the flexibility of time changes of appointments, sincere encouragement, to the witty challenges for improvement and the respectful hellos and goodbyes were the best part of being at OPTS. The worst was the discharge day.

I was determined to be better especially if I could avoid more surgery. The group of us who happened to be scheduled together developed a pseudo-group think mentality. It was like being on a team. We knew each other by name. I personally looked forward to the conversations of life and watching everyone grow.

It turned out that OPTS, although in name is only for physical therapy was much more. It truly is a holistically environment geared at reestablishing, developing and knowledge enhancement growth. I gained a network of peers, colleagues, friends and resources. I got my life back. Thanks Paul.

P.S Love the chocolates!!!!!

Trevor Smiley

I was forced to face reality of seeking medical attention after running on an injured foot for over a year. I decided to do physical therapy with Paul Frederick.

Paul's evaluation was informative. His diagnosis and my desire to get back to exercise and not just walking were in motion. He was eager to help me solve my problem.

His receptionist, Alta, was so informative, friendly and made making appointments easy. The environment was friendly but productive. As I progressed, Paul adjusted my exercises and he always showed enthusiasm and encouragement.

Any setbacks were assessed and he adjusted my therapy program accordingly. Paul always understood my expectations and my personal goals. He adjusted my program to fit my 'my impatience'.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Paul and his staff. His exceptional knowledge, experience, personality and incredible patience all combined for a 'truly enjoyable recovery'. My gratitude and respect to Paul and his staff!

Sincerely, Jody Kline

For many years, I have had lower back problems. Since I am tall (6'5), many medical providers that I have seen over the years (chiropractor, orthopedic surgeon and acupuncturist) have attributed my height as one factor and my leg length differences as another contributor to my lower back pain.. Everything from orthotic shoe inserts to needle manipulation has led to mild to no pain relief for this problem. I decided to seek out physical therapy after having used oral and topical non-steroid anti-inflammatory medications that only gave me temporary relief. My wife, a local medical provider, suggested that I see Paul for therapy. I made my first appointment to have him do an assessment. I quickly noticed that Paul's training and wealth of experience enabled him to rapidly evaluate and recommend effective exercises for me. He told me that he does part of the work but I will be responsible for most of it (with his guidance). He has created a positive environment of expertise and encouragement which motivate his patients for healing. This is the first time in many years that I felt that my back problem has been properly evaluated. It is without hesitation that I would recommend him.

Bill Watt

My second time here and it was great. Paul is very knowledgeable, understands patients individual situations. My range of motion was back to normal when we finished.

Sene Hadden

I had never done physical therapy before so I was not sure of the benefits. Paul and his staff convinced me that it works if you keep a good attitude and do the work. It helped me and my doctor to discover a torn ligament in my shoulder and to have surgery. I'm ready for physical therapy rehab to begin at Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists.

Frank Swecker

The staff at OPTS was courteous, good-natured and most helpful. The staff was most knowledgeable in their field and PT certainly helped me to diminish my pain and discomfort.

Kent Brindley

I had been going to a chiropractor with no results. Paul got me feeling well again in 10 days and showed me how to prevent future spinal injuries.

Ronald Seiler

Your facility is very low key but professional. You made me feel more like 'family' than patient. Paul, you know with just the 'look', that I can do more and you do let me whine when need be- as it has been a month since I've seen you the pain did diminish more but I had a slight setback. I fell over my dog in the dark causing a black eye, concussion and YES neck pain again. This time it is over the left more. Hopefully, I won't be in to see you for this, just to say HI once in awhile.

Pat Provost

Paul's knowledge of the human body is extraordinaire. Within ten minutes of my exam, he had a plan that would help me achieve the goals that we established. His 'homework' exercise plan allowed me to work on my problems at home with no expensive machines. During my therapy sessions, an atmosphere of helpfulness and encouragement was maintained with friendly dialog between patients. This made my time at OPTS fly by.

Scheduling therapy time never seemed to be a problem. They always seemed to 'fit me in' at a convenient time. I have recommended OPTS to my friends.

Thank you Paul and staff for helping me achieve my goals.

Ted Gatto

The knowledge of the therapist was wonderful. I went in with excruciating pain in the right shoulder and limited arm reach. I really am in better shape and doing things that I haven't been able to do in over a year. I had gone to other therapists and stop going be-cause they weren't helping me. I will and I have told others about Mr. Frederick. I am so glad that he was recommended; it paid off a 100% for me. I can now let my hair grow back as I can take care of it myself now (SMILE). It's true. Thank you all. The staff and all were superb. Other patients were very friendly as well.

Helen Holmes 05/05/2011

This was my first experience with physical therapy. Although I was some what skeptical, I chose to keep an open mind. My only regret is that I wished I had come sooner. Thanks for helping to speed my recovery as well as giving me stretching exercises that might help prevent an injury in the future.

Sincerely, Michael Reick

The evaluation Paul did was extremely thorough and enlightening. Paul included an explanation throughout the process. I learned more from Paul about my injury than from any other therapists I had been to. Paul set up an exercise program which provided a gradual increase in difficulty which made me feel like I was progressing without a lot of pain. He was very patient and supportive regardless of my ability to do the exercises. Although he encouraged me to finish the # of reps he set up in my program, he never made fun of my lack of strength. He treated me as an individual and never compared me to others, as I had with other therapists. We worked in a relaxed atmosphere and ended each session with a comforting cold compress on my injury. He also gave me exercises at home which contributed to my recovery along with some preventative care tips to avoid future injuries. I would highly recommend Paul's service to anyone who is looking for a compassionate, highly skillful therapist who will help you achieve a better quality of life.

Rose MacLuckie

I hurt my knee wrestling and I could not walk or straighten my leg. Within a week, I was back to walking normal. I am very active person and very thankful to have made such a speedy recovery. Just listen to what 'Doc' Paul says and you will be healed in no time. Paul is a great guy and has the equipment to help you to recover. If I ever need physical therapy again; I am most definitely coming back.

Adam Bastow

My problems were greatly reduced from my total knee replacement. I was very pleased with P.T. from the time I opened the door until I left. I was treated by a friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff and Paul. I have been to other facilities that do not compare with this one. My sessions were very enjoyable.

John Lyster

The staff at OPTS was quick and considerate when dealing with the patient on questions for billing or about Paul's' work. I have been to other therapist and was left unattended and with no help. Some hurt me from the first session. You get none of this with Paul at his clinic as he's on the floor helping, he answers any question, and he makes sure you do your exercises properly and correctly, so you can get the best results out of his care and knowledge. I would recommend this clinic to anyone, friend or family, and I have been to other therapist and PAUL IS THE BEST that I have been to. Given the shape I was in when I started, I got some results after the first session. If I need therapy in the future I will back to this facility. Thank you.

James Haynes

Physical therapy helped me get my leg back to normal and play the last of my soccer games. My goal that I set was met, thanks to Mr. Frederick and Manny. I enjoyed my sessions in physical therapy.

Hannah Armstrong

My overall experience at Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists was outstanding. Paul,

Manny & Alta were very professional and helpful. Paul was very understanding and always willing to answer any questions. Paul was also willing to assist & guide Intern Manny as he was working with me on my exercises/stretching. All my goals were met quicker than I thought possible. The pain in my lower back is gone and I am now able to enjoy & participate in many activities that I was unable to prior to my rehab. Many thanks again to Paul & his staff for their caring & excellent work.

Bill Baker

My experience with OPTS/ Paul Frederick was an excellent one. I have had PT before but it only involved heat packs with some manipulation and little to no actual exercises. This condition required much more and Paul's knowledge seems to be very extensive. He addressed my needs and concerns very well. Therapy resulted in a significant improvement in my condition. He is very professional and yet fun and relaxing to work with also. I would absolutely recommend his expertise to others.

Katherine Douglas

I had previous therapy sessions at OPTS for lower back pain and Paul noticed that I would get better, then for no reason I would regress. Paul suggested I see my family doctor for further diagnosis. After having a MRI on my back, it showed surgery was necessary to alleviate my condition. Surgery was done by Dr. Fabi at Bronson Hospital and was very successful. I came back to Paul for therapy to strengthen my back muscles and now I am doing fine.

Thomas Mielke

Physical therapy has been extremely helpful. I no longer need a cane for walking as my balance has improved. This clinic is way above the other clinics I have used. Paul knew

Exactly what exercises I needed. Since I have scoliosis it has been difficult to find the right therapist. My goal of being able to sit in a chair without pain has been achieved. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I tell everyone how wonderful this facility is and will keep recommending this clinic. Thank you to all for your help.

Violet Goslawski

I cannot say enough about my experience @ OPTS. From the 1st contact with the always pleasant Alta to my last visit, I felt welcomed and a priority. Every PT session helped, the work done at home helped and by the end of two months I was capable to continue on my own - which was something I did not expect (but .... Paul DID tell me that it could happen). Paul's knowledge of every facet of my pain made me feel at ease. Even his student had a confidence that was unquestionable in Paul. I now (1 month after ending PT) can move in ways I haven't been able to in years. I still continue everything Paul taught me and know that eventually I'll be without restrictions (which Paul also told me).

I knew from the consult what my goals were, expectations from Paul and an approximate time frame that I could see results. I always felt encouraged and truly believe I was given the tools to help attain (and maintain) better health. I truly enjoyed my time @ OPTS. Anyone who can help another with their quality of life has a gift. Paul (and his staff)has been a gift in my life. THANK YOU!!

Tina Eberly

The experience was great and everyone was fun to be around. It made the therapy easier. All of my pains were eliminated and my goals were met. Everyone knew what they were doing and it was a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.

Nathan Overholser

I wish to start off on the positive. All was helpful. I can now reach my backand I can now board a SUV or van with care. My therapy reduced any pain to a minimum. The staff was very helpful all the time. Paul had encouraged me and helped me extend my efforts and that please me. The personal attention given me was something that other programs failed to do on a regular basis. I got the best in all the areas!!

Jack Hornung

Hard to believe but I looked forward to my sessions!! I was challenged and I improved my flexibility. A very good experience!! Thanks Paul & Alta!

Marci Hayes

I came back to OPTS for PT after having knee surgery. I had a very positive experience here years ago when I had a shoulder injury. I trusted Paul to also do a good job with my knee and I was not disappointed! The initial evaluation was very thorough and revealed several areas of weakness/ unevenness in my hips, legs and back due to the long standing nature of my initial knee problem. Paul gave me lots of exercises and stretches to not only strengthen my knee, but also strengthen and realign the other that was 'messed up'. I was treated as an individual, not just given a standard exercise regimen. Paul took the time to search for answers and solutions when I had a setback early in PT, much more than my knee surgeon did. He managed to make every PT session fun, and was always encouraging. I will definitely come back to OPTS if I ever need PT again. I will strongly recommend OPTS to anyone I know.

Marie Milliman

I loved the way I was treated, Paul was great!! I am speechless on how everything ran so smoothly. My goal was met beyond my expectations and as of right now, I have no pain whatsoever. Alta and Manny were awesome! Alta is always smiling which made going to PT more fun. This was my first time in physical therapy and I enjoyed the visits. I learned a lot from Paul and he is a great person with an outstanding personality!! I will truly miss seeing them all, but I know it is for the best. I'm thankful for all the help I have received. I have no words to describe how grateful I am and to have met an awesome and wonderful person that Paul is.

Maribel Quiroz

I have been to OPTS twice for different problems. Both times my experience was quite positive. I was able to use the equipment without waiting because, of the scheduling, as I'm sure they take into consideration of how many patients can be serviced the most efficiently. The clinic is clean and the staff is friendly and I also liked the music. The home exercises are easy to understand and Paul makes sure the patients are working at home also. When my pain didn't seem to be relieved Paul made sure we tried different things until we found the right combination. After being at the clinic I feel I have the tools to deal with my hamstring pain again if it comes back.

Kelly Lyons

The sessions were intense but good. It was much more thorough than the therapy I've received in the past. The staff was always helpful, kind and considerate. The facility was always clean and the equipment was in good condition. I have no recommendations or complaints. I would gladly recommend the facility to others (even people I like). Thank you for eliminating most of my pain and getting me on a course to help me work through the pain until my surgery.

Judi Foster

This was my third experience with OPTS and as before, the knowledge and therapy has alleviated the pain I was experiencing. The staff was very helpful in scheduling convenient times for me and insurance was billed in a timely fashion. Walking is my main form of exercising and I had pretty much discontinued walking due to my calf pain. After three weeks of PT, I am able to resume my 45 minute brisk walks with virtually no discomfort. The stretching exercises I learned at OPTS are easy and convenient to do at home. Thanks again Paul!!!! I hope I can stay away for awhile!!

Diane Skuza 09/12/2011

When I was told I had to have therapy, I didn't think it would help me. I started therapy and it was hard. It was a great experience. They treated my problem and four weeks later I felt like a new person. For me it worked and if I need further PT, I will be going to OPTS.

Joyce Bushee 09/23/2011

After being in shoulder pain for a year, I thought that it would be something I would have to live with. I never thought PT would really help. After Paul explained how the therapy was going to strengthen my muscles and ease the pain, I was still skeptical. At this point I was willing to try anything. I was looking for a quick fix. He was very patient with me, taking time to show me how to do the exercise show to do the exercises the right way. After a couple of weeks I felt less pain and more strength. The best thing was that I wasn't miserable because I was able to do things at home. If I ever have pain anywhere my first call is going to be to Paul!! I can't thank him enough.

Karen Adams

>Dear Paul,

Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you, but surely you deserve to know how special and life changing your treatment was. No, I'm not running, but that's a choice. Instead, I do yoga, elliptical (every other day) and strength & flexibility work. I've never been happier with my fitness experience. It is much kinder and more balanced. I think of you often.

April Young

My pain was lessoned greatly and my expectations were accomplished. Paul is a most competent orthopedic physical therapist and we are very lucky to have such a knowledgeable therapist in our community. I found the staff, Paul and Alta, and the surroundings very comfortable. My sessions were pleasant and enjoyable. Best of all the exercises accomplished my goals in a short time. I suggest to my friends OPTS is the best place to go for help. Thank you all.

Reed Martin

The exercises helped me a lot. I have no more pain and I feel really good now. My goals were met and my lower back doesn't hurt as the pain was alleviated. The staff was very courteous. I think Mr. Frederick was very knowledgeable. I understood everything he was saying and what I was doing.

Luke Cooper

I have received excellent physical therapy for my condition.

Gerda Beccue

My pain was lessen a lot with the treatment was more than I expected. I still have some stiffness but I'm working on it. Paul needs to learn a new number (30) I was pleased with the treatment and staff. I liked the hands on best.

Lorraine Nielsen 11/20/2011

I was about 75% when insurance ran out. I am continuing to do exercises at home and am improving. Thank you for all your help and being so patient with me. You worked me hard but I had fun.

Jean Novotny 11/22/2011

YES, my goals were met.

Pain was diminished.

The staff was very courteous and fun.

Knowledge of the therapist is above average ---- very good.

I just love the staff; you are very special to me.

Dortha Lyster 12/05/2011

The staff was warm and friendly and organized. Paul Frederick is not only extremely knowledgeable and answers all questions, he is sensitive and encouraging. His quick wit and humor makes every session enjoyable and motivating for desired results. I am grateful to have found a specialist - and stronger for it.

Karen Duffin 12/07/2011

All of my goals going in were met. Paul is definitely a miracle worker. Everyone was beyond nice and that's very much appreciated. I feel almost 100% better and I enjoyed my experience there. I would definitely recommend you to everyone. Thanks so much for everything.

Montana Hescott

  • I have regained my flexibility in movement of my body
  • I wanted to ride my bicycle, that is alright.
  • The pain has greatly been reduced (I can touch my toes).
  • I could not ask for anything more in the help I received, I feel Great.

See you next time.

Paul Kiry

My experience at OPTS was awesome. Paul and Alta are a pleasure to work with because I believe they truly and sincerely care about each and every one of the people they help.

Paul has the rare ability to adapt very quickly to any type of personality with sincerity regardless of age or gender. He always has each patients needs and concerns as his top priority no matter how many people are receiving therapy. Paul can quickly change your routine based on the kind of day you are having and whether a certain exercise is working or not. The ability to do this only comes from being 'connected' to each patient individually. Having been to other physical therapy in the past I can say without hesitationthat OPTS is simply the best.

If progress in mobility and pain management is measured on a scale of one to ten, ten being the best, then I give OPTS an 'eleven'.

Sincerely, Larry Adams

As compared to other physical therapists / P.T. facilities OPTS

  1. More thorough evaluations of my condition.
  2. No judgment as for my ability to perform the exercises.
  3. More knowledge of how my body works and why the exercises would benefit my condition to reach my goals.

Rose MacLuckie

I have been very happy with my results from therapy. The only thing I would have liked was an electric traction machine, as that seemed to help with the nerve that is pinched. My home traction machine doesn't seem to reach that area of my neck. This was discussed with Paul and I understand the reason why he doesn't have that type of equipment.

I feel the exercises (stretches) recommended have helped and I have continued those at home. Other PT I have received did not include these exercise. I liked being able to go through the workout myself and knew Paul would correct me if I wasn't doing it correctly. I felt challenged and gained confidence on several exercises as sessions went forward.

Kathie Raklovits

I waited 3 weeks after finishing my sessions with OPTS to fill this sheet. I still feel great. I have pain in my lower back, but it has decreased significantly. I am extremely happy with my mobility and my spine has not gone crooked since I started therapy. In turn, I am able to do more with a lot less pain. Thanks so much for your help! I will recommend anyone with trouble to see the staff at OPTS.

Tom Carter

A good experience overall. The therapy helped my flexibility and lessens some of my physical problems. Everyone there has a very good personality and made the experience pleasant. I would return any time I need help in the future and will recommend OPTS to friends.

Rick White

They got me in and we started working out ASAP. It was a little uncomfortable at first but we adjusted and got back to work. Every time in there was fun and a good experience. They make you feel at home. Thanks for the help and the fun times!

Trevor Stricklin

It was bittersweet to 'graduate' and leave physical therapy as quickly as I did. I am thrilled to have normal pain-free movement returned, but I will definitely miss the dedicated professional teamwork focused on getting me back to normal. I would not have predicted therapy would be 'fun', yet I looked forward to the warm welcome, talking with the multi-generational clientele as we encouraged each other, and receiving help from Paul, Denielle, and Abby that was specifically tailored to my needs - even as those needs changed as I progressed. I'm not twisted enough to hope for another injury, but if I have one, I knew where I'm heading.

Cheri Stein

Of course, I enjoyed my sessions. I wouldn't have come back if I didn't. My pain is greatly diminished. I'm doing much better then when I first came. All seem to know what they are doing.

Jo Assink

I was very satisfied with my PT. My condition was explained to me very well. I understood what was supposed to happen and how it should feel which was very helpful. My overall general movement was improved and my pain level went down. My range of motion was better. The therapists were very knowledgeable. I was treated very well and I enjoyed my visits. I would definitely recommend this facility and will definitely use it when I need physical therapy again.

Mary Lou Kidd

When I came to OPTS, my right arm/shoulder hurt. I was unable to lift a gallon of milk. After my evaluation with Paul Frederick, my treatment began. The assistants helped and encouraged me when times were hard to do. The atmosphere was so friendly and they make you feel so welcomed. They really cared about you. There was always a hello and a good-bye and they knew your name. They gave me some exercises to do at home

And in a short time my arm/shoulder was back in good working order.

Brenda Durand

OPTS was knowledgeable about my injury and did a good job of relieving my pain in my shoulder and improving my ability to use it. They were a good group to work with and good at scheduling my appointments.

James Schnake

All of my experiences at Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialist were as good as or better than I expected. All of my goals were achieved and the personnel were knowledgeable and courteous.

Lee Willson

I really liked coming to OPTS and the therapy helped me to get better. Paul and Denielle understand me and other people problems.

Rita Goodrich

I came to OPTS with a painfully stiff neck. Using a visual aid, Paul explained my problem and what could be done to help. The therapy sessions were always positive and beneficial; I feel I reached my goal and today enjoy a 'new neck'. I would and do recommend OPTS to anyone needing physical therapy.

Joan Gruber

I am very pleased with my experience at Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists with Paul and staff. Everyone there is friendly and courteous. They pay attention to you and your needs. They are interested in your progress and in you personally. I have and will continue to recommend their facility to others.

Janet Griffin

Your facility is a 1st rate professionally run establishment. Everyone is pleasant, courteous and knowledgeable. The stretches I was assigned helped alleviate the pain & discomfort I had previously. Some of them were hard for me, but all were encouraging and patient. I would recommend this office to anyone seeking professional physical therapy.

Jolyn C. Taylor

I really enjoyed the laid back yet professional environment. Even though the work out could be grueling, one interacts and have fun with the other clients & staff.

Rhonda Kohls-Dailey

I enjoyed my time at Orthopedic Physical Therapy. I feel that Paul was very effective and we accomplished my short term goals as I only had 30 days to work with. The staff & Paul are very professional and very knowledgeable. I will refer others to you.

David Badley

When I came to Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists, I could not bend and tie my shoes or get in and out of the tub by myself. I was always in a lot of pain in my back.

Now, after the care that OPTS gave me, I can do all the above. I've come from about 25% up to 80% or better. Paul, you and your staff have done wonders for me; the therapy was very good for me, but the concern the way you cared mentally about how I gained my strength back was a blessing and I will always THANK YOU for that. I've been to physical therapy a few times in my life: but never to any had that worked with people and show care and after care like you and your staff. Thank you

Larry Gunn Webb

Before I started the therapy, I didn't have much strength or the ability to raise my left arm over my head. I thought I would have to have some medication, shots, or even some surgery. After talking with Paul Frederick, we started therapy. Alta at the front desk was not only courteous, but was flexible with the schedule (which made it convenient for me) and she answered all my questions. The therapy staff - Denielle - was right there with me along with Paul the PT. Denielle showed me the correct way to exercise when I needed help. Paul and she made them fun to do. My left shoulder is as good as it has been for awhile now. I would like to thank the entire staff for their courteous and kind attitude. It sure helps when you go there the first time. They are professionals.

Gene Bedka

I have a lot less pain & can move easier - not so stiff. Everyone was very friendly and professional. I have been here before and will return if need be.

Jo Assink

Tore hamstring - couldn't move, walk, sit, - pain. Diabetic problems occurred and I was worried about circulation & exhaustion. I'm feeling 80% better after 3 visits. I'd come in on crutches and I'm doing without them now. I'm coming in to work on back problem next. Hoping to be rebuilt like Steve Austin (6 million dollar man) DO DA DO DA!!!!

Nice spot clean, friendly, good music, and nice staff. Paul as Mr. Mean Jean or Dr.Love, he's good! Alta - super sweet. Deneille will rough you up! Highly recommend to all!

Tiger fan / Kevin Lee Ruppert

My experience with all three staff members at OPTS was a very good one. Alta is perfectly pleasant everyday. Denielle knows her job well and we had a wonderful time chatting with each other! 🙂 Paul was a pleasure and a very calming presence that flows with the whole 'therapy'. You all are wonderful caring people that I enjoyed very much! I have a great respect for all of you and PT in general. I did get relief from the process but not 100% for my condition. I thank you all very much.

Anonymous 03/30/2010

OPTS helped me to walk correctly after breaking my ankle. It was exercise that I could do myself to strengthen my leg without it being to strenuous. My goals were almost met with a 100%, the only one that wasn't was running but that will take time to do. The pain diminished as time went on and the exercises became easier. The people helped me quite.

A bit, the first few weeks then everything became easier and I remembered the exercises.

The experience here was that you became more personal with the staff there and could talk easier with them. Overall it was a great experience to have. Now I know how to do most of the exercises with ease. I feel more comfortable with my leg than I was before PT. if pain arises again. I can do the exercises taught to me to see if the pain alleviates. The experience was great! I would recommend people to come here to OPTS!

Marissa Ginzel

My experience at OPTS was most pleasant. The staff was most courteous and Paul was very knowledgeable and thorough in explaining the conditions of the spine. Paul is a most understanding individual.

Marium Anderson

I was really hurting in my lower back. I don't hurt as much as I did when I came in and the experience was very good. I understood the treatments of what we did. I would tell my friends and family to come here. I was really happy about everything and the positive attitude WAS wonderful.

Sally Hacker

Physical therapy @ OPTS saved my sanity! The treatment and support I received there was very helpful. And, I had fun! The atmosphere of the facility is/was friendly and motivating. I loved the rock-in-roll music that was always playing and the humorous signage displayed there. The space for exercising is thoughtfully arranged and well equipped. The man in charge (the PT, Paul) is skilled and yet warm and encouraging. The assistant (Denielle) is a solid right hand and back-up to Paul. The receptionist (Alta) completes the cohesive team by always making me feel welcome. I was supported to achieve my goals because of this awesome team. My pain has been dramatically diminished and now I have the skills to take with me for the future. Because of OPTS, I am a stronger person. Stay healthy to all of you!

Jeannie D. Sanders

It takes a lifetime to get to where are today. It will take WORK on our part and pain to get back to where we need to be, are you willing to fight to stay out of a nursing home?

My experience was positive and the staff was kind and helpful. Before physical therapy I could not get the work done that I needed to do. My energy level is much better and I'm washing blinds and windows!

My hip pain is better and no more falls. Falling is a major threat to seniors; we need all the help we can get! Thank God there is help if we get there in time! Much thanks to my doctor for sending me to OPTS for physical therapy.

Geneva L. Johnston

I had my doubts and apprehension at first. The staffs made me feel at home and very professional and kind. I'm really glad I went the physical therapy route versus medication and/or surgery. The result was great - I feel so much better. The great thing is the results reflect the amount of effort a patient puts into their treatment. This puts your wellness in your control which is great!!

Mary Farrell

I amazed myself with how much stronger my legs were at the end of my therapy compared to when I came in. I didn't relish doing the exercises, but overall, I had a modest change of attitude by doing them - that's a plus! I think all of the staff were all very good - professional, knowledgeable, and courteous - and I appreciated their sense of humor when appropriate.


I was told that I needed surgery on my arm because I couldn't raise it but with the therapy I feel like a new person. Also my husband was bending over with his back and legs. He's walking better now as well and stands longer. We both are still doing our exercises and feel better than we have in a long time.

Perry and Gladies Broady

The pain was diminished. The staff was more than courteous. Very good! (Level of knowledge) I did enjoy my sessions. I did receive therapy at another clinic. However, since Paul has been my physical therapist for 3 times now, I think he must know what he's doing.

Dorthea Lyster

My experience was great and my goals were met very fast and well. The staff members were really fun to work with and they were really nice to me. They made sure I did my exercises correctly and they were just awesome. I definitely would go there again if I need physical therapy.

Sarah Washegesic

I came to you - discouraged, depressed and wondering if anyone could help. My first visit gave me hope. My goals were to have less pain & swelling, drive again, stand long enough to do my dishes, walk and do shopping. With each visit I became more hopeful. Thanks to your staff, I have reached all the goals above plus more. Thank you so much!

Mary Ann Mason

I totally appreciate the work of Paul & his entire staff. I came in with pain and with their instructions and supervision of physical therapy exercises, I feel wonderful. The work is hard but the payoff is worth it. The staff is wonderful, courteous, knowledgeable and funny. This is my second experience with OPTS (for two different problems) and both times have been time well spent to feel better.

Erin K. Hill-Van Horn

Staff and professionals were unfailing supportive, competent, appropriately supportive but also appropriately demanding. It is truly one of the best run and competent organization I've ever encountered. I actually looked forward to visits and hope to return when current problem resolved.

George Miller

My experience at OPTS was very positive. The staff was courteous as well as professional. The sciatic and back pain which I was treated for was relieved. I continue to follow at home the exercises Paul taught me along with my other back exercises and have felt great relief.

Mary Ann Matthews

I first thought a simple pain pill would cure me with my handicap. To the different types of exercise, and made to do the amount of exercise by the proper trainers was excellent and helpful. Today, after 12 sessions I already feel like a new man, and able to go back to work and perform my duty. Thanks ever so much.

Hilbert Elsinga

Paul had always done wonders for both of my sons, so I thought I'd let him take a try on my shoulder. An ongoing shoulder injury that others weren't able to help to help me with now seems to feel better. The exercises were tough at first, but they definitely seemed to help out. My shoulder feels great, I have a full range of motion and can do everything I like and need to without pain! Thanks Paul, Deneille and Abby. I really hope not to be back, but if pain shows up again, you're the first ones I'll call.

Tony Stricklin

I brought my daughter Jane to OPTS after 2 months of hearing her complain (and I was choosing to ignore it). Jane had been seen and diagnosed by an orthopedic surgeon with hip tendonitis caused by several months of running on her H.S. cross country team. The doctor had suggested taking a beak from running and physical therapy. I chose OPTS as I had been treated and also my husband in years prior, and we both had great success. The specialists at OPTS immediately got Jane right on track and her pain free and believe it or not back running in 6 weeks. They instructed her on proper stretching techniques and exercises to avoid this kind of injury in the future. The staff is so cooperative and understanding and you immediately become part of their family. I was again very happy with the results of OPTS. We are fortunate to have Paul and his staff right in our backyard.

Peggy Nixon

Paul and his staff were helpful in helping me help myself.

Dawn Kidder

Physical therapy helped me out a lot. Before I started my back hurt on a daily basis. After a couple days my back barely ever hurt and it allowed me to do a lot more physical activities. I enjoyed coming to physical therapy and the people there were always nice.

Jeffrey Shafer

I wanted instant results. I wanted an instant cure. I didn't get it. I worked to get the positive results and it would not have happened had I been given a list of instructions/exercises to do at home. I am lazy and a procrastinator. By going to PT, I was inspired, not forced, to work, to listen, and to take charge of my self under the supervision & guidance of professionals. The staff was always friendly, always upbeat, always understanding and always willing to work with me. When I had questions, they knew the answers and it put it in my language. I never felt like I was just another patient. I chose OPTS because I knew Paul would be full of tough love. With Denielles' & his expertise, I took charge of my own recovery. Waiting as long as I did after my injury was just stupid, but not once was I made to feel stupid. Thank you, all of you!!

Cecilia Wondergem

When I first arrived I could barely lift my left arm over my head. There were sharp pains in my shoulder doing simple things like putting on a coat. After the consultation, goals were set and Paul described what areas of my shoulder needed work. After a short time my shoulder was back in shape. I could do things I had done before my injury. Paul and his staff are very knowledgeable and dedicated to achieve the goals set. They push you to do the extra reps, but it still has a relaxed atmosphere. It was fun and most of all it cured my ailment. I would recommend anyone to see Paul and his staff for all physical therapy needs.

Richard Frazier

When I began I had almost no use of my left arm as I had pulled muscles in my shoulder. In a few short weeks, I was able to regain almost all of my movement. The staff is very professional, knowledgeable and personable. My experience was very positive. I was provided tools to use at home to help speed my recovery. If I ever need a service of this nature in the future, I would not hesitate to return to O.P.T.S.

Tamara Brunke

They helped me get over my over my back pain. Everyone was very helpful and courteous. I would encourage people to come here if they needed physical therapy.

Sue O'Guin

I believe Paul & his staff have met my goals with an attitude of fun & knowledge. My sessions were designed to strengthen certain muscles and we certainly accomplished that! Thank you O.P.T.S.

Win Dickson

Staff was awesome, very pleasant, very understanding & downright 'nice'.

Knowledgeable therapist took time to explain the procedure and what to expect.

Just an overall 'excellent' experience for a newcomer!

Manda Diskin

My experience at OPTS was great. It started with my diagnosis. Paul listened to my symptoms, examined me, and then explained with the model of a spine why I was feeling what I felt. It made perfect sense! It was the best news I had ever heard. We then made a plan to fix my problem. All along the course of my treatment the whole staff made me feel like part of a family. They continuously asked me how I was feeling and made adjustments as I needed. I began to see results right away. I also observed the progress others were making. It was fun place to be. After my treatment period I feel much better. I liked being in a small environment where the care was focused and not at a huge place. Again everyone was great and now I feel great, too. Thank you all!

Earl W. Kohlhoff

I was pleased and also appreciated the explanation and working of all the shoulder muscles at my first appointment. Halfway through my sessions, I already felt I had accomplished what I had set as a goal for myself. I could already put on my shirt and jacket without pain. I also could reach the top shelf or shelves in my house with only a little pain. I will miss my friendly chats with the staff. The therapists were always helpful in keeping my shoulders loose instead of always being tense. PS I also enjoyed the chocolate treats at the counter when I would leave each session!!!!

Don Holzhueter

OPTS quickly diagnosed my problem, including many years of poor posture, alleviated my pain and gave me some exercises and techniques to help insure the problem does not reoccur----- all this in less than 4 weeks!!!!!

Jim Marcoux

My physician said that Paul understood and knew the back. He had confidence that Paul could help me. I was very impressed with my evaluation and found all the therapy to be helpful. (Somewhat painful but helpful!!!) Denielle was always helpful explaining what I was doing and was cheerful as well. I will miss the friendliness of everyone - Paul, Denielle, Mary and Alta. Thank you for your help!

Sueann Petersen

I saw your promotion at Village Market in South Haven. I came to Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists for a consultation. My hip was hurting and I needed some relief. The staff was thorough and the treatment helped me physically and mentally. When asked, 'How are you today?' they really want to know and responded to you with concern for any problems you may be having.

S. Mae Lucas

I have nothing but positive thoughts about my first experience with PT. Although I avoided it as long as possible, I soon found out that was the wrong thing to do. Although I have a ways to go, the staff was quick to help me with home things I can do, but also to make it clear that I should come back as soon as I felt it necessary. I hated the trips I had to make but it helped knowing each time was a fun, (although sometimes painful!), experience!! Paul's evaluation was thorough. Altas' morning greeting and instruction starts each day bright and I can't say enough good things about Denielle. She stays so focus on each personal phase of treatment. I'll long remember her sober face and cheery smile. Love you all. I hope I don't have to come back but if I do it will be with joy. Heather, you are fortunate to be training under such good staff. Wish you a bright future! You know it's funny, but even the other patients were fun to be around. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the torture and I use that word only in fun!

Doria Hessey

Everyone at OPTS showed that they cared about my progress. Not only did my time spent at OPTS help bring into balance my problem back, but it also gave me the tools needed to keep strengthening my problem areas.

Karlis Galens

My physical therapy was a great benefit for me. The goals I wanted to achieve were to get rid of my pain and be able to walk without dragging my right leg. I can say I had success with both. Paul, I will give you an A+, because you were so professional and caring. The clinic I went to before was more weight lifting and I think the stretching was much better for me. So I think your clinic is much better for back pain. I want to Thank All of You for being so nice to me. You all gave me lots of attention.

Lynda M. Ghidotti

This was a very good experience for me. It definitely helped me. My pain and stiffness was 100% better when I finished my treatment. The clinic was very personable and I felt like a person not a number. I was told what we were trying to accomplish and what and where I should feel the stretch which helped me in doing my exercises. The personnel were very accommodating to my schedule when making my appointments and very forgiving when I had to make a change. I would definitely come back if and when I need more therapy. Thank you for an enjoyable experience!

Mary Lou Kidd

I thoroughly enjoyed coming and the staff was fabulous. Yes, I highly recommend your practice. Denielle was excellent, so personable, so knowledgeable-she is amazing!!

Deanna Horrell

All members of the staff were pleasant and caring. That is very important to me when receiving any kind of service. I felt the entire staff was very knowledgeable when it came to the treatment of my shoulder. I am very happy that the level of pain and movement in my shoulder is greatly improved. I would highly recommend your facility to anyone. Even, though there were other patients receiving treatment while I was there, I totally felt the staff was there for me. Thank You.

Sandra Bedka

I recently completed several weeks of PT at Orthopedic PT Specialists. The staff was always very friendly and presented a family atmosphere. Even though PT could be very strenuous & frustrating, the staff was encouraging and understanding. The physical therapist did a great job treating and diagnosing my specific problems. The level of knowledge of the therapist and his staff was reassuring as my symptoms diminished; the therapist did a good job in encouraging & instructing 'at home' exercises. I would recommend OPTS to anyone who is in need of PT. the professionalism, knowledge, compassion & friendliness is outstanding at this facility!

Diane Skuza

When I first started my therapy, I was in a lot of pain. The orthopedic therapist knew the right kind of exercises to help my pain.

Everyone was very kind & friendly; they helped to make a bad experience with pain the best it could be.

I have learned to manage the pain with special exercises and live my life differently. Learning the right way to bend, lift and sitting.

Linda Lampman

Sorry I'm so slow in returning this---. I did gain a lot of use of my arm after your therapy. My surgeon was amazed at my progress after shoulder surgery. Your staff is always courteous & helpful. The therapy exercises you give us are excellent at regaining normal movement. I like your place of business - the entry is inviting & the décor is pleasing. It is a very nice place to work away the pain.

Virginia Houdek-Martin

I was a patient for 8 weeks. I think the people and Paul are very good at what they do. The knowledge and work they do there is very good. They helped me progress toward being able to move and function in everyday life. I would use them again if I had another issue.

Jeannie Gibson

My experience at OPTS was fabulous. With their excellent professional guidance, I was able to rehabilitate an injured right elbow in 5 weeks! This quick recovery will allow me to continue being a tennis instructor.

I give high praise to the staff at OPTS. Each of my visits was up-beat and positive. I greatly appreciate all their help

Doug Gruber

The staff at OPTS identified my issues quickly and developed a series of stretching and strengthening exercises to address the problem. The staff monitored my progress and made changes to the program appropriately. I was impressed by OPTS staff and facility and will definitely return if I have future therapy needs - although I hope I won't have to!

Christina Andes

Having been my first experience with physical therapy I wasn't sure what to expect. From the first moment I walked in the door I experienced professionalism with friendliness, until I left. Paul and his therapy staff were encouraging throughout the sessions. As they encouraged you they certainly didn't let off the hook with what was expected. The staff continually asked how you were doing not only during your session but at home, too. Thank you for all your help.

Victoria Henry

When I arrived at the OPTS facility my physical capabilities had diminished. It was impossible for me to do my everyday activities. After my evaluation, a twice a week regime was established and at the end of nine sessions I was able to continue my activities. My therapists were Paul Frederick, a very tough , push yourself to your limit kind of guy, and Denielle, hands on and knowledgeable therapist. Both individuals were good listeners which allow a person to work through pain. The atmosphere at OPTS is open and friendly, allowing patients to comfortably move around the room while being observed by a therapist at all times. There are also offices that allow for private consultation if needed. I would recommend OPTS to anyone in need of physical therapy.

Janet Walsh

The best and most effective treatments I have received for my back, knee, and leg injuries were provided by OPTS. The at-home exercises they developed for me keep me on my bicycle, in the weight room, and more importantly, able to keep up with our grandchildren. The staff is highly trained, very professional, and exceedingly effective. In addition, they are fine people who are a pleasure to be around.

Bem P. Allen
Professor Emeritus

Thank you everyone for treating me so good. My knee and ankle are doing fine. I would tell my friends to go there. Everyone was nice and friendly to me. All of the staff members were so nice. I enjoyed it; I am very pleased with Paul. Thank you and I hope and pray to God that you all keep up the good work. May God bless each and every one of you.

Donaciano Guerra

I have suffered from chronic neck pain since my high school and college football playing days. Working in front of a computer for hours on end has only contributed to the frequent periods of neck stiffness that last for weeks.

After going through PT, I have relieved my, (what seems like life-long) pain by 80%. Because of the OPTS I am better educated on what has brought the pain on and how to prevent future occurrences.

Best of all, the entire staff at OPTS is super friendly and caring. I found after each PT session my spirits were lifted.

Mike Sweet

I was recently a patient at OPTS for about three months. Paul and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. From the minute you walk through the door you're greeted by friendly people and will soon feel right at home. Paul and Denielle are always there to teach and encourage their patients as they work through their individual programs. My experience at OPTS was a very positive one. My pain was relieved and I regained the use of my shoulder. PHYSICAL THERAPY WORKS!! I tell everyone about Paul and OPTS. If I need PT in the future I will definitely return to OPTS.

Nancy Sturm

I became a patient at OPTS because of a negative experience at another facility. In a nut shell, the problem was each time I went to physical therapy I had a different therapist. This is not conducive to establishing a good relationship with the therapist, nor is it beneficial to a patient's healing process.

At OPTS, this not a problem. You always have the same knowledgeable, professional and friendly therapist who is familiar with your problem and progress. Their concern is your health and eliminating the problem that brought you there in the first place.

Robin Abshire

My experience with Paul Frederick, Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists, was one of work and success. I limped in his door to begin, depressed after being so limited for months and without hope. Today I am again playing mixed doubles tennis twice a week and feeling happy, delighted and very thankful.

Paul Frederick is a demanding and caring taskmaster. Physical therapy is work: hard work, frustration and perseverance before accomplishment. He and his staff are dealing with hurting people. They are welcoming, kind and encouraging.

Paul Frederick is extremely knowledgeable in determining the problems and in remediation. It was a very good experience for me.

Jean Conlisk

It was an enjoyable time well spent with well trained therapists. They explained why certain movements are helpful. They were always courteous and with a good sense of humor.

Velma Schnooberger

The staff was kind and friendly and made coming to PT fun although the workouts at times seemed tough. The staff did a great job encouraging and pushing me but also listened when I had pain issues from some of the exercises. PT was not easy and it took a lot of time but the strength gained in the knees was worth it over the 6 week period. I felt the staff did a great job assessing my problems and working out the best regimen for me.

Diane Skuza

I'm writing this endorsement of OPTS after my excellent care there. I'm a RN who has had 3 hip replacements (2 hip replacements & 1 hip revision) with also a 4th surgery. Before that I had an incredibly challenged spine. For pain management I've had 4 different acupuncturists, 3 different massage therapists using every technique including hot rocks. In addition I've had extensive chiropractic & continue to get treatment from my 4th chiropractor. I've spent $1,000s out of pocket on all of the acupuncture & massage. OPTS is my 5th PT facility. With past post hip replacement PT was detrimental. On one occasion with a replacement PT who put to much weight on a machine and had me use it. Obviously, I've been desperate for pain relief as well as cautious & skeptical of who & what therapists are doing to my body.

Paul is nothing short of fantastic. He makes accurate diagnosis of condition & situation. He's been known to find correct diagnosis, after other patients come to him with wrong diagnoses from other therapists and facilities. He observes you when you're not even aware he's watching you. He listens to you. He comes up with routines & if you have issues with exercises he's ordered and he will figure out another way to accomplish the same thing. You're not pushed or rushed to finish your routine even if it's lunch time or the end of the day. They are liberal with praise & encouragement. Everyone gets heat or ice at the end of their session.

I've spoken only of Paul, but the entire staff is wonderful. They know your name immediately & are genuinely interested in your well being. As a RN spending significant time there I've observed folks come in & need assistance from their family to even get into the handicap barrier free facility. I wonder what Paul can possibly do to help them.

Well, he's made visible changes and patients seem to feel pain relief usually on their first visit. We all grimace at times since improvement doesn't come without work, but there's a smile after the pain resides. What he gets patients to do is nothing short of amazing to me.

You even get rewarded with a miniature chocolate on your way out. If you're particularly desperate you may even get 2.

This is the first place I've ever gone where I've gotten a follow-up letter to check how I was doing before they closed my file I was encouraged if I was having any trouble or if I felt that I needed to get back in for a 'Tune-Up' or any other reason to contact them.

I truly trust Paul with my body & that hardly ever happens after my previous trials & tribulations. He also has a keen sense of humor & when he's truly frustrated & banging his head on the wall, he has a smile on his face.

Betty Smith RN

During my physical therapy sessions, the entire staff was courteous, friendly and helpful. Paul and Denielle are very knowledgeable and observant. Not only was the rotator cuff pain alleviated, but I learned a lot about avoiding injury in the future.

Dawn Grove

In reference to my care and treatment at OPTS, I sincerely thank Paul and his staff for the professional and caring treatment I received. I spent about 3 months at OPTS and saw constant improvement in myself and others who often had appointments when I did. The aspect that I most appreciated was the flexibility they (OPTS) allowed, as I was at a busy part of the coaching/teaching year. Whether I showed up late or early, they made every effort to provide physical therapy in a caring manner so that I could get healthy. Thanks.

Joe Allen

Paul and his staff made my physical therapy experience positive. They were very knowledgeable concerning the entire process. Everyone was very professional and easy to work with. I was not thrilled about going to physical therapy. However, they made my experience a good one. As an avid exerciser, I was disappointed that I could not do the things I wanted to do because of a shoulder injury. Today I'm back to working out on my own. Pauls' sense of humor and his encouragement made the physical therapy much easier to go through.

David Armstrong

I really enjoyed physical therapy at OPTS. I always felt very safe and comfortable. The staff there was always so friendly and very informative. If I ever had a question or concern I never hesitated to ask. I always received accurate answers and I just really felt my concerns were taken care of. I would definitely go back there again if I needed to.

Laura Clemons

I loved my experience at OPTS. They helped me so much. When I first went in, there was swelling and pain in my ankle after every practice or game. I also only had 1 degree of motion and couldn't balance on it. Now my ankle has 15 degrees of motion and feels great after sporting events. I now can balance for more than a minute with my eyes closed with no problem. The staff was great and I always looked forward to coming on Tuesday and Thursday every week. When I first came in I felt ashamed to be in there and felt dumb doing the exercises, but now I love it there and I benefited from it so much!!

Thank you guys!!

Travis Stricklin

My left hip was higher then my right hip, and I had constant pain. I had trouble bending, climbing stairs, and walking any distance. I went for therapy with Paul and staff, and what a difference! After six weeks, my hip was back to normal and my pain was gone. With exercise and treatment, they straightened me right out. They are a very caring and considerate crew, and know exactly how to help you. I enjoyed my sessions very much. I will recommend them to anybody I know who needs therapy. Thank you so much Paul & staff.

Elaine Isom

As I started out, I felt muscle strains & aches in other areas, I wasn't sure this was going to help me. As the weeks went by though, I realized that it was all a process and all's well ends well. I am now able to move with ease plus I've learned how to keep those parts moving with ease. The staff was wonderful in showing me different exercises to do to release the pain and discomfort. They were very courteous. I felt very relaxed and at ease with them. It was almost as if they were family or my close friends. I will miss spending time with them and, if I ever need therapy again this will be the first place I call.

Karen Stanley

The experience with OPTS was truly worth every moment spent there. The staff is sincerely friendly and do their very best to help you achieve a pain free existence. They would cheer you on for every small improvement, as did the other patients. The regimen was rigorous, but fair & somehow it was fun to work so hard. One begins to look forward to each session. It doesn't even matter when another uncomfortable exercise is added onto your list; it becomes fodder for a few good natured jokes. When I first began with Paul & his staff I could barely drive or walk. Even sitting was an exercise of caution & choices. I believe this therapy has done more than just alleviate pain for me. It's made me feel genuinely good. And it's been a long time since I've felt good. GOALS? Well, my initial goal was to simply avoid surgery. Then somewhere along the line I realized I might be able achieve more than just that, maybe, the pain could be reduced. Then came the hope that maybe I could be pain free or almost. All the while, Paul and Denielle were getting my muscles to the point where many things became possible. I can't say 'thank you' enough. I feel better than I have in a very longtime, inside & out.

Win Dickson

I've been struggling with chronic back pain for the past year and a half. After meeting with the always pleasant staff at OPTS. I was given a regimen of exercises that truly helped my pain. I fully enjoyed my rehabilitation provided by my specialist.

Curt Farrell

From the minute I walked in the front door until 2 months later when I was discharged, I felt a 'connection'. I was in pain, very scared and awfully grumpy. The positive attitude and friendliness of all the staff quickly diminished my fears. While maintaining a high level of professionalism everyone at OPTS found the time in their busy schedule to push me to my limits, and at the same time has compassion for my particular pain. I have had PT just a few times on other 'body parts', but have never experienced 'sadness' when being discharged and the feeling of WOW- can't wait to come back. I could not get back to see Dr. Veenstra until January 5. I'm anxiously awaiting that visit with hope he can fix my shoulder without surgery and send me back to you! I came aboard a few weeks before Kelsey's wedding so I was there when Deneille started. She is a great asset at OPTS. Thanks for all you did for me, Denielle and Paul!

Andrea C. Johnson

My physical therapy greatly benefited me after my shoulder surgery. I have full range of motion and strength back. All of my goals were met. I have no more pain. The staff was very courteous and very knowledgeable. If I had to have therapy for anything again, I wouldn't go anywhere else. I've talked to a lot of people who all say it's a great place for therapy - they have a great reputation.

Alisa Walker

After surgery on my ruptured Bicep Tendon I went to OPTS for Physical Therapy. Paul Frederick and even Danielle knew what was needed to strengthen my arm and regain the strength I had lost. The equipment was nice and the facility was always clean. It's a very relaxed atmosphere and a lot of fun joking with the staff. My son Zach 14, had previously gone to OPTS for a hip injury he has now recovered and doing well (it was more fun watching him at therapy). The very best part of therapy for me was ICE at the end of working out. I highly recommend Paul Frederick for Physical Therapy.

Paul Nelson

Before I started I couldn't even stand on my toes. Now I can play soccer and run around without using a brace. I was in a lot of pain too. Now I'm not in any pain at all!!! (Even though I had to stay off soccer for a week). My goals are met because now I can play soccer without being hurt.

Marissa Carpo

My therapy was very successful. If you need help with back pain or other pain call Paul, Danielle or Barb. They are very caring and helpful. Again I thank the Lord for great therapists.

Elizabeth Bennett

The staff was very knowledgeable, helpful and caring. The facility was clean and well equipped for a variety of needs. Paul's evaluation was very thorough. I felt like I was getting big city care in a small town atmosphere. Scheduling was very accommodating. Goals were met and I was able to play my game of football quicker than had been anticipated. I highly recommend Mr. Frederick and staff for other athletes.

Blaine McGowan

Coming to OPTS office of Paul Fredrick helped my healing time and has allowed me to get back in sports activities and I thank MR. Fredrick for pushing me as hard as he did to my recovery.

Zach Nelson

After receiving PT treatment from several other facilities throughout western Michigan, I have found your clinic to be the best in knowledge of treatment, how and why the body works and explaining it to your patients. Your staff goes over and above the top to make sure everything runs smoothly. I also appreciate you looking elsewhere for treatment for me when you couldn't help any longer. Your clinic is like a big family to the community and is always beneficial in pain relief. I always leave stronger and in less pain!

Jo Carlson-Glas

What a wonderful experience! If I could have gotten better without more intervention it would have been there. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I really started to get to know everyone very well and felt a part of the family! It's a very comfortable environment. I felt very free to ask questions and get helpful answers. Overall, a wonderful experience! I would highly recommend them and have already shared this information with my doctors office and many friends and relatives.

Julia Zanletto

Physical Therapy has helped me in such a capacity it is hard to describe. Most importantly I am not falling, as we age broken bones are common with seniors. Balance can be hard to recognize. I was shocked when I learned my falls were caused by balance problems. Physical Therapy is not an option for me. Keeping my independence is important to me and that means staying strong and this is where Physical Therapy comes in, here with Paul Frederick and staff. It is a fun place and each person is guided through their workout with kindness ad praise. We laugh talk and have fun. If you want a fun environment this is the place to come.

Jenny Johnston

Exercising at home, especially the stretches, is not as nice as coming to Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists and receiving the attention and encouragement that one receives. I don't make exercising a priority but I know that I should Having appointments scheduled made it a priority. Standing in one position for any length of time is still bothersome. I have no problem, however, with aerobics. Your staff was friendly and helpful. You seem to take an interest in everyone. I appreciate your time and effort that I was given. It was a nice experience, in your place, and a pleasant atmosphere. I will try to make stretching exercises a priority. Thanks!

Janet Griffin

My experience at Orthopedic Physical therapy Specialists was a great one, the staff was knowledgeable and courteous. The exercise they provided in session will last me a lifetime. The pictures they give you when you leave are plain and clear, you can do them at home. The benefits you get are the best thing you can do for your health. They do care about you.

Mary Schirripa

I am writing this to say thank you to Paul and his staff for the excellent treatment that I received during my therapy sessions. The sessions were hard at first due to the pain, but after time they actually helped me feel better than I had in a long time. I would highly recommend Paul and his staff due to their no-nonsense approach to give the best service to all who pass through their doors. Keep up the good work. I appreciate all that you folks have done for me.

Ronald McEnaney

My son was injured playing football and soccer. I called and got an appointment within the hour. He was evaluated and a treatment schedule was set up. The treatment was effective and he recovered quickly and learned more about how to care for himself to help prevent potential future injuries. Thank you.

Wilma Wilson

The environment at OPTS is both pleasurable and motivating. Everyone is courteous and helpful. Paul was very knowledgeable and aided me in determining the cause of my injury. Furthermore, he helped fix the causes, readjusting my hip completely painlessly. I felt comfortable while working out at OPTS. Thanks Paul and all the staff at OPTS!!

Kasi Gilbert

When I went in to see Paul for therapy I needed a cane to walk as I had so much pain in my right hip and left leg - but after a few weeks of therapy I am able to walk normally again. The therapists were very courteous and worked with me very professionally. I was surprised and happy how a few weeks of therapy had helped me.

Connie Johnson

I had never needed physical therapy before, so when I was told I needed it for my arm, I had some reservations. Would it truly alleviate the pain, or exacerbate it? Isn't P.T. for the seriously injured? Would I ever ride horses again? And as a middle-aged woman, I was reluctant to work out in front of others. By the time I started at OTPS and met with Paul Frederick, I was in both physical and mental anguish. However, I was desperate to resume normal activities, which for me meant not only being able to sleep comfortably again, but also to ride my horses. I also know I wanted to be in a place where I wouldn't get lost in the crowd, where my individual goals would be met.
Paul evaluated my injury, and designed a personal physical therapy routine that enabled one to regain those skills most important to me. Ever heard of the saddle the horse exercise? How about the Mounting /dismounting the horse pull? Paul and his staff did a wonderful job of making this woman of a certain age feel comfortable doing all sorts of crazy and unique workouts. They knew when and how much to push and their upbeat attitudes and humor never failed to improve my spirits. As time progressed so did my abilities. I was no longer in pain and I was able to go out and enjoy ding what I love once again, which went a long way to improving my mental outlook. in the end, my time at OPTS was beneficial both physically as well as psychologically. I would recommend OPTS to anyone of any age or ability who needs physical therapy.

Kim Silfven

I would like to thank everyone at OPTS. You are a good group. I know I would not have the use of my arm back without your help. Hopefully, I won't need you all again, but if I do I know I could depend on you! Thanks.

Linda Olson

The entire staff treated me in a very professional manner, but at the same time, made me feel like family. My hip issues were greatly improved and I would not hesitate to return if need be or recommend OPTS to my friends.

David Campbell

My physical therapy goals were reached. I was very satisfied with staff. The staff was always courteous and very knowledgeable. Today I am pain free - as long as I don't bend over for long periods, but it is up to me now I must lose weight (especially around my abdomen) and as soon as finances allow I shall attend the new wellness center. Once, many years ago I had physical therapy - after 6-7 weeks, I quit, and though I have had several painful episodes since, I just keep working and dealt with the pain. This time Dr. Allen referred me to you and I am so glad he did.

Allen Remley

I was highly impressed with the benefit I got from doing Physical Therapy. I feel better than I had in years. I had no idea what to expect at therapy. I had never seen or did any of the exercises. The staff did a wonderful job explaining everything to me. They were very patient. All in all, it was a great experience that I learned a lot from. I thank all of you for a job well done. I really feel great!!!

Mary Voisard

I injured my shoulder over ten years ago and waited way too long to have an operation to correct the resulting bone damage. Surgery couldn't correct, however, the decline in the use of my arm due to muscular changes. We were unsure if we could restore full use. Paul put me on a therapy regimen designed to restore as much use as possible. After just a couple months of therapy and admittedly, a little pain, I now have full use of my arm as if I'd never hurt it.

I am able to work out, use tools over my head, and use my arm for some of the simple things that I have been unable to do for the last couple of years. I appreciate both my doctor's expertise (Paul was the one who recommended him) for the surgery and Paul's expertise in restoring the muscles. I also appreciate the knowledge and expertise of Paul's staff as they understood my therapy and knew the benefits of each of the exercises required as well as the proper technique need to achieve their full benefit.

I had been to other therapists prior to visiting Paul, and while they all have been knowledgeable, none seem to match up to Paul and his staff. As I age and as I need therapy, Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists will be my only consideration.

Thomas Peterson

Having had two successful therapies at OPTS, I will always be grateful to Paul Frederick and the entire staff. Both of my experiences were extraordinarily beneficial. In my first experience I was facing rotator cuff surgery and decided to try PT first. After 4 months of being unable to put my arm in a sleeve or reach with my right arm, physical therapy left me pain free and strong. In fact, a trainer this past winter said, 'My you have strong shoulders'. Therapy was in 2005 and my shoulder is still better than ever. The surgeon said I was very lucky - that physical therapy rarely works. The credit goes to Paul and staff!

My second experience was for what I had been told were 'bone spurs' on my back. After 3 visits I left that office being told that it would take 3x/week for at least four weeks with a 90% chance of improvement. Also, the staff was very unprofessional and 'skipped' parts (i.e., massage or heat or exercise if they were too busy). When I got to Paul Frederick for an evaluation he said he didn't think it was my back, rather a 'mechanical' problem we could fix (posterior sacral torsion). Today, after 9 visits I am @ 80% improvement and 100% in the flexibility.

Everyone at OPTS validates your decision to walk in the door. The facility is spacious, attractive and very clean. You are always warmly greeted and your chart, insurance limits, etc are right there. You are monitored to make sure exercise and stretching are done properly. No shortcuts are taken with your therapy if it is busy. You know that OPTS will see to it that you can make as much progress as physically possible and that your doctor is kept apprised of progress. OPTS is vastly superior to the unprofessional treatment that I received in the past.

Thank you all.

Paula Dunayczan

I have never done physical therapy before. Although it wasn't my favorite thing to do, it was more pleasant with the people involved. I am very pleased as to the reduction and then elimination of the pain in my shoulder and would highly recommend you to anyone needing these services.

Michael Eissenlohl

I didn't know what to expect when I first met with Paul to discuss my shoulder that was causing me some real pain. I was glad to find out that he understood my problem and knew just what I need to do to make it better. I started with strengthening exercises that gradually increased in difficulty. They never made me do things I couldn't do well. After a few sessions of shoulder manipulation, the shoulder started to re-adjust and gave me the flexibility I used to have. I am very grateful to Paul and the Staff for helping me and making my life easier. I strongly recommend OPTS.

Robert Venner

Sorry to be so slow in communicating. Your therapy helped me so much - we-re really gardening vegetables and flowers these days. I did enjoy your therapy experience, my first impression was the friendliness of all of you and the inviting look of your therapy area. The emphasis of 'sit straight and tall' helps me so much - especially when I'm really tired. Straightening my body makes it feel better. My feeling is the therapy was very good for me and if and when I need therapy, I'll be happy to return to your facility for help.

Virginia Martin

Gracious and professional staff, very knowledgeable and helpful. I will recommend OPTS anytime I have the opportunity in the future. Great, comfortable facility and loaded with user-friendly equipment. The staff kept me on track with daily supervision and advice to assure the maximum benefit of the time and effort I invested in rehab.

Tom Tollefson

Paul, Kelsey and the gang at OPTS did a wonderful job to help me rehab from injuries suffered from repetitive motion/poor posture. I went from having very sore wrist/elbow/shoulder joints to playing great golf in a matter of weeks. The exercises they gave me were challenging but not excessive. Paul and Kelsey were friendly, respectful, and jovial. Their positive attitudes made P.T. less of a pain (pardon the pun). I heartily recommend OPTS to anyone needing Physical Therapy.

Doug Singleton

I had a great overall experience! My pain is gone and my flexibility is almost back to normal. The staff was not only professional, knowledgeable and caring, but also fun! They had a way of making the 'work' seem like it was just a part of the 'team effort' for your overall improvement. Of all the m any faces I came in contact with throughout my therapy, we all had one thing in common, we were all a part of Paul & Kelsey's family! Thank you for making my experience such a pleasure.

Cherri Harris

To whom it may concern:

This letter is in regards to the treatment Don Roe received from Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists in South Haven, Michigan. Paul Frederick was the physical therapist that worked with Don after having had a total knee replacement.

Don can be a difficult patient at times and does not give compliments easily. He has praised the work of Paul Frederick and the staff on many occasions. He was pleased with the facility, the pleasantness of the staff, the humor that was incorporated in his treatment, the balance of motivating him physically and emotionally to accomplish his goals, the respect he witnessed for himself and other patients and the knowledge of the therapist and the staff. Most importantly was the outcome of his therapy. Don is now back to being a physically active person and has even been able to resume golfing.

Mr. Roe and his family would highly recommend this therapist and agency to anyone who is in need of physical therapy that consists of qualified treatment, respect to clients, enjoyable atmosphere, and a positive attitude.

Our family would like to thank Paul for his efforts, time, commitment to his clients and the excellent results.

Sincerely: The Roe Family


I would like to thank you and your professional staff for all the help during my therapy sessions. My therapy was a real benefit to my condition and the goals we set at the beginning were met or exceeded. The very courteous and knowledgeable staff makes the sessions very enjoyable and rewarding as well as healing. My experiences were extremely better than past sessions at other facilities. Thanks again to all.

Bob Breault

When I hurt my back the second time and I had to go and do physical therapy, I thought it is going to be boring, like the first time I hurt my back. 'Do this exercise 15-20 times and then move to the next one...' But I was wrong. The first time I stepped into OPTS at South Haven I had a pleasant experience, that lasted all the time spent there. Everybody had a smile on their faces and there is nobody there that is ignoring you. Time spent there might be with some pain, but you enjoy a good joke and some laughter too. Everybody is acting very professionally, very courteous and they help with a high level of knowledge. I am really very excited to have known Dr. Paul Frederick's team. I would recommend them warmly to anybody that is in need of physical therapy. Thank you guys, you really make a difference.

Lidia Kerber

Mr. Paul Frederick and staff;

I would like to thank you for the special treatment that you provided. In some cases physical therapy can be an unpleasant ordeal, as I know from past experiences with other places. You and your staff provided a pleasant, relaxing and fun atmosphere in which to work on my therapy. I was very impressed with your explanation of each muscle group to isolate during exercising. You explained every step thoroughly and I feel my goals were met and my pain was alleviated. I will continue to use the exercises that you taught me at home. Thanks again to all of you for a pleasant experience. I will miss spending time with you and will certainly recommend Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists to my friends and family.

Kim Rodgers

First and foremost the treatment successfully strengthened my ankle and helped me regain full range of motion so I could resume, with no issues, my previous athletic activities including basketball, volleyball and running. The additional benefit was the great atmosphere to spend my 1-1.5 hours, 3 days a week for 2 months. Paul, Kelsey and staff provided some good humor and great conversations which seemed to encompass everyone rehabbing at the time. To me the perfect combination is a knowledgeable staff with good personalities to help make the time pass quickly. Both were accomplished.

Deric Stender

I feel that the physical therapy was a great benefit to me. It not only helped with my knee pain, but also helped strengthen my whole body so I can move around and walk better. The staff was very friendly and courteous. They gave me a lot of encouragement and help. It was a very pleasant experience and the equipment was great. Thank you!

Kay Brush

Physical Therapist Paul Frederick's manner of professionalism regarding my condition was exceptional each and every session. The major benefit of therapy was he made me aware of why I was in pain, and I was also shown in detail the cause, as well as the exercises to help alleviate the pain. In regards to my goals being met, I personally wish I could have continued therapy since I did notice improvement, but not to the point of no pain. Thanks Paul.

Barbara Dovgin

I was very much impressed with the overall treatments as well as the Very Caring and courteous staff. The pain in most areas has been diminished a great deal therefore meeting my goal of being 'pain-free'.

I enjoyed all my sessions there as it seemed more 'homey' than being at a professional facility which to me is 'great'.

I have been at another clinic before - only difference was they provided enclosed (with drape) cubicle to ask you questions about what had transpired between last appointment and now - more private - but worked out with everyone else.

Vicki Parker

Come on now. Does anyone really enjoy or want to go to physical therapy? I surely did not. However, Paul and his staff created an atmosphere which was inviting, friendly, and most importantly, caring. Yes, that's right, caring. The staff at Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists ensured I was getting the correct care and ensured the exercises I performed were done correctly so as to not further injure myself. I was lucky and only had to go through physical therapy for a couple of months. However, some of the other individuals appeared to be patients of a longer duration and to see the dedication of these patients is truly a reflection of Paul and his staff. My pain has been alleviated, but the education provided by Paul has made me realize I have to continue with my exercise to ensure the optimal results from my therapy. Thanks to everyone!


I had fallen on ice and broke my ankle and also ruptured two ligaments on my foot. I had a very good experience with Paul and his staff. I worked very hard and today I would say I am essentially pain-free. I received individual personalized care but done with humor to make me smile. Paul and his staff were compassionate and know how to motivate me to do my best. Along with Paul's knowledge and professionalism and high quality of care, my physical therapy was a positive experience. Thank you.


This was my first experience with physical therapy. At my age (76) I really didn't think just exercise would help my lower back feel better. I couldn't even get out of bed without severe pain and could not straighten up for awhile. Now through the help of the therapy specialists I can get out of bed and chairs. Maybe with my age a few aches and pains doing house and yard work but no pills. Thanks to all of the very nice staff and Paul for their help.


I was referred to Paul for a chronic neck problem. He was very thorough in explaining what was wrong with my neck and what we were going to do to improve it. After my first visit, 50% of the pain was gone; 70% after the second visit. I worked very hard and today I am essentially pain-free. Paul's knowledge and professionalism are beyond reproach and I would recommend him to anyone.

Linda Lancaster, RN

I've suffer from neck pain and frequent headaches for over 15 years.I finally found someone who gives me relief.

Mike Appleyard

My time in physical therapy was quite enjoyable. I didn't expect much when I first started (bad attitude) but my thinking soon changed. The complete staff was extremely friendly and yet still very professional! They (staff) know how to motivate you and still make you laugh. The whole staff is very sincere and also compassionate.

The 'Paulie Lama' (Paul Fredrick) truly has a unique personal touch. At times, it was 'the house of pain, but that is balanced with ones own personal gain. South Haven is very fortunate to have a business like this!

R. Roberts

Paul's expertise and professionalism made my experience with physical therapy following total knee replacement surgery an eye opening experience. I was able to resume my regular routine with confidence after a few short weeks. There is clearly an advantage to going to a place where patient improvement and comfort are a number one priority. The set up of the facility aided my recovery with ease in and out of the door; no stairs, elevators or huge parking lots. I actually worked with a therapist each time instead of an assistant. Paul's level of expertise as a physical therapist cannot be matched in the South Haven area. If you expect the best and demand excellence you should give Paul a call.

K. Gibbs

My experience at OPTS was all positive. The staff was very friendly and exceptionally helpful. Paul provided a large variety of therapy that improved my range of motion and relieved the pain from a shoulder injury. Everyone's good humor made the workouts enjoyable.

D. Hadden

Heartfelt thanks for your expert care in my recuperation after falling off a ladder last fall. The care and education that I received has resulted in a great recovery and a lifelong habit of stretching and range of motion exercise.

My favorite aspect of OPTS is the intimacy of the clinic. It is certainly large enough to have all the tools necessary for recuperation, but I liked that it is small enough for individualized care and MUCH appreciated privacy. No insult intended to a hospital setting but when injured it was ideal to have quiet, personal time dedicated to healing with caring, professional friends at your side.

Even though I am recovered and planning to be back on the golf course this summer, I will hope to stop in and say HI to all my friends at OPTS, while running weekly errands at Menards and WalMart! Thanks again now and always.

R. Kripaitis

Heartfelt thanks to all of you for helping me recuperate after breaking my elbow and to regain health in my ailing shoulder. It's a godsend to have full, pain-free mobility for all the duties of my busy life, especially for my work in the garden. Your expertise is much appreciated, your rates are reasonable and the return to health...well, that's priceless.

Thanks also for the many 'hand out' copies of therapy strategies such as strength building exercise and stretching regimens. Now I am able to continue healing everyday at home and expect to maintain this renewed peak mobility. It is very generous of you to encourage and inform continued workouts, even when out of your immediate charge.

Thanks also for your friendship. Your light-hearted attitude makes the work easier to anticipate and attend to, making the sometimes ache-y endeavor fun. You understand that high spirits lead to better health as well, and you promote the upbeat attitude.

I really enjoyed seeing so many of my friends and local acquaintances during my rehab. OPTS is definitely rivaling the Village Market as the social capital of South Haven! I even met some new friends and everyone always seemed to be having a great time.

I am your biggest fan! Thanks again for everything!

E. Herbert

I would like to convey our gratitude to you, Paul and your staff, for the professional and caring manor you handled my teenage daughter Jade's therapy. Never having needed physical therapy we didn't quite know what to expect. Paul took the time to listen to Jade and explain fully why she was having trouble walking and what could be done to help her. All of her visits and 'homework therapy' have been 100% successful. She can play golf, walk through the mall, anything a teenage girl loves to do, pain free! The staff at OPTS made Jade feel quite comfortable. Even though her sessions were tough, she still looked forward to each one as she could tell they were working. Jade is 100% pain free! Thank you Paul, Barbara and Staff.

C. Nolan

I have used OPTS for my physical therapy needs ever since they opened their first office. I originally went to Paul for my own PT and was so impressed by the progress I made, and by Paul's knowledge and philosophy of orthopedic injuries, that I have been referring my injured high school athletes to him for treatment. I appreciate that he really cares about the athletes, ensuring that they get a quick appointment and evaluation, as well as sports specific treatment. All of this results in a faster return to sports participation for the athletes which helps me in my job as athletic trainer for our high school. Thanks Paul!

S. Katt, ATC

This was a great experience. At age 70, I was prepared to hear that physical limitations were inevitable. But with the cheerful, relentless attention of the staff, I found myself able to do tailor-made exercises, aerobic, strength, flexibility, at home and during twice weekly sessions where progress was noted and adjustments were made.

While 6 weeks cannot undo some damage caused by neglect or abuse, I found out I could take charge and reverse the deterioration. This is important to ensure that I can continue working and being active.

This has made a huge difference in how I feel, how I function and how I view my problems.

M. Gauthier

I call Paul the Magic Man. I was referred to him after asking my doctor for one more try at physical therapy before resorting to the Mayo clinic for diagnosis of my persistent foot and leg pain. I had been seeing various doctors/specialists for over a year (starting with physical therapy at another facility) and my situation was only getting worse. I used a cane in walking, and spent a good part of my day dealing with the discomfort.

I have had physical therapy in the past at four different clinics (3 not in this area) and never did the therapist take the time Paul took in evaluating my condition. His expertise far exceeded my expectations. After his evaluation he told me there was a bone out of place in my foot that he thought he could correct, and I should get rid of the heel lifts another specialist had recommended. He was reasonably certain he could help me, and I left the evaluation with a smile on my face. There was hope.

I worked with Paul and his staff twice a week for the next 12 weeks. He did two adjustments of the bones in my foot, Lisa did some deep massage on the very tight muscles in my leg, and I did many different strength building and balance exercises to improve my functioning. They weren't always fun, but Paul and his staff maintained an upbeat atmosphere and I always left feeling I was indeed making progress. The heat treatment at the end of the session felt like a reward for the hard work during the session. At the end of the 12-week period I was close to fully functioning - I could walk normally without a cane, was no longer using pain medication for my leg and foot, and was sleeping better. And I was able to resume walking again for aerobic exercise.

I had almost give up hope of getting better. I am very grateful to Paul and his talented staff for the assistance they gave me.

J. Hirss

After my first visit I had a 70% reduction in my symptoms. More importantly, I left with hope that had been lost that I could return to my previously active lifestyle.

Mary Ann McGee

I was experiencing pain in my left leg that progressed up to my hip, which has some arthritis. I consulted Paul Fredrick at Orthopedic Physical Therapy and he determined that the real problem was originating from my foot and was affecting my gait and hip. He developed a therapy that both strengthened my hip and alleviated the problem with my foot. I have noticed after several sessions a very definite improvement. Paul and his staff were wonderful to work with and thanks to their efforts I am much more mobile with virtually no discomfort.

Penelope B. McCreary

I have undergone three major back surgeries in a span of three years. As you can imagine mobility was very difficult. I was not looking forward to the rehabilitation aspect that follows back surgery. In fact my experience with Physical Therapy was that you rarely saw a PT and a different PT assistant worked with you at each visit. In short you felt like a non-person just someone who came and went during their busy day. At OPTS I was very surprised at the high level of one-on-one therapy provided by the same therapist who also knew your course of treatment. The staff at OPTS from the Office Manager to the therapists, work together to create a very positive, caring atmosphere, which helps you achieve your goals at therapy. I would highly recommend OPTS to anyone who needs the services of a Physical Therapist and want the best care and treatment in the area.

Margaret Guimond

When I was told by my doctor that the pain in my right leg showed up on an X-ray as arthritis I was devastated. I have walked a minimum of 4 miles per day for over 40 years and could not believe that I would spend the rest of my life on Tylenol, Advil, etc. and have trouble sleeping because of the impossibility of finding a comfortable position for my leg!

At the end of a walk, I would be limping, when I got out of a car I could not walk, and all of this because I had a medical problem and was unable to exercise for one month. I could not stand up from a chair and walk until I waited; I was embarrassed to walk across a room.

My doctor gave me a prescription for physical therapy - I didn't want to do it - but I did.

Paul Frederick analyzed my problem and gave me directions on what strengthening exercises I should do, what stretching exercises I should do, and how often.

I no longer have pain, I no longer have trouble finding a comfortable position for my leg so that I can sleep, I no longer have a problem. I no longer take pain medication or any medication. I again enjoy my walks. And - I'm 80 years old.

It took 2-1/2 months working with Paul Frederick's physical therapy to solve my problem. I am continuing to work with him to become stronger and have better balance. A prescription for a cure from many pains and less medicine can be possible if you have the right physical therapist.


I had a great experience, my condition was treated quickly and efficiently. When I came in, walking was difficult, by the time I was done the pain was completely gone. I've used other physical therapy centers for other problems and never seemed to get better. Paul and his staff are very knowledgeable and have only one goal, that is to make you healthy again. I would not hesitate to use their services again, and highly recommend them.


I had a total left knee replacement on 8/30/06. Even though I received home physical therapy three times weekly, I was not doing well. I had difficulty walking with a walker and had little mobility in my knee.

A friend had recommended Paul Frederick and had encouraged me to make an appointment to see him. I was evaluated by Paul on 9/19/06. He was very concerned as was I when I learned that the window of opportunity for a successful recovery was closing.

I started therapy the following day. Within two weeks of physical therapy with Paul and his staff and daily exercises Paul had taught me to do at home, I was able to walk with a cane rather than a walker, ride a stationary bike, use weight equipment, and had much more mobility in my knee. I ended P.T. on 11/1/06. I could bend my knee 100+ degrees and no longer needed any aids in walking.

Today, I have made a complete successful recovery thank to Paul Frederick and his staff at Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists, LLC.

Jean Kelley

My therapy with Paul Frederick has been one of the most valuable experiences of my life. When I went to see him I was almost doubled up with back pain and had almost decided I would have to buy a scooter to get around. By my third session with him I was basically walking upright and the back pain was greatly relieved. Further sessions produced even further improvement. He taught me exercises that I can do at home and I use them every day and can now often go all day without back pain. I was startled at the obvious level of competence of Paul as he assigned tasks and even personally twisted my back to produce relief. Over the past eight years I had been to four different therapy sessions at another clinic where I got almost no relief. Consequently, I cannot say enough about my satisfactions with Paul Frederick's clinic.

He has a most courteous staff who go out of their way to keep the environment of the clinic pleasant. They introduce patients to each other thus allowing the patients to share their experiences and also providing a friendly atmosphere. In every way my time at the clinic was valuable and enjoyable.

Claude Phillips

I came in so much pain from a shoulder injury. In a matter of a few weeks my strength is better than before the injury. I'm now able to do things I haven't been able to do in months! My pain level is great! I'm so impressed with the therapy treatment. They work you and keep you talking so you don't realize you have just done your workout! I'm now 'strong like bull'. Thank you Paul and staff, you are a great team.

Terry Scott

I started seeing Paul aka Dr. Love in December of 2006 due to injuring my right foot. I was impressed by how thorough his initial assessment of my problem was. He really took the time to listen to me and tailored my P.T. to not only alleviate my pain but to increase the mobility in my foot. I had my doubts about physical therapy but by the end he and his staff have made me true believers. I now walk again with no pain. For the first time in my life I was able to spend 4 days in a row walking at an amusement park and not suffer for it. Paul and his staff really show genuine concern for their customers and they used humor to combat my sometimes grumpy attitude. Paul also made new orthotics for me and the difference has been tremendous. I will actually miss not going in anymore.

M. Souders

I was very pleased with my experience at Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists. I was referred by my doctor for rotator cuff pain. I was evaluated by Paul Frederick and given a rotation of exercises focused on the rehabilitation of my shoulder. As my shoulder improved, he was always prepared to adjust and modify the exercises to match my condition. The entire staff was very courteous, friendly and knowledgeable. I would recommend the Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists to anyone in need of such services.

J. Lamphier

The staff at OPTS were very interested in helping me feel better. From the very first session they paid very close attention to my concerns regarding my shoulder's condition. Paul was especially very clear that he was going to try to help me alleviate the discomfort I was feeling in my shoulder. He was very professional at all times and he and his staff worked in a goal organized manner when several patients were in the clinic at the same time. This was my second time around (with another shoulder problem) but I must say I came back because he knows what he is doing and I trust him completely.

M. Valdez

I had physical therapy with OPTS as a phase of a 6 month recover from Achilles tendon surgery. Paul and the rest of his staff were fantastic and I was sorry to have to go back to my physio at my home. The range of rehab equipment, the caring atmosphere and the upbeat attitude of the staff are second to none. Paul's expertise and dedication to his craft are obvious in every step from the initial assessment to the final visit. I achieved my goals and certainly surpassed my own expectations of the levels of mobility and strength I achieved following surgery. Well done to you all.

L. Adeson

I initially resisted the idea of going to a Physical Therapist because I didn't see what benefits would come of it. I had been dealing with leg and lower back pains for at least nine years and thought that was just part of my life. I had been wearing a lift in one shoe for at least 7 years… due to a prior diagnosis of one leg being shorter than the other. My doctor sent me to P.T. because she felt it would answer the questions I had about the leg and back pain. I took copies of my x-rays, and on the first visit, Paul listened to my story, looked at my x-rays, and checked a few things with my back and legs. Then he gave me a plan of action for the next eight weeks.

After two sessions of exercises, and a couple physical adjustments, we decided that I didn't need my lift anymore (a definite improvement). After the eight sessions of P.T. I feel that I have tools (exercises) to continue strengthening those muscles that affect my back and legs. I asked for a 10-day break to see if I had improved and if I had the knowledge to take care of a particular area if it hurt. I do!!

I would recommend P.T. to anyone who is suffering what I suffered and if people are in the South Haven area, I would specifically recommend Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists!! The staff was very friendly and courteous and patient when I couldn't remember exactly how to do a particular exercise. I had never been to P.T. - I had always gone to a chiropractor for relief. The main benefit of P.T. is that once an adjustment is made you are given exercises to 'teach' your muscles where they should be.

C. Anderson

I endorse Paul Frederick and OPTS 100%. When I needed therapy for my right knee, I asked my friends to recommend a PT specialist. Without exception, Paul Fredrick's name was mentioned as the best. Friendly, very knowledgeable, professional, humorous, personal care with sincere caring for each and every client. Best of all my knee feels great.

Suzie Blair

I had never been to a physical therapist before. I have always taken control of my own health and recovery so I wondered if they would allow me to be a part of making decisions about what I knew would be best for me. Well, they did. They were all very understanding and did let me have a say in what I knew I could do and not do. We worked together and got me back to my goal of being able to do my regular exercise and workout programs. I am very grateful for all the people who worked with me, especially Paul Frederick for teaching me some techniques and the right way to do certain exercise that will help me to keep experiencing the benefits I received during my sessions. Thanks so much.

Jeanne Phelps

When I first began therapy I could not raise my arm, the pain was really bad, and I could not do the simple things in life. The people here are knowledgeable, very nice and are down to earth. My pain level has become livable. I am able to do much more of the little things most people take for granted; getting dressed, showers and even tying my shoes. If anyone needed this type of help I would highly recommend these people and this clinic.

Butch Gibson

When my orthopedic doctor gave me a prescription for physical therapy for torn menisci in both knees, I thought it would be a waste of time. Paul checked my flexibility, balance and the way I walked. Then, he was able to set up certain exercises that immediately began returning strength to my legs, balance, flexibility and the ability to rise from a chair without having to hoist myself up, using my hands and arms.

It was amazing how adding weight and performing certain exercises caused other leg muscles to take over for former painful, weak and wobbly knees. Previous to physical therapy, it was a burden, not to mention a pain to walk up and down stairs and hills!

I've been taking hour long walks, am taking care of a 2 story farmhouse and extensive gardens and most of the time quite happily unaware that I have knees! When my physical therapy ended, I returned to my Orthopedic surgeon who said as long as I was doing so well, he wouldn't be doing arthroscopy. Paul and the staff at Orthpedic Physical Therapy.


I injured my knee in the spring. After nursing it myself for months with no improvement, I finally made an appointment with Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists. Why did I wait so long? After only a few weeks I was able to walk without hobbling, climb stairs, and rise from a seated position. I was well on my way to having my life back.

Paul and his staff were always courteous and encouraging. As Paul added exercises to my routine my knee got stronger and stronger. I had complete confidence in Paul's knowledge and recommendations. Thank you, Paul, for giving me my normal life back.

Mary Ann Hutson

The staff at Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists was kind and patient when treating my condition. The treatment area was clean and well equipped. This was my first experience with therapy and should the need arise I will return to OPTS with confidence. Thanks to all.

Jamie Hitchcock

I experienced a very positive one with Paul and his staff. They were all very helpful and showed a concern. He and his staff helped ease and diminish the hip pain that I was having. They all made sure I was doing the exercises correctly. The Therapy sessions were arranged so that they could provide one-on-one consultation. I would highly recommend Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists, LLC to everyone and I would request their services again if the need arises

Joyce Adams

After 2+ years of MRI's, X-rays, Physical Therapy, Yoga, pilates, cortisone shots and 24/7 irritating pain - finally! Paul took the time to actually figure out what was causing the pain in my hip. I am so thankful that I listened to all of the recommendations of others that pointed to Paul - and am now almost pain free! I have not met anyone else with as much physical/mechanical knowledge of how the body actually works - and in my case, his expertise was exactly what I needed! Now I highly recommend him and his great staff!

Heather Valenziano

In my opinion Paul Fredricks and his staff at Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists is the only place to go for therapy. I felt when my doctor told me I needed therapy it was a waste of time. I have arthritis. I got to the point I could not sit but a few minutes and my leg would get numb. I couldn't walk or stand to do things for the same reason. At night I got very little sleep because first one side and then the other were numb. I tossed and turned all night. But after 2 or 3 trips I could notice a difference. Now at last I can sleep at night. I prayed for help and I believe God sent me there. In mentioning him to my daughter , that he was helping me she said Oh, mom I just love them there, they know all the places that hurt and they do help you! I agree with her. They definitely know what to do for you.

Frieda Tincher

In August of 2007, I dislocated my right hip making my right leg longer. In September of 1978 I was in a motorcycle accident injuring my lower left leg. Through Physical Therapy my right leg is back in position. My left leg is not as cold as it once was. I am having fewer problems ascending and descending stairs. My leg strength and flexibility has greatly increased. My side to side motion of the neck is greatly increased (at my age, this really helps when backing up a car). Everyone was very helpful. I feel the sessions were very helpful and the results are great.

Paul Kiry 2/7/08

Very courteous, professional staff and friendly atmosphere. Therapy sessions quite successful in increasing mobility and reducing pain. Evaluation of condition process very thorough and helpful in understanding physical condition(s).

Howard Schultz 1/24/08

First let me say that I am very satisfied with the treatment I received at OPTS> When I started treatment I was unable to sleep in bed due to pain in my right shoulder. I was considering the possible need for surgery but decided to try Physical Therapy instead. Paul took the time to determine the limited mobility in my right shoulder and the exercises needed. After the 3rd treatment session my discomfort was over ½ gone. After 7 treatments I am now pain free and have full flexibility. Paul and his staff are all to be commended for my complete recovery.

Jack Underwood

When I began my sessions with OPTS, I had doubt as to the speediness of my recovery. Together with the staff we accomplished my leg as well as my shoulder. I could not have asked for a better therapist. He had some doubt on the shoulder but all worked out in the end. Once the programs were laid out, the rest was up to me. This is where the staff was so helpful in guiding me to stay on track, always in a positive attitude. Within months the strength of my leg was back, the pain subsided. We began working on the shoulder slowly at 1st. Within the next few months the strength also returned to my shoulder and for the most par so did the pain. I kind of look forward to returning to OPTS should I need additional services.

Leroy Hale

My experience at Orthopedic Physical Therapy was awesome. There was really good help provided and I can actually feel the difference and people have actually noticed that my shoulders are way better now than before I started this journey. The staff was very courteous and hilarious. Sometimes even the other patients there were funny too! I think you know who I'm talking about. But overall I'm really glad I had this experience. You guys made me stronger and healthier, plus now I know different workouts I can do at home or whrever else I decide to go. Every session was great. The whole day I would be looking forward to it. So to wrap this up, I can't thank you enough for helping me and making each session enjoyable. Thank you for everything. I will miss you all. Good luck with everything. I will tray and visit soon.


I feel my experience at OPTs was very positive. The pain was very bad when I started but was alleviated promptly by a very profesional, courteous and caring staff. You should be pleased to have your staff represetn your business anytime-anywhere.

Thank you, Thank you.

Novella S. Barden

When I came to Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists (OPTS) I was in a great amount of pain in my back and neck. I wasn't sleeping because the pain was so bad! When I had my consultation with Paul he made me feel like he was really concerned and cared about what I was going through. I really felt like he was there to help me as a person and not just someone in pain that he'll get money out of. After evaluating me he discussed a treatment plan with me and we began the necessary therapy. The exercises were challenging to me at first but I was encouraged to just take my time and go easy. Paul also gave me stretching exercises to do at home and that really made a difference as well!

Till this day I am still doing my exercises to help prevent future back/neck problems and pain. I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep doing your exercises, not only during treatment, but afterwards as well! OPTS not only helped me at my time of need but also gave me the tools to keep helping myself in the future. The entire staff is absolutely wonderful!

Each person always had a smile on their face and greeted/talked with me like I were family. They totally were flexible and worked with my schedule. The caring compassion that was given to me by everyone there will always remain with me. I highly recommend OPTS to anyone needing physical therapy!! I so proudly wear the t-shirt I was given on graduation day to help promote the great care that I received at Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists. Thank you again for everything!

Sincerely yours and pain free,

Kristin Householder

Before I start I would like to state that this was my first time receiving physical therapy and I had many reservations about what type of treatment I would be receiving. Let me put your mind at ease. Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists was not only very professional they created an atmosphere which made receiving therapy not only beneficial physically but mentally as well.

As someone in my late twenties I was very uneasy about going to a place where I would be forced to work on a weakness in front of people that I did not know. This fear was alleviated as soon as I walked through the door. There is a sense of community while you receive treatment. The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. At the same time they were not push or over the top. If you felt like discussing events during your day they would be there to listen. If you felt like receiving treatment without small talk you could to that as well without feeling pressured. Each session that I was a part of became not just a way to recover physically but a place that you could to regenerate mentally as well.

Paul Frederick and all of his staff did a wonderful job and all of my goals were met. I did not believe that my injuries would ever allow me to sustain the type of lifestyle that I was accustomed to When my therapy had ended not only was I able to feel better about myself , I was provided with the correct information that allows me to maintain an exercise regiment that will prevent me from further injuring myself. I would highly recommend Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists for anyone, without hesitation.

Jeremy M. Burleson

I felt the care was excellent and that the therapists continually worked to find ways to help me. The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly, so I actually looked forward to my sessions. The thing I had to question was the sick methodology. I mean, cattle prods, necessary? I am mystified on how rubbing a salve of cayenne pepper and grape jelly on my abdomen will help my shoulder - there was nothing wrong with my shoulder!

Paul Flower